Specializing in plain white t-shirts, #FFFFFFFT launches “White T-Shirts for Denim!


Specializing in plain white t-shirts, #FFFFFFFT launches "White T-Shirts for Denim!

The #FFFFFFFFFT specialty store for plain white t-shirts has launched its first original series of white t-shirts, “#FFFFFFFFFT_DNM,” for the first time since its opening in 2016.

The first in the series, “#FFFFFFFFFT_DNM,” is the ultimate denim pairing for the “ultimate pairing” that only a specialty store can offer.

As the world’s first white T-shirt specialty store specializing in plain white T-shirts, #FFFFFFFT has sold more than 400 types of white T-shirts in the past, including special order items and collaborations with various brands. This year, on the 7th anniversary of its establishment, the owner and white T-shirt hunter Takuya Natsume has combined his love and experience for white T-shirts to launch his first original series. Under the concept of ” THE ULTIMATE PAIRING,” the first series focuses on denim. The first series focuses on denim, and is a “white T-shirt for denim” that is unique to the store, which continues to explore the eternally simple and basic.

Made of one-of-a-kind ultra-thick original fabric that pursues compatibility with denim

This ultra-thick original fabric was developed from scratch, using 100% high quality American cotton and thick cotton yarn about twice as luxurious as usual. The rare hang knitting machine, which is operated in only a few factories in Japan, is used to achieve both a heavy feel and the fluffy softness that is only possible with hang knitting. The one-of-a-kind texture is reminiscent of vintage fabrics with a firm grain, making it an excellent match for denim items.

Sticking to silhouettes and details that will never go out of style and will not fade away even 10 years from now.

A universal design and silhouette that will make you want to wear your sleeves five or ten years from now. The pattern, which aims for a comfortable fit that allows you to fully appreciate the quality of the fabric, is perfect for use alone or layered with a denim jacket or shirt. The super-thick 3cm-thick binder neck is accentuated by the high sleeve heights and seamless side sleeves. The combination of these two elements ensures a stress-free fit without any stiffness, even when worn in a true-to-size garment.

Craftsmanship that knows everything there is to know about good old-fashioned clothing has produced a “nurturing” white T that grows on you as you wear it.

The craftsmanship of craftsmen who have been working with cut and sewn garments for more than 50 years has realized outstanding durability. The extra-thick binder neck uses advanced techniques seen in vintage garments from the good old days. This prevents the neck from stretching and losing its shape. Thanks to the ultra-thick original fabric and sturdy sewing, the more you wear it, the more it adapts to your body without sagging easily. Just like denim, this white T-shirt is a fun item to “grow up in.

[[#FFFFFFFT_DNM]] Details

Release date: April 15 (Sat)
Price: 13,200 yen (including tax)
Size range: 4 unisex sizes (
Sales Stors: #FFFFFFFT
Official website here


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