What are the three characteristics that A.P.C.’s classic French denim “Petite New Standard” boasts?


What are the three characteristics that A.P.C.'s classic French denim "Petite New Standard" boasts?

A.P.C.’s ” Petite New Standard ” is one of the best denim for adult casual style. In addition to its beautiful silhouette, the Japanese-made fabric is a gem that can be aged to perfection. In this issue, we focus on A.P.C.’s “Petite New Standard” and introduce its charms!

French casual brand “A.P.C. (A.P.C.)” suitable for dressing adults

A.P.C. is a French brand established by designer Jean Touitou in 1987. The brand name is an acronym for “Atelier de Production et de Creation,” which reflects the idea of “not wanting to tie the designer’s name to the design of the clothes. French basics based on functional fashion, characterized by simple yet sophisticated designs. Natural fibers are often used, and the brand achieves minimalism and individuality by eliminating waste rather than adding decorations. The brand first arrived in Japan in 1991, opening its first store in Daikanyama.

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