Lee’s revolutionary jeans “101” loved by the famous actor James Dean


Lee's revolutionary jeans "101" loved by the famous actor James Dean

Along with Levi’s and Wrangler, Lee is one of the three major brands of jeans. Did you know that Lee is the creator of the zipper fly jeans that have become a staple of the jeans industry? This time, we focus on Lee’s classic model “101” and introduce its history and charm!

Lee” invented the zipper fly jeans

Founded in 1899, “Lee” is a long-established American jeans brand with a history of over 120 years. In 1911, Lee started its own factory and became a full-fledged jeans manufacturer. The company is known as the brand that revolutionized the jeans industry by creating “zipper fly” jeans with a zip, whereas until then only button fly jeans were available.

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Lee’s most famous jeans are the ” 101,” loved by James Dean!

The “101” is an indispensable pair of Lee jeans. First released in 1924 under the name “Lee Cowboy” and renamed “Lee Riders” after the war, the “101” is a classic that has been loved for many years while being updated to suit the times.

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James Dean loved wearing Lee not only in his films but also in his private life!

In 1955, when James Dean wore the 101 in the movie ‘ Resistance Without a Cause,’ it became very popular among young people. Nicknamed “Lee Riders,” they are still very popular today. Incidentally, James Dean once appeared in a Levi’s commercial at the time, but it was Lee’s that he used in his private life.

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Denim jacket model of the same name, the ” 101J,” was also developed.

Levi’s also has a jean jacket model of the same name (technically, it is 101 with a “J” at the end). It is said that denim jackets in circulation today are based on Levi’s designs, and Lee’s 101J is a masterpiece that can be counted as one of the basic denim jacket models. The design has remained unchanged since its launch, and brands such as A.P.C. have developed denim jackets designed in reference to Lee’s 101J. The characteristic points of this jacket include flap pockets on the chest with rounded edges and zigzag stitches on the front. Compared to the denim jackets produced by Levi’s, these jackets have a slightly softer impression. Incidentally, the chest pocket is attached at an angle because it was designed to make it easier for bikers to take out small items while driving.

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