Recommended jeans outfits & notable items for men in their 40s!


Recommended jeans outfits & notable items for men in their 40s!

After having enjoyed fashion in their teens, 20s, and 30s without any hesitation, people in their 40s want to enjoy a new stage of dressing with a sense of individuality and human touch. In particular, the difference in sense of style can be clearly seen when wearing jeans, the king of casual pants. In this issue, we will introduce the key to selecting items, tips on how to wear jeans, men’s coordination and recommended items for men in their 40s!

What kind of jeans should men in their 40s choose?

No matter what kind of dressing style they express, men in their 40s should at least maintain a mature, relaxed, clean, and beautiful impression. For example, if you choose jeans, the basic concept is to choose straight or tapered silhouettes that are appropriate in size and do not pick up the lines of the legs too much. The length should be no cushion or just a slight cushion. If too much fabric is piled up around the legs, it may make the wearer look sloppy, so be careful. Other recent trends that have been attracting attention include oversized jeans and jeans with excessive damage, but if they are too outlandish, the look may be too far removed from a good impression.

A.P.C. Jeans

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If you’re aiming to make a good impression in a clean-cut outfit, “Denisura” is another option!

Denim slacks, also known as “Denisura,” are an option for a clean look or a more mature jacket style. In particular, the ankle-length, slim-tapered, center-crease type with slant pockets will allow you to express sophisticated adult styling without being influenced by trends.

PT TORINO Denim Slacks

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What are the key points to be aware of when dressing jeans for men in their 40s?

When dressing jeans for men in their 40s, it is important to dispel any unintentional old-fashioned or fussy look. Of course, the loose and rough look that adds a touch of masculinity and modernity is attractive, but what is important is the clean look and clean size, which is the key to looking fashionable. For example, as shown in the snaps below, if you are aiming for a dressy look with a tailored jacket and shirt, choose jeans with a beautiful tapered silhouette like slacks and an ankle-length finish. We should keep in mind that we should continue to improve our ability to identify denim that is appropriate for our ideal style and taste.


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What tops should men in their 40s wear with jeans?

Men in their 40s usually wear white shirts, white T-shirts, white polo shirts, and other standard white tops that easily create a clean look with jeans. Depending on the size and length of these tops, it is important to determine whether to tuck them in or tuck them out and how to arrange the hems. In this case, basically, tucking out the tops for just the right size tops, and browsing to create a tummy at the waist for loose or oversized tops, is said to be the easiest way to achieve overall balance.

Dolce & Gabbana Jeans

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