What is Levi’s Red, Levi’s top-of-the-line jeans? Dissecting the appeal of premium jeans


What is Levi's Red, Levi's top-of-the-line jeans? Dissecting the appeal of premium jeans

Since its debut in 1999, Levi’s Red has taken the world by storm as a legendary line, and its re-launch in 2021 has attracted the attention of fashionistas at the top of the list. The line has been attracting a lot of attention from fashionable people. This time, we focus on the “Levi’s Red” and delve deeper into what kind of item it is. We will also introduce the features of the item as well as recommended models for men that can be purchased now.

The origin of jeans, ” Levi’s

Levi’s” is a brand that even jeans lovers and those who are buying jeans for the first time have probably heard the name at least once. Along with “Lee” and “Wrangler,” Levi’s reigns as one of the three major American denim brands, and is a long-established jeans brand that was founded more than 170 years ago in 1853. It is said that the jeans started as a joint production item between Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, the founder of ” BEN DAVIS “, a long-established American workwear company. The jeans, which had been worn as workwear, evolved into a common fashion item when Levi’s representative “501” became popular at a university on the West Coast. Levi’s is still loved by men and women of all ages as the “origin of jeans” and as a brand with a history that cannot be overlooked when talking about jeans, which brought jeans to the fashion scene.

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Restarting in 2021! What are the features of “Levi’s Red” that are once again attracting attention?

Levi’s has produced many masterpiece models, starting with the classic ” 501 “. Among them, “Levi’s Red” is in a special position. The premium line was created by a European design team led by Ricky Koff based on the concept of “reinterpreting the iconic five-pocket jean and creating the denim of the future. The line was temporarily reissued in 2014, but became a phantom line. 2021 marks the re-launch of the line, and it is attracting renewed attention from fashionistas. In this issue, we focus on this innovative line and introduce its attractive features.

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Characteristic of Levi’s Red: 1) “Innovative design that overturns the conventional wisdom of jeans

As mentioned above, Levi’s Red has come up with designs that defy the conventional wisdom of jeans. They are packed with details not usually seen in the regular line, such as a novel twisted silhouette using a three-dimensional pattern and irregular stitches with a sense of craft inspired by workwear. The patches on the back are of course Levi’s Red. The addition of a European fashion style to vintage jeans that had previously attracted attention for their color fading, whiskers, red ears, etc., made them the center of attention in an instant. The novelty of the design led to rumors that Martin Margiela, who once worked on ” Maison Martin Margiela,” was involved in the design of these jeans. It is rumored that “Maison Martin Margiela” is involved in this project. Levi’s Red jeans have evolved from work wear to casual everyday wear to a sophisticated design that is also compatible with the fashion world.

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Levi’s Red’s feature #2: “Using sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly

Riding the wave of the recent sustainable trend, Levi’s Red is also characterized by its consideration for the global environment. Generally, jeans are made of cotton, but Levi’s Red jeans are woven with a material called ” hemp. Hemp material is a type of hemp, which is an organic material that requires less water and pesticides than cotton. In today’s apparel industry, where “ethical” and “sustainable” are in the spotlight, hemp is attracting attention as a material that can be used as an alternative to cotton. Levi’s Red has improved hemp to have a feel comparable to that of cotton, and it can be said that the appeal of Levi’s Red items is that they are both environmentally friendly and particular about their materials.

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Levi’s Red’s feature (3): “Without sacrificing quality, the price has been made more affordable than when it was first released.

At the time of its launch in 1999, Levi’s Red items were differentiated from the regular line by not being displayed in Levi’s stores and being handled only at high-end select stores. The price was on par with high-brand items and not easily affordable. However, the current Levi’s Red line maintains the quality and attention to detail of the past, but at a price that anyone can afford, and is attracting attention from a new demographic while stimulating the purchasing desires of existing fans.

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