Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!


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Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!

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What is A.P.C.’s recommended denim washing method?

Another unique feature of A.P.C. denim is that it comes with a card that includes a recipe for washing denim. Basically, A.P.C. denim recommends wearing jeans as long as possible without washing, and it is better not to wash them for at least about 1-2 years. The card lists four washing methods, with the “radicalism” method consisting of dry cleaning the first time; from the second time, mix a small amount of a detergent specially formulated for dark colors that does not fade easily with water, soak for one hour, rinse, wrap in a bath towel and hang to dry. This is done in the hope of preserving the natural color fading created by wearing the garment.

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The “semi-radicalism” washing method is a slightly more relaxed version of the previous “radicalism,” in which jeans are soaked in water mixed with a dark-colored detergent for one hour, rinsed, dehydrated, and hung to dry without rubbing. For the “machine wash,” the designer is very particular, specifying the use of detergent for dark-colored products, room temperature water, delicate washing, and no dehydration. What is even more interesting is the “wash in seawater. This is a natural way of growing denim, in which the jeans are taken into the ocean with the wearer still in them, rubbed with dry sand, rinsed with water, and dried in the sun. This image shows A.P.C. denim actually washed in seawater.

The denim is soaked in seawater with the denim, and after soaking the entire denim in water, it is rubbed with sand to remove stains. This unique process gives the denim a unique texture that cannot be found anywhere else.

The process of “soaking in seawater and rubbing with sand” is repeated several times, and after rinsing with water and drying in the sun…

The result is a deep aging effect that cannot be reproduced by ready-made damage processing. You will never be able to part with denim that has been grown with this much care.

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