Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!


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Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!

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Introducing A.P.C.’s three most popular denim staples!

A.P.C. offers a wide range of denim lineups, and this time we will introduce the three major standard models that can be worn by both men and women. While the overall construction is slim, each item has exquisitely different details, so it is recommended to understand the differences before purchasing.

A.P.C.’s classic denim (1) “New Standard,” which is called the brand’s classic model

This model is inspired by the denim used by American pioneers. The silhouette is characterized by the American taste, with a moderate taper to the hem and a straight leg look. The sizing is the loosest among A.P.C.’s standard unisex models introduced here. The denim is made of thick 14.8-ounce denim, which is tough and comfortable to wear, with a simple, clean look that is masculine and masculine at the same time.

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A.P.C.’s classic denim (2) “Petit Standard,” which can be worn smartly

The ” Petit Standard ” features a slim tapered silhouette that is a slimmer version of the New Standard. It is a low-rise type with slimmer hips and legs and a shallower inseam, making it a denim that can be worn more neatly. Not as slim as skinny jeans, but not too thin, these unique tight jeans have gained popularity as a new A.P.C. standard.

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A.P.C. Standard Denim 3: “Petit New Standard,” a mix of the characteristics of the New Standard and Petit Standard

This model is a mix of the two aforementioned models, reflecting the characteristics of each. The inseam is set deeper like the New Standard, and the leg line is slimmer by strengthening the taper from the knee to the hem like the Petite Standard. The balance of the silhouette of the Petit New Standard is modern, and it goes well with trend-like big silhouette items.

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What is the “Butler Program” where you can return your old denim and get new denim at half price?

A.P.C. is running an innovative “Butler Program” whereby customers who return their worn-out denim to participating stores can get new denim for half the price. There are certain conditions for receiving denim: the denim must be the three models introduced here, must be non-washed indigo jeans, and must have passed a carefully screened color selection process. The denim is then reborn as “Butler Jeans” through A.P.C.’s careful craftsmanship, and is sold at the store with the initials of the owner who donated them. The fact that you can enjoy such a program even after wearing them is another reason why A.P.C. denim is loved by denim freaks.

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