What is the charm of “Paraboot WILLIAM”, a pair of shoes for fashionable people?


What is the charm of "Paraboot WILLIAM", a pair of shoes for fashionable people?

The William by Paraboot has a unique presence among the many double monk strap shoes. The heavy look of the Norwegian manufacturing method and the company’s own rubber sole, as well as the unique expression of the upper material, distinguish it from other leather shoes. In this issue, we focus on “William” by Paraboot and introduce its charm!

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    Paraboot”, a long-established French brand that developed the world’s first rubber sole for leather shoes

    Paraboot is a long-established shoe brand representing France. Originally a small shoe factory established in 1908, it specialized in dress shoes for the upper class and mountaineering shoes for adventurers. The brand is famous for being the first in the world to develop rubber soles for leather shoes, and even today it manufactures more than 10 types of rubber soles in-house according to shoe models. The brand name, “Paraboot,” comes from the name of the Amazon port where the founder, Richard Ponvert, imported natural rubber latex, ” Para,” and from the fact that the inspiration originated from the rubber boots he discovered in the United States.

    Paraboot is the one and only brand that consistently manufactures its own products, even the soles

    Paraboot is even touted as the star of France. The reason for their popularity is not only the high quality of their products, but also their commitment to ” 100% Made in France ” manufacturing. While many European and American shoe brands are forced to move their production bases out of the country, Paraboot is one of the few brands that insist on manufacturing in France. It is one of the few brands in the world that insists on producing its shoes in France, and is unique in the world in terms of “in-house integrated production,” including the soles. The manufacturing process involves as many as 150 steps, each one of which is performed by skilled craftsmen.

    Under the corporate philosophy of “invest in your walk,” Paraboot shoes are not only well-designed, but also healthy. The company pursues the highest level of care from the selection of materials, carefully selecting the finest rubber for soles and cowhide leather for uppers. The traditional Norwegian manufacturing method used for mountaineering shoes, rather than the Goodyear welt method often used for English shoes, is used to achieve a comfortable fit that conforms to the shape of the owner’s feet.

    The Paraboot ” William ” is a double monk strap shoe that goes with a wide range of outfits

    The William is a popular model by Paraboot. It has a double monk strap design and is finished with an elegant appearance and a sense of dignity. The name “William” is the same as the name of a double monk shoe made by John Lobb, a famous leather shoe manufacturer. This is related to the fact that Paraboot used to undertake OEM production for John Robb. The double monk strap shoe category was originally created in 1945 when the Duke of Windsor ordered a pair of bispoke shoes for John Robb. William Robb, the head of the company at the time, developed the idea inspired by aviator boots for aviators. Richard Pontvale (then known as Paraboot), which had been contracted to produce John Robb’s outdoor casual division, produced the outdoor-style William. Later, the company reissued the William as its own product, and it became the William of Paraboot.

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    The double monk strap is said to be a leather shoe that can be used for both business and casual wear, because it was commissioned by royalty and because its design has its roots in aviator boots. Among them, Paraboot’s William is a pair with a more casual element. Although John Lobb’s William also incorporates country specifications such as a double sole, Paraboot’s in-house rubber sole has a more massive feel. The Norwegian stitching that achieves overwhelming robustness is also unique to the Paraboot William. Even those who are not comfortable wearing black double monk shoes outside of a suit style can naturally coordinate them with the William by Paraboot.

    Find the Paraboot “William” here.

    Examples of outfits featuring the “William” by Paraboot

    This coordinate is a classic dress style of suit and chester coat, broken up with a knit cap and turtleneck knit. The Paraboot ” William “, with its moderately casual atmosphere, fits perfectly with the casual-down suit style. The backpack and turtleneck knit in green match the William, adding a sense of unity to the outfit.

    Paraboot William Dark Green

    The dark green model of the William. Grain leather is used for the upper, and the combination of its unique graininess and dark green gives it a unique atmosphere. These unique and different double monk strap shoes are recommended for those who want leather shoes in colors other than the orthodox black and brown.

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    The world-renowned design of the William by Paraboot

    William’s most distinctive features are the upper design and unique silhouette. The double monk design with exquisitely sized straps is a beauty that even John Robb would approve of. While retaining the casualness typical of Paraboot, it has an appearance that evokes a sense of calm. The buckle is slightly smaller, creating a contrast with the stately form.

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    The double stitching on the toe is slightly wider than that of a standard straight tip, creating an atmosphere that is easy to match with casual styling.

    Paraboot William

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    The wood shape is a royal round-toe silhouette. It is not as chunky as the Chambord, a standard Paraboot model, nor is it a long nose with a modern look, but rather a sophisticated form that is designed to be worn for many years.

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    The iconic “Brand Tag”, a detail that identifies a shoe as a Paraboot shoe

    Unlike sneakers, leather shoes can be distinguished from other types of shoes in terms of quality, but few of them can be identified by brand name at a glance. However, the “green tag” on the upper of this brand’s shoes makes it possible to identify them as Paraboot shoes at a glance. This green tag, which is unique to Paraboot, does not interfere with the design of William’s shoes, but rather makes them stand out from other double monks.

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    High-quality leather is also used for the insole and lining that wraps around the foot. On the inner sole, along with the brand’s logo, the words ” Cousu Norvegien ” are stamped in French to indicate that they were made by the Norvegian method.

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    What is the charm of the “squirrel leather” used for the upper of the Paraboot “William”?

    One of the attractions that many Paraboot owners become obsessed with is the upper leather. Many Paraboot models use the brand’s iconic “Lisse Leather” material. Known as ” Cuirs Lisses ” in French, this leather is made from the finest calf leather that is less than six months old and contains a lot of oil inside. Compared to regular calf, it is extremely waterproof and the leather itself is not easily damaged.

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    Paraboot’s Squirrel Leather, also known as ” the Jewel of France

    Of course, it is not simply a matter of increasing the oil content. The highest quality elasticity and durability can only be achieved by the skilled work of Paraboot’s craftsmen. Calf leather is carefully selected and tanned by one of the best tanneries in France. The cutting process is also carefully done at the optimum angle by skillfully identifying blood vessels and scars. The oil is added during the tanning process, so it will not lose its strength even after many years of use. The leather is water-resistant, and even if it gets rained on, it will not become stained, which is not only a practical feature, but also a characteristic that is unique to squirrel leather. The luster produced by the large amount of oil is so unique that it has been called “the jewel of France. It has a beauty different from that of creamed calf leather, polished leather, or cordovan.

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    Bloom”, a characteristic of squirrel leather

    One of the characteristics of squirrel leather is that the surface of the leather often turns white, a phenomenon called ” bloom. This is caused by oil or wax soaked into the leather and floating on the surface, and basically happens to all squirrel leather products. Wiping with a dry cloth or brushing will allow the oil to re-enter the leather and restore its original beauty. In fact, the blooming is a sign that the leather is healthy. William, whose upper is made of squirrel leather, will show its deeper and deeper charm as it is used for 10 or 20 years.

    Some models of the Paraboot “William” are also made of grain leather

    Squirrel leather is unquestionably Paraboot’s signature material, but the quality of the other leathers is also superb. William also has a model that uses grain leather for the upper. The graininess unique to this leather is an exquisite match for the double monk form. It has a different appeal from the model using squirrel leather.

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    MARCHE II”, the traditional rubber sole of the Paraboot “William

    The outsole used on William is the MARCHE II (Marche II) made of rubber, which is a symbol of Paraboot’s history. It is a rubber sole that is well-known to all leather shoe lovers, created by the foresight of the founder Richard Ponvert. At the time when this sole, which is also the root of the brand, was developed, leather soles and wooden soles nailed to the sole were the mainstream in Europe. Although leather soles are the manner of dress shoes, they are not functional from a worker’s point of view, and Paraboot’s rubber soles, developed 11 years before Vibram began selling rubber soles in 1937, are robust, wear-resistant, and comfortable to wear. The rubber sole was developed 11 years before Vibram began selling rubber soles. This made them extremely popular among general laborers, firefighters, mail carriers, and military personnel, and they spread to the public. Later, they were used by Paul Emile Victor on his Arctic expeditions, proving their function as outdoor shoes.

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    Paraboot is the only shoe brand in the world that completely produces its own soles

    Paraboot is the only luxury footwear brand that produces its own soles. Since establishing a manufacturing method using 100% natural latex and a unique rubber synthesizing technology about 100 years ago, Paraboot has maintained its one-of-a-kind quality without changing its manufacturing process. Water resistance, functionality, and ease of care are major advantages not found in leather soles. Furthermore, the MARCHE II sole has a structure that can store air, providing higher cushioning performance and shock absorption than ordinary rubber soles. The MARCHE II sole successfully covers the weak points of rubber soles, such as stiffness and poor warping, and provides comfort without fatigue even after wearing the shoes for a long time.

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    While models such as the Chambord use the PARA-TEX sole, which is engraved with the initials ” RP ” of Richard Ponvert, the founder and creator of the rubber sole, the MARCHE II sole features a unique tread pattern. The design is calculated to distribute the force when stepping on the foot toward the outside, providing a comfortable grip for walking even on slippery surfaces.

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    The “Norwegian manufacturing method” gives the Paraboot “William” a sense of weight and durability

    Paraboot is the world leader in the Norwegian manufacturing method. William’s sole is also joined by the Norwegian method. The Norwegian manufacturing method was developed in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. It is a technique developed to prevent snow and water from penetrating in cold regions. The leather upper is inserted between the sole and the sole, and the sole is held in place by the welt and double stitching. By physically sealing the space between the upper and the sole, this process makes possible an ironclad solidity. The L-shaped folded welt is tightly embedded in the boundary between the upper and the sole, and the sole is held in place by a double layer of stitches. The L-shaped folded welt fits snugly into the boundary between the upper and the sole, and provides performance that can withstand even the coldest of conditions.

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    Two lines of stitching by the Norwegian manufacturing method gives the shoes a moderately casual atmosphere.

    With its roots as a mountaineering shoe manufacturer, Paraboot’s Norwegian manufacturing process is one of the highest quality in the world. The insole and midsole are filled with cork, and the more the shoes are used, the more they grow to fit your feet. The L-shaped exposed welt is also a distinctive visual feature, and the thick stitching running in two lines creates a casual feel that is not usually found in dress shoes. The classic and elegant double-monk upper and the heavy and powerful welt and sole maintain a perfect balance between dress and casual wear. The durability of the shoes is also impressive, as they can be used outdoors despite being leather shoes, but the impactful design is the reason for William’s popularity.

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    William” by Paraboot

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