How to choose stylish glasses for men in their 40s & 8 recommended models


How to choose stylish glasses for men in their 40s & 8 recommended models

Glasses are not just a tool to correct vision. They are a fashion item that can be made more fashionable by taking into account such points of view as ” covering the weak points of the face,” ” making use of the individuality of the face,” ” matching the glasses to the outfit and TPO,” and ” choosing a brand and model that will bring you closer to the image you want to portray. In this article, I will introduce some tips for men in their 40s on how to choose the right glasses and the glasses that I recommend.

How to choose fashionable spectacles for men in their 40s: 1) “Understand the type of spectacles that suit each face type.

Long face:“Wellington” or “round ” frames with vertical length of frames that do not show off the spacing caused by the length of the face look good on this type of face.

Base and square shape: Well-balanced rounded frames like ” Boston “ that do not show off the gills and angular contours of the face look good.

Round face: The face has a rounded profile with no significant difference in length to width ratio, so straight, angular ” square” or slightly rounded, but overall rectangular form “Wellington ” frames suit this type of face.

Inverted triangle shape: The sharp contours of the face with a slender chin give the impression of being sharp, but they can also make the face look a little cold, so rounded frames such as ” Boston” or “Round” frames are recommended to balance out the face.

Oval: Considered the ideal balanced face shape, basically all types of frames suit it.

Incidentally, Boston and Boslington (between Boston and Wellington) frames are said to suit everyone regardless of face type.

Editor Mitsui
Although there are a variety of glasses that are considered masterpiece models, most of them are Boston, Wellington, or Boston-Wellington (a.k.a. Boslington) models. To say that they look good on everyone would be an overstatement, but they are easy to suit all facial contours and may be the result of being loved by many people.

How to Choose Stylish Glasses for Men in Their 40s (2) “Know the Relationship between the Shape of Eyebrows and Glasses”

There are individual differences in eyebrow shape, which is another criterion for selecting frames that suit the wearer. The closer the shape and angle of the top rim (the upper part of the rim of the spectacles) is to the silhouette of the eyebrows, the better the match. It is recommended that you know the shape of your eyebrows, whether they are straight and parallel, straight and raised, or curved, and make sure that they are not too far from the shape of the top rim of your spectacles.

Editor Mitsui
Besides the relationship between the shape of the eyebrows and the top rim shape, it is generally said that “the vertical length of the frame should fit 1/3 of the length from the eyebrows to the chin,” and “the pupil should fit about 1mm to 2mm inward from the center of the lens.” I know this is a lot to say, but personally, I think it is best to take this as a general guideline. If you think a pair of spectacles looks good on you at a glance, even if they are generally considered to be unflattering, I would like you to cherish your sensitivity and wear them proudly and proudly with your heart.

How to Choose Stylish Glasses for Men in Their 40s (3) “Have the Option of Colored Lenses

When utilizing spectacles for fashionable purposes, you should also consider colored lenses. Popular colors are ” gray,” “blue,” “brown,” and “green,” and the coloring of lenses can create a stylish atmosphere.
The density of the color is also a key point. 10% lenses look like clear lenses at first glance, so there is no problem wearing them at work, but they do not give the impression of colored lenses, for better or worse. 15% to 30% lenses can be recognized as colored lenses at a glance, but they are not sunglasses at all. For fashionable glasses for fashionable use, use 15% to 30% as a guide.

Editor Mitsui
You can choose lenses when you purchase new glasses, but I also recommend taking your existing glasses to a store and having the lenses changed. Ideally, you should ask the store where you purchased your eyeglasses or the manufacturer, but in many cases, stores will be able to replace lenses for eyeglasses that they do not carry. However, in such cases, please note that in most cases, accidents such as damage to the frame during the lens replacement process will not be compensated for, so please ask at your own risk.

How to choose stylish spectacles for men in their 40s: “If you are not sure about the color of frames and lenses, consider compatibility with your “hair color,” “skin tone,” and “color of your clothes. “.

If you are not sure about the color of lenses or frames, the theory is to match the color of your hair color, skin tone, and the color of clothes, shoes, watches, etc. that you often wear. For example, “blue lenses” are a good match for blue-based skin, which is often referred to as a skin tone classification, but they are generally a poor match for yellow-based skin. The “gray” and “green” lenses blend well with either skin tone.
Regarding frame and lens colors, “I want to wear this color!” you can change the color of your clothes or hair color to match it.

Editor Mitsui
I believe that men who own numerous pairs of glasses are in the minority. When it comes to matching a limited number of spectacles with one’s outfit, I think it is wise to strategically arrange one’s spectacle collection based on one’s understanding of the color trends of the clothes and accessories one has on hand.

Eight classic models of royal eyeglass brands recommended for each type of men in their 40s

Below are the standard models that the author recommends for men in their 40s, according to the impression and purpose they wish to achieve.

(1) “TF5178” by TOM FORD, a Wellington-type masterpiece for men in their 40s who want to radiate power, presence, and sex appeal at the same time

For men in their 40s who want to exude an air of discretion and sex appeal unique to mature men, we recommend Tom Ford’s “TF5178. The Wellington-shaped frames have an overwhelming sense of volume, and the T-shaped metal parts that indicate the brand’s presence from the front side to the temples are cool. The model became famous worldwide when Colin Firth, who plays George Falconer in the movie “Single Man,” which was directed by Tom Ford, wore the frames in the movie. Incidentally, the frame color worn in the movie was black.

Find TOM FORD TF5178

Editor Mitsui
I interpret the glasses as a production tool that also served to impress upon the viewer the serious and cynical nature of George, the lead character in the movie ” Single Man,” or the way he goes about his daily life while keeping his sorrows inside. Even if we put aside the subject matter, the story, and the main character of the film, Colin Firth had a strong good-looking aura in the film. At the time of the film’s release, he was 49 years old, and I was surprised that he could be this sexy on the verge of 50.

(2) “TART OPTICAL ARNEL’s ” JD-04″ ” for men in their 40s who want to express their individuality in a stylish way with a Boslington style that does not choose their face type.

Speaking of the standard Boslington-type glasses, which are popular regardless of facial contours, the first one that comes to mind is ” MOSCOTT’s “REMTOSH”. While it is undoubtedly a masterpiece, its popularity has heated up in recent years, and it has become common to see young people in their 20s wearing them. Many men in their 40s may think, “I like the design, but I feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing it with young people.” For those who are in their 40s, we recommend the “TART OPTICAL ARNEL JD-04,” a modern revival of the 50s design of Tart’s iconic Arnell model, which was sadly discontinued in the 1970s, by Sabae craftsmen. In addition to the high quality that can only be achieved in Sabae, the JD-04 is equipped with high padding that makes it easy for Japanese people to wear. For a standard Boslington model, we also recommend ” Sheldrake” by Oliver Peoples and “Web” by Ivan.

Find TART OPTICAL ARNEL eyeglasses

Editor Mitsui
Founded in New York in 1948, Tartt Eyewear was the purveyor of numerous celebrities, including the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, and the famous actor James Dean, but the company regrettably went out of business in the 1970s. In recent years, Johnny Depp has been wearing a vintage Tart Optical Arnell to public appearances to show his respect for James Dean, and the popularity of the brand has resurfaced. The supply of reissued models bearing the brand name “TART OPTICAL ARNEL” started in 2015. The number of vintage ones are few and the ones in good condition are quite expensive. And since the pads are not heaped up, they do not suit unless you have a very high nose. For these reasons, I think ” Tart Optical Arnell’s “JD-04 ” is not a bad option for many men, including myself.”

(3) “MOSCOT’s “MILTZEN””, a Boston-type classic for men in their 40s who are also well versed in subcultures and are on the intellectual liberal arts city boy route.

Boston frames have a strong rounded shape with inverted triangles, and like round frames, they are effective in giving an intellectual impression. On the other hand, another notable feature is that compared to round frames, they are easy to understand and appeal to an urban and sophisticated image. In my mind, it is the image of “a fashionable intellectual living in the city who can study well but is also well-versed in art and music” who wears these frames. A recommended standard model of such a Boston type is ” Moscato’s “MIRZEN. It is the second most popular model after REMTOSH and has a sense of security and stability, but it is just right that it is not worn by as many people as REMTOSH.


Editor Mitsui
Known as the popular Boston frame model of the long-established New York eyewear brand Moscot, which boasts over 100 years of history, ” MILTZEN” is said to have been named after an uncle of the Moscot family and was a favorite of Andy Warhol and John Lennon. Among the Boston-shaped models of other brands, I would recommend ” Ivan’s “Phil.”

(4) “OP-505” by OLIVER PEOPLES, a combination frame I would recommend to adult men who want to create a good, fashionable look.

Combination frame glasses can be recommended for men who want to have both the mature and calm feeling of metal frames and the casual fashionable feeling of celluloid frames, as well as for men who are attracted to craftsmanship of artisans, since the specifications are made to make craftsmen cry. This time we picked up the standard model “OP-505” by OLIVER PEOPLES, which has been steadily supported by celebrities and fashionistas since its establishment in Hollywood, U.S.A. in 1986.

Search for OLIVER PEOPLES “OP-505

Editor Mitsui
When I once interviewed a craftsman at a Sabae eyeglass workshop, he told me, “Actually, as a maker, making combination frame eyeglasses is the most technically difficult. It requires a high level of skill to join different materials with high precision. I heard this story. If you consider eyeglasses as a craftwork that is the fruit of craftsmanship, it may not be an exaggeration to say that combination frames are the best choice. If you would like to compare them, please use them as candidates for comparison.

(5) For men in their 40s who want to add dignity to their hard-core American style & American suits, I recommend the classical brow frame ” “RONSIR”” by SHURON.

We picked up the best-selling model “RONSIR” from “SHURON,” a long-established optical glasses manufacturer founded in the U.S. in 1865. It is one of the three major eyewear manufacturers in the U.S. and was also known as a supplier of optical products for the U.S. military during World War II. Lonser” was introduced in 1947 as the world’s first browline frames, and it created a huge boom in the 1950s. The Lonser model is a classic American brow type model that embodies the American classic style, so it is an excellent match for American casual style and American style suits!


Editor Mitsui
Shuron, along with American Optical and Bausch + Lomb, is one of the three major U.S. eyeglass manufacturers, and its No. 1 bestseller, “Lonsir,” was famously worn by Malcolm X and Colonel Sanders. In the 1950s, when American Optical received an order from a U.S. military officer for “glasses with dignity,” the company produced a pair of glasses in the shape of a brow, which later became the model called “Thurmont Brow. This was the origin of the name “Thurmont Brow”.

(6) “Ray-Ban’s RX6434” for fashionable men in their 40’s who want to add a retro look and feel.

By incorporating the double bridge glasses and sunglasses that were popular in the 70’s and 80’s, you can create a retro and stylish atmosphere. Incidentally, this design is said to have originally originated from a pilot’s helmet, which was made stronger so that it would not be damaged by contact with the helmet when worn by the pilot. This time, we picked up “RX6434” by “Ray-Ban,” the royal brand of eyewear.

Let’s look for Ray-Ban’s “RX6434”.

Editor Mitsui
Speaking of Ray-Ban, ” WAYFARER ” and ” CLUBMASTER ” glasses are standard favorites. The ” RX6434 ” we picked up this time is a square x two-bridge x metal design, which is classic in nature but feels fresh in the modern sense. If you meet someone who wears these glasses, you may say to him or her, “At first glance, my way of dressing is a bit wild, but I do it in a fashionable way. It’s a dare.” I take it upon myself to receive such a silent message. It is recommended for fashionable men in their 40s who prefer unique fashion that incorporates a sense of haphazardness and escapism!

(7) Super-duper thick glasses, “EFFECTOR’s “fuzz”” for men in their 40s who want to transcend the dimension of what looks good on them and what doesn’t.

EFFECTOR was launched in 2004 as an original brand developed by Optical Tailor Cradle, an eyewear select store with its main store on Kotto-dori in Aoyama, Tokyo. With the concept of “Rock On The Eyewear,” the brand’s lineup is based on classic designs, but the frames are super bold and unique. This time we picked up the long-selling model “fuzz,” which represents the brand, and its 8mm thick ultra-thick frames are a sight to behold!

Try to find “fuzz” by EFFECTOR

Editor Mitsui
As I don’t have a beautifully contoured face, I am always looking for stylish glasses that look good on me, but I can’t find any, and I always end up going to Cradle to buy effectors. The presence and pressure of the eyeglass frames is so strong that it goes beyond the dimension of whether they look good on my face or not, or whether they suit my eyebrow shape or not (laugh). However, in exchange, you will be addicted to the presence and individuality of the frames once you have tasted them. By the way, I am currently wearing a model called ” Blues Driver ” because most glasses don’t suit me.

(8) “GENTLE MONSTER glasses and light-colored sunglasses” for fashion-conscious and stylish men in their 40s

GENTLE MONSTER eyewear is recommended for men in their 40s who are highly fashion-conscious and especially like luxurious street style. The brand is a newcomer that launched in South Korea in 2011, but has collaborated with Fendi and Margiela and opened its first Japanese store in Hankyu Umeda in 2023. Basically, the brand offers sunglasses, but models with light-colored lenses could be used as stylish date glasses. The model below is the brand’s best-selling model ” Lilit. It features a square flat bar with beautiful curved and straight edges.

Find Gentle Monster eyewear

Editor Mitsui
Although introduced as fashionable eyewear, unfortunately Gentle Monster does not currently offer exchangeable lenses with power lenses, so in that case you will have to take them to another eyewear store that can handle them at your own risk. Sunglasses are worn by men and women who are cool and fashion-conscious.

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