A folding umbrella is a smart man’s necessity! Recommended brand items


A folding umbrella is a smart man's necessity! Recommended brand items

The saying goes, “A good man is a man who can get wet,” but it is always smarter to stay dry in the rain that can ruin your clothes and hair style. Italian men are said to carry folding umbrellas with them at all times so that they can be prepared for any rainfall. In this issue, we focus on folding umbrellas and introduce some of the hottest items!

Highly reliable! Rain goods brand folding umbrellas

As the saying goes, “the best place to buy an umbrella is at the store that makes it,” and as such, brands that focus on rainwear are the most reliable. We introduce a wide range of trustworthy folding umbrellas, from a long-established umbrella brand with a British royal warrant to umbrella brands made by skilled Japanese craftsmen, as well as brands that offer a wide range of rain goods!

Folding umbrella ” fox umbrellas

Fox Umbrellas, a long-established British umbrella brand, is a pioneer in umbrella manufacturing, being the first to introduce steel frames at the end of the 19th century and the first in the world to use nylon fabric in the mid-20th century. The handles made of malacca wood and leather are truly original and make a man’s figure look smart. Fox Umbrella’s umbrellas, which have a history of changing the lifestyle of English gentlemen who were reluctant to carry umbrellas, also go well with suit styles.

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Folding umbrella ” Maglia Francesco

Founded in 1854, ” Maglia Francesco ” is a long-established Italian umbrella manufacturer that makes handmade umbrellas. The umbrellas are carefully crafted by skilled artisans at a factory in Milan. Natural woods such as bamboo, maple, and rattan are used for the inner pole of the umbrellas, so each umbrella has its own unique character.Maglia Francesco isalso famous as a manufacturer of OEM products for top brands.

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Knirps” folding umbrella

“Knilpus, synonymous with umbrellas,” a long-established German umbrella brand that invented the folding umbrella in 1928. It is synonymous with umbrellas both in name and reality, and boasts a 95% recognition rate in Germany. The X1 is the best-selling model, but the T010, T2 Duomatic, and T3 Duomatic models are also not to be missed.

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FULTON folding umbrella

The “Royal Umbrella” is a heavy folding umbrella. This is the kind of climate where folding umbrellas come in handy. Fulton is the brand that boasts the top share of the rain goods market in the U.K. Fulton is also known as the holder of the Royal Warrant. Fulton is also known as a holder of the Royal Warrant and is sold at the famous British department store ” Harrods. Speaking of classic umbrella brands, there are some well-known big names such as “Fox Umbrellas” in the U.K., “Maglia Francesco” in Italy, and “Maehara Shoten” in Japan. However, when it comes to folding umbrellas, there are cases where “for better or worse, the classic design is too heavy depending on one’s attire or age. Fulton’s folding umbrellas are just the right amount of classic. It is easy to use in any situation, regardless of age or clothing.

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