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Men’s Spring Codes for Men in their 40s [ What spring clothes do good-looking men need and how to dress?


Men's Spring Codes for Men in their 40s [ What spring clothes do good-looking men need and how to dress?

The OTOKOMAE editorial staff analyzed a large number of street snapshots taken overseas and interviewed select stores and fashion stylists to obtain information on the essentials for men in their 40s. I, as one of the men in their 40s who are wondering “What should I do with my fashion this spring? I hope that this article will help men in their 40s and 40s to achieve good-looking spring outfits.

Tips for spring coordination for men in their 40s (1)A slightly oversized long coat to look stylish while coping with cold temperature differences

“Temperatures are cool in the morning and at night, but hot during the day.” Dealing with the difference between cold and warm temperatures is an important factor in spring coordination. Incorporating spring outerwear that is easy to put on and take off is convenient from a practical standpoint. In addition, outerwear is the face of spring coordination from a fashion standpoint, so it is recommended that you choose the right outerwear based on an understanding of trends. Short-length blousons are a good choice in terms of trends, but the spring outerwear strongly recommended for people in their 40s is the “long-length coat,” which offers both an “age-appropriate, mature look” and a “trendy look. In addition, choosing a slightly oversized silhouette will give a strong sense of trendiness. If the temperature is still low in early March, use a knit as an inner layer, as shown below, and from mid-April onward, when the temperature begins to rise, wear a T-shirt, long T-shirt, or long-sleeved shirt.

Editor Mitsui
This type of outerwear can be utilized in early fall without any problems. It is not a short-lived item that can only be worn during the short period of spring. Since they are worn not infrequently and spring outerwear is the face of spring coordination, I personally recommend that you purchase the best possible ones within your budget.

Tips for spring coordination for men in their 40s (2)Incorporate cardigans and driver's knits into your outfits for a clean, good-looking male look

Like the aforementioned coats, knitwear with front opening specifications is easy to put on and take off, and is very useful in spring, a typical example of a Cardigans and driver’s knitwear are also easy to put on and take off. Unlike crew-neck knits, there is no need to worry about your hair being disheveled when putting on and taking off these knits, which is a big advantage in a humble way. Oversized cardigans with a slight drop at the shoulder line give a trendy look.

You can choose a driver’s knit that is either just right or oversized, depending on your preference, and we recommend choosing a double-zip driver’s knit with two zips that allow you to adjust the opening of the upper and lower sections respectively to add a different look.

Short-length blousons such as swing tops are also trendy, but they are also difficult to wear. The knit worn by the model below, which reproduces the silhouette of a swing top, is quite easy to adopt and can create a fashionable look that can be recognized at first glance as different from ordinary knits. If you are a fashionable man in his 40s who is tired of ordinary knitwear, you should definitely check them out.

K9 short length blouson type knit by GENTLEMAN PROJECTS

Editor Mitsui
If you want to use knitwear as outerwear for a casual early spring style, a roughly knitted low gauge knit is the way to go. Cotton is the most popular material because it is easy to wash and handle. Since you may sweat a lot in spring, being able to wash it easily at home is a big advantage in terms of keeping a clean look, which is essential for a good-looking man. If you want to add a bit of glamour or richness to your look, it is also a good idea to wear a high-brand logo T-shirt as an inner layer.

Tips for spring coordination for men in their 40s (3)For innerwear, cut-and-sewns made of high quality materials are a must

The next thing you should pay attention to is innerwear. Do not let your guard down thinking that it is just innerwear. As mentioned above, you often take off your outerwear in the spring, so even if your outerwear is good looking, you need to avoid the situation where you take it off and find yourself saying, “What the heck? Even if your outerwear is good-looking, you need to avoid the situation where you take it off and say, “Oh, look at that! If you want to look like a casually elegant and good-looking guy, wear a high-quality cotton cut-and-sew. A high-quality T-shirt or long T-shirt will look luxurious and feel comfortable, so you will naturally want to go out and be active.

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you are not going to take off your outerwear, it is also a good idea to use a tank top as an inner layer. In particular, tank tops with a classic design that is wide open at the chest can create a completely different sense of discretion and sex appeal than a crew neck. Also, if you wear a tank top as an inner layer with a knit open in the front, as the man below does, your face will look much clearer. This is completely different from wearing a crew-neck T-shirt with a tight neck as an inner layer. This could be a breakthrough for men with round, square, or large faces who have trouble dressing well, so men with such complexes should definitely give it a try. For this kind of application, even extremely inexpensive items, such as tank tops from Gildan, would suffice.

Editor Mitsui
Regarding the last tank top, I actually utilize it quite often. The reason is that I have the complex of having a square face, and I have even had elabotox injected, but I want to get rid of it even more. If I open my shirts to about the third button, not to mention my cardigans, and wear a tank top inside, it visually emphasizes the vertical and makes the squareness of my face less noticeable. Unfortunately, the face is still square. By the way, if you open your shirt too much like you are wearing it on your bare skin (with UNIQLO’s Air Rhythm, etc.), there is a fairly high probability that women will think you are creepy. When you wear your shirt open, it is recommended to make sure that the collar of your tank top is visible.

It is also a good idea to start working on a good looking body with the coming summer in mind!

Editor Mitsui
As the days go by, the temperature is getting warmer and warmer in spring. I say this with a note of self-discipline. “It is nonsense and forbidden to spend the season of spring, when we can feel the arrival of summer on our skin, unawares!” Yes, what is important in the thin season is a good looking body! So, it is especially important to strengthen the muscles in the most visible areas, such as the chest, back, arms, and shoulders. Of course, being overweight is not a problem. To improve your appearance when you take off your spring outerwear, and to prepare for the coming summer season, you should make it a habit to exercise and train your muscles regularly right now, and avoid inactivity.

Tips for men in their 40s for spring coordination (4)Loose silhouette slacks for a clean and trendy look

A major obstacle that stands in the way of achieving good-looking coordination for men in their middle age and beyond is “(unconscious) attachment to trends from their youth. The major obstacle that stands in the way of men in their middle age and beyond to achieve good-looking coordination is “(subconscious) attachment to the trends of their youth. This is most noticeable when it comes to choosing pants. The pants that were popular when men in their twenties were in their thirties were skinny pants that were too tight. Are we unknowingly choosing pants that are too thin? Looking around the streets of Omotesando and Shibuya, which are considered fashionable cities, you will find almost no men wearing skinny pants. It is no exaggeration to say that only some suburban yarra-fee type men and some older host-type men wear them. However, wearing loose-fitting wide jeans or thick sweatpants, which are very popular among men in their 20s, is likely to make you look like a “young man who has no reason to grow old and is painfully young. Therefore, we recommend thicker slacks. If you match them with a pair of clean sneakers like the man below, you can get a sophisticated spring look that is a perfect fusion of mature and trendy.

Editor Mitsui
“So where do I buy such slacks?” Many of you may be wondering, “So where can I buy such slacks? Some Italian brands specializing in slacks and some domestic tailor brands offer them, but they have a strong dressiness and are difficult to match with sneakers. And of course, they are expensive. I personally recommend the ” LIBRA TOKYO ” model by GENTLEMAN PROJECTS. If you prefer something a little thinner, I recommend ” LIBRA PARIS. The design reflects the trend, and the quality is high as only made in Japan in cooperation with a Japanese slacks factory, but the price is moderate, so please check it out.

Tips for men in their 40s for spring coordination (5)Incorporate trendy sneakers and leather shoes with age-appropriate class

It goes without saying that shoes are fashionably important, as they say, “Fashion starts from the feet up. So what kind of shoes should men in their 40s wear? As the saying goes, “look at your feet,” it is recommended to choose shoes that satisfy one or more of the following criteria: a sense of class appropriate for your age that will not make you look like an old man, a trendy look that will not make you look like a dowdy old man, and a clean look that will not make you look dirty. By the way, among the sneakers I personally purchased, my favorites are the Autry Medalist Low (white), the Asics Gel-Kayano 14 (silver), and the New Balance 990 v6 (black). The Medalist and Gelcayano are relatively trendy choices, while the 990 is more of a classic, but all are recommended for men in the same age group. We also recommend other sneakers in our ” 5 Adult Sneakers for Men in Their 40s ” section, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do so. In terms of leather shoes that have a sense of class appropriate for their age and are easy to match with casual spring styles, we recommend the ” Paraboot Mikael,” ” Paraboot Lance,” ” Alden 990,” and ” J.M. Weston 180. The price is high, but it is more than worth the investment for men in their 40s and 40s, because they can afford these brands because they are adults.

Editor Mitsui
We believe that just as important as what kind of shoes you choose is whether or not you keep your shoes beautiful and clean. For leather shoes, the use of shoe keepers is a must and regular shoe polishing is a must. As for sneakers, there are many convenient sneaker cleaners available from various companies, so if you don’t have one, please get one. I use Viola’s Sneaker Cleaner as a cleaner for leather sneakers. Unlike other products, you don’t need water or a special brush. Just pour the foam from the spray can directly onto your sneakers, scrub them with a used toothbrush, and lightly wipe them clean. Even if you are very careful, the process takes less than three minutes. I believe that the attitude of not sparing the time and effort to take care of these little details is the turning point between becoming a stylish, clean, good-looking old man and becoming a tired, unclean, creepy old man. I know we are all busy at this age, but let’s do our best for each other!

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