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Wallets: A unique perspective on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s and recommended brands


Wallets: A unique perspective on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s and recommended brands

It is no exaggeration to say that “wallets” are the most frequently used items owned by men, and the items that require the most discernment and good taste. In this issue, we will introduce a selection of wallets that men in their 40s should have.

Perspectives on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s (1)Determining the appropriate type of wallet from a practical standpoint

In addition to long wallets, folded wallets, and mini wallets, there are various options such as money clips in terms of money carrying tools. If you are a cash person and use bills and coins, and also want to store loyalty point cards, hospital tickets, etc., a round-zip long wallet with excellent storage capacity is recommended. If you mainly use credit cards and smartphone payments, a thin-gusseted long wallet without a coin purse, a bifold wallet, a mini wallet, or a money clip would be a good choice. It is wise to choose a wallet that fits your style firmly on the practical side.

Perspectives on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s (2)Don't be swayed by the false rumor that long wallets = good-looking

There are a few people who say, in a very plausible manner, that “rich and successful people, without exception, have long wallets,” but this is not true at all in fact. It is a good idea to distance yourself from the strange belief in long wallets. In particular, you should be aware that putting a long wallet in the back pocket of your pants is not good for security, and if you sit down with it, your wallet is likely to get damaged, and it is not a good style to begin with. Long wallets may be an option for those who carry a bag on a regular basis and can store a long wallet in their bag, or who always wear a jacket and can store a thin-gusseted long wallet in their breast pocket, but it is no exaggeration to say that other people should definitely not choose this category.

Perspectives on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s (3)Balance between purchase budget and replacement cycle

Although it can be said that wallets have a longer life span than T-shirts, which are directly on the skin and are washed frequently, you should be very aware that they are consumable goods. No matter how good the design or status of a wallet is, it is not good to continue to use it in a damaged state. The standard replacement cycle is about three years, depending on how carefully you take care of your wallet in your daily life. With this cycle in mind, you should have an attitude of allocating a budget that is reasonable for your wallet.

Perspectives on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s (4)Scrutinize the brand that is best for you

“Why not just get a Louis Vuitton, Bottega, or some other popular high-brand wallet!” “Hermes is a different brand from other high brands, so Hermes it is! However, by the time you reach your 40s, you are a mature adult, and you may want to move on from such a stance. Of course, there are cases in which you like the style and world view that the high brand offers, or you like the design of the wallet and it happens to be a high brand! On the other hand, you may choose a British brand that specializes in leather goods and is not well-known to the general public, but you may also choose such a brand because of the high quality of the leather, sewing, and finishing treatment of the kovas.

Perspectives on choosing a wallet for men in their 40s (5)Can you explain why you use that wallet?

If you are in your 40s, you are probably experiencing that life is a series of choices. The choices you make will change your life and how others view you. The same is true for a single wallet. Hopefully, you want to choose a wallet that will make your life better, and above all, you want to make a choice that you can explain to yourself why you have that wallet. For example, “I searched for and bought a mini wallet that fits my payment style from my favorite Gucci,” “I chose a factory brand wallet with the best quality leather out of my 30,000 yen budget,” or “I chose a money clip because I pay with my smartphone most of the time and often go without a handbag. Let’s make the best choice at that time based on your own rationale. On the other hand, even if you do not like the brand image or design of the middle brand COACH and it does not fit your lifestyle, if your family or loved ones chose a COACH wallet for you, that can be the reason why you should love it, and it is cool to use it proudly with your heart.

The following is a list of wallets that the author recommends for men in their 40s.

Good-looking wallets recommended for men in their 40s (1)ETTINGER's trifold wallet BH2199

From the British royal warrant leather goods brand “ETTINGER” established in 1934, a compact yet highly storable The trifold wallet (BH2199) with excellent storage capacity in spite of its compact size is picked up from “ETTINGER”, a leather goods brand with a British royal warrant established in 1934. Incidentally, this is the most compact model among ETTINGER’s wallets, and although it is a little thick, it is small enough to fit in a pocket, yet it can hold cards, bills, and coins. The brand’s bridle leather, which is one of its strengths, has excellent durability and water resistance, and as it is used more and more, the bloom on the surface fades and the luster increases, making it an attractive item that can be enjoyed as it ages. This is a good choice for men in their 40s who know the aesthetics of under-statement wallets and want to use a good brand wallet without overtly showing off the status of the brand!

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Editor Mitsui
One of the features of the ETTINGER is the use of dark colored bridle leather as the front leather and brightly colored panel hide leather on the inside. In fact, when I was in my mid-thirties, I used the bifold type for three years, and every time I opened the wallet, it was exciting and others often asked me, “Where is that wallet from?” I was often asked by others, “Which wallet is that? Along with the “yellow” introduced this time, “purple,” the ink color used in the British banknote Sterling Pound, is also popular.

Good looking wallets for men in their 40s (2)Comme Des Garçons Wallet's Round Zipper Long Wallet

Comme des Garçons Wallet, which began developing in 1994, is a label that mainly offers wallets. Leather made in Spain is used, and the production department in France directs the manufacturing process. The label’s colorful lineup of wallets in primary and fluorescent colors is eye-catching, but for men in their 40s, we recommend the subdued colors we picked up this time. The long wallets picked up this time are orthodox round-zip wallets in appearance, but the unique arrangement of the coin pocket inside is a playful gimmick that is typical of Comme Des Garçons.

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Editor Mitsui
Comme Des Garçons, loved by fashionable men and women of all ages, has a design and world view full of originality that cannot be replaced by any other brand. The brand’s distinctive style is reflected in its wallets, which are priced reasonably compared to so-called “high-brand” wallets.

Good looking wallets for men in their 40s (3)LOEWE Bi-Fold Coin Wallet (Silk Calf)

Loewe is a long-established luxury brand with a royal Spanish warrant that excels in leather products. Based on the shape of the bifold wallet, which is the best-selling wallet among Loewe’s wallets for men, we picked up this one with the “Loewe Patch” design, which is often used on Loewe’s clothing. The design has a slightly pop atmosphere, but the use of silk calf, which is characterized by its delicate and elegant silk-like luster, adds a calm atmosphere. In addition to the black color we picked up this time, the Warm Desert and Deep Navy colors are also available, both of which are extremely beautiful and irresistible.

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Editor Mitsui
Loewe has its origins in a leather workshop started in Spain by a German leather craftsman, and the brand had a strong image of being a favorite of well-informed people who share a passion for reliable craftsmanship based on craftsmanship, giving the impression that it was more conservative in its designs. However, since Mr. Jonathan Anderson joined as creative director in 2013, the brand has rapidly increased its presence, and is now a popular fashion brand known by everyone, including those who are not fashion connoisseurs. The coexistence of craftsmanship, design, and even name recognition in wallets is sure to tug at the heartstrings of many men in their 40s!

Good looking wallets for men in their 40s (4)Saint Laurent Monogram Bifold Wallet

When choosing a wallet from a high brand, it is important to consider not only the core worldview of the brand founder, but also the worldview of the current creative director. If you choose a wallet from a high-end brand, you will be more satisfied with your choice if you have a viewpoint of whether you can empathize with the world view and design of the designer who is currently the creative director of the brand, as well as the core world view that the founder of the brand has presented. Saint Laurent, the brand picked up this time, has been inviting designers representing each era as creative directors even after the death of its founder, Yves Saint Laurent, Compared to the former, which directly emphasized rock and roll, the latter, while influenced by rock and subcultures, has incorporated a more modern image and changed its view of the world to one that is more easily accepted by many middle generation men. The simple and elegant design, made of high-quality calf leather and bronze-toned YSL metal parts, is a must-have for your consideration.

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Editor Mitsui
Incidentally, the fact that wallets are basically equipped with coin pockets is a specification unique to the Japanese market, which has a background of a cash-based economy, small changes in consumption tax, and a culture that demands exact amounts in change, etc. Worldwide, the main stream is wallets that can hold only bills and cards. If you are looking for a wallet with a change pocket, it is recommended to look for one in department stores or brand-owned stores in Japan.

Good looking wallets recommended for men in their 40s 5Maison Margiela's trifold wallet WALLET CLIP 3

Margiela is a brand that has been recognized and loved mainly by fashion connoisseurs since its establishment in 1988 It is a brand that has been recognized and loved mainly by fashion connoisseurs since its establishment in 1988. The designer himself answered in writing in interviews, and is known for not appearing in fashion magazines, let alone on the runway of fashion shows. He is known for never appearing on the runway of fashion shows, let alone in fashion magazines. The designer retired after 20 years in business, and is now under the umbrella of the OTB group with Diesel, and with John Galliano as creative director, the color of the brand is said to have faded somewhat. From this brand, we picked up a mini wallet with four stitches on the front, which (ironically) symbolizes the brand and is a gimmick to make people recognize the brand name. It is compact, but conveniently holds everything from bills to coins and cards.

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Editor Mitsui
Today, one route to success is to expose one’s face and, in some cases, one’s personal life to gain recognition and influence, but many middle-aged people may not be able to keep up with this attitude. Margiela’s philosophy of competing only with his own clothing designs shines more brightly in these times. It is often said that if you want to know a person, you should observe what he/she chooses, and in that sense, this purse is a meaningful choice.

Good looking wallets for men in their 40s (6)Prada Saffiano leather wallet with money clip

There are many vectors for choosing a wallet brand, and although it contradicts the beginning of this article, you can spare the time and man-hours to consider it. If you are a person who wants to choose the most popular brand, I think it is possible to “choose the brand that is most in fashion now! If you are not willing to spend the time and man-hours to consider, I think it is also possible to “choose the most popular brand of the moment! Based on data collected by fashion technology company Lyst, Prada has been crowned the hottest brand for the fourth quarter of 2023. The Prada brand we picked up was Prada Money Clip. The money clip itself is an item that only a few people use, so you can differentiate yourself from those around you, and the Saffiano leather used in many of the brand’s leather products makes it less likely to show scratches.

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Editor Mitsui
If you are primarily a card or smartphone payment person and don’t carry a bag very often, I would encourage you to consider the money clip option. Although the lack of a coin purse is a disadvantage for some people, the compactness of the money clip makes it the best choice. It is also nice to be able to put it in your pants pocket without worrying that it will look bad.

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