Four vices that inhibit becoming a good-looking man


Four vices that inhibit becoming a good-looking man

To become a good-looking man, it is important to have a good attitude and routine. On the other hand, it is also important to correct the bad habits that we usually do without thinking. In this article, we will introduce some of the bad habits that you need to stop right away in order to become a good-looking man.

(1) Accepting “You are a good-looking man” from a person who has a vested interest in you.

Don’t take seriously the “You’re a good-looking guy! from people who may gain something by praising you. If it is a subordinate in your company, “I’ll be lucky if they give me a little extra attention in my personnel evaluation! If it is a salesman from a client company, “I’ll give you a compliment as an ice-breaker,” or if it is a woman from a lounge or cabaret club, “I want to flatter you to get you a nomination,” etc. It is possible that they have an ulterior motive or just want to call you a good-looking guy without thinking about it. Of course, there may be cases in which he really means it, but in any case, you should simply say, ” Thank you! and calmly ask yourself, “Am I really getting closer to the image of the good-looking guy I am aiming for? I will concentrate on whether I am really approaching the image of the good-looking man I aspire to be.

Habit 2: “I’m just an old man.

When you are in your 40s, don’t you often unconsciously say, “I’m an old man. People around you might say, “No, no, no, Fatty, you are still young! They might say, “No, no, no, you’re still young! Or they may think you are an old man and laugh at you and say, ” No, no, no, no, no, no…” Or they might laugh at you and say, “No, no, no, no, no…. If you imagine a woman who often says, “I’m an old lady,” you can easily imagine how she feels. Anyway, it is a phrase that may make people around you feel uncomfortable, and above all, it is not good to imply to yourself that ” I = (normal) old man. I don’t think it is too much to say that it is a curse. On the other hand, no matter how much people around you think of you as a (normal) old man, if you don’t give up on yourself, the road to becoming a good-looking man will never be closed to you. Stop belittling yourself as an old man right now.

(3) Watching too many videos on Youtube, Netflix, etc.

The long-lasting self-restraint from going out due to the Corona Disaster may have led many of you to watch video content on a daily basis and for long periods of time. While it is an advantage to be able to enjoy a certain amount of fun at home without spending a lot of money, immersing oneself in this environment leads to a lack of exercise and fewer opportunities to go out on the town. When you are out of the public eye, you tend to lose the motivation to keep up appearances and body makeovers. If you want to be a good-looking guy, it is especially important to go out on the town. If you are going out on the town, you can dress yourself well, and you may find your favorite stores and good-looking clothes. Even if you are just walking around town, you may see some hot guys your age, or you may see some stunningly beautiful women. In any case, there are many good stimuli in the city to promote becoming a good-looking older man. If you want to become a good-looking man, stop watching videos and browsing social networking sites and go out on the town!

(4) Inertial drinking on a daily basis

In order to develop a nice body that is suitable for a good-looking man, the basic rule to follow is to “eat enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber on a daily basis while not overdoing the calorie intake. In many cases, athletes and bodybuilders actively consume protein and chicken breast (without the skin) as a way to avoid the calorie and fat overload of trying to get enough protein in their regular diet. Alcoholic beverages are commonly referred to as “empty calories” because they are “calorie-rich but nutritionally empty,” which inhibits the aforementioned basic stance, and, more unfortunately, studies have shown that alcohol consumption inhibits muscle hypertrophy itself. Of course, alcohol has wonderful aspects such as stress relief and facilitating communication, so it is good to drink with the clear intention of drinking when the occasion calls for it, but not by sheer inertia.

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