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Five recommended spring coats for hot 40-something men


Five recommended spring coats for hot 40-something men

It is no exaggeration to say that “whoever controls the spring coat, controls spring fashion,” the most representative of spring outerwear. So this time, the author, who is in his 40s, did his best to find the perfect coat for spring that he would like handsome men in their 40s to wear. After carefully scrutinizing the coats to see if they fit the trends and look good on middle-aged men, the author, who is now in his 40s, has carefully selected them with a strong sense of ownership.

Spring coats for the world’s good-looking men, the main battleground is the long length?

Pitti Womo and Milan Fashion Week are important events for understanding real men’s trends. Compared to previous years, the number of people wearing long coats, which have always been favored by fashion-conscious men, was conspicuous. As for the items they are actually wearing, there is a polarization between contemporary brand coats that reflect contemporary trends and authentic design coats (current & vintage) represented by Burberry and Aquascutum.

What are the key points that Japanese good-looking men and women should focus on when choosing a spring coat?

So, what kind of spring coat (spring coat) should you actually choose? We will sort out the essential points to avoid regrets.

Points for Choosing a Spring Coat (1)Compatibility with Fashion Categories & Wearability

First, it is important to clarify the categories of clothes you have on hand and the dressing categories you are aiming for, and then choose a coat with a style that does not deviate from those categories It is important to choose a coat in a style that does not deviate from those categories. If you want to wear one coat in a variety of styles, choose an authentic coat from a royal brand such as Burberry, or a coat from a brand that is not biased toward a specific style category. If you want to create a modern look, consciously choose a coat in a size or design that is slightly overfitting.

Points for choosing a spring coat (2)Connoisseur of materials that are well suited to Japan's spring climate

Cotton is the standard material for spring coats. While it is good to choose a coat made of 100% cotton, it is more comfortable to choose a coat made of a material that is suitable for wearing not only on fine days, such as the so-called spring weather, but also on gloomy, rainy days. Specifically, we recommend choosing fabrics that have been enhanced with synthetic fibers, such as 60/40 cloth (60% cotton, 40% nylon), cotton polyester, and polyester. 60/40 cloth is also used in classic trench coats, and we have discarded preconceptions that “synthetic fibers = bad” and “synthetic fibers = cheap. I think it is better to abandon preconceived notions such as “synthetic fiber=bad” or “synthetic fiber=cheap. Incidentally, polyester fibers are characterized by their resistance to mold and wrinkling, low water absorbency, and quick-drying properties, making them ideal for spring outerwear.

Points for choosing a spring coat (3)Longer lengths give a trendy look and the style required for a good-looking man

As mentioned above, the trend is toward long, knee-length to just below knee-length coats throughout the interview and observation. Of course, above-the-knee-length coats are not bad either, and if you already own one, you should make use of it with pride. However, for good-looking men in their 40s who are about to purchase a new coat, a longer-length coat is definitely the way to go. A long spring coat will not only give you a modern look, but will also raise your dignity and style, which is necessary for middle-aged men.

Key Points for Choosing a Spring Coat (4)When choosing a color, choose black, beige, navy, or olive green!

The basic strategy is to choose a basic color as a spring coat, except for those who assume that they will own many spring outerwear or have a specific color as their theme color. In addition to beige, which is the standard color for trench coats, a typical spring coat, it is wise to choose men’s standard colors such as black, navy, and olive, and wear them well.

A.P.C.'s Trench Coat

A .P.C. (A.P.C.), which originated in Paris in 1986, is a minimalist A.P.C. (A.P.C.) is a brand with a reputation for minimalist, urban, real clothes that you can’t go wrong with. We picked up a trench coat from this brand. Based on the classic trench coat design, the epaulettes on the shoulders, arm belts at the cuffs, and chin strap at the neck have been omitted, giving the coat a minimalist finish that is unique to the brand. The slightly oversized fit gives it a trendy feel, and at the same time, as shown in the styling image below, it can be worn with a street style. Incidentally, the outer fabric is made of 87% cotton and13% wool, which is a nice point for people in their 40s, as it has a slightly elegant texture. It is no exaggeration to say that this coat can be worn in all categories. It can easily be worn with street style and business suits, not to mention beautiful casual styles.

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Editor Mitsui
Burberry is the most famous trench coat, but it is now in the price range of 300,000 to 400,000 yen, which is hard to reach. A .P.C. ‘s trench coats are reasonably priced in the 100,000 yen range, and while based on the classic trench coat, they have a modern, urban design. Besides the price, there are other reasons to choose this coat ◎.

Closed Spread Collar Single Coat

Speaking of the brand “Closed (Closed)” from Germany in 1978, the 1970 It is known as a denim brand that invented the most advanced stone wash technology at that time in the 1970s, and is currently developing apparel in total. From this brand, we picked up a spread collar single coat. The brand is particular about dyeing and material selection, and the unique black ink-black color makes it a fashionable piece. The rather large patch pockets with flaps draw a straight line and accentuate the design. The tailoring of this coat is designed with a wing, so it can be worn closed to create a chic impression, which is great for adults. This coat can be worn casually or on a business occasion without feeling out of place, making it a very versatile piece of clothing.

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Editor Mitsui
The material used for this coat is 94% cotton and 6% polyurethane, which is quite stretchy. Although the coat looks linear and serious in appearance, I think it is interesting to note that it is a counterpoint to the stress-free comfort of the coat, which stretches and shrinks. This coat is also a good choice for men who don’t like the tightness of coats.

Lemaire's Twill Coat

Christophe Lemaire, who is currently the artistic director of Uniqlo U, is a popular designer known for his work at Hermès and Lacoste. We picked up a twill coat from “Lemaire,” which he started in 1992 under his own name. With a narrow collar and low gauze line, this chester coat has an elegant impression and is perfect for men in their 40s who are looking for a slim, clean, and mode style. The elegant camel color, with its strong brown tones, is also extremely tasteful.

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Editor Mitsui
By the way, if you look for a chester coat for spring, you will find surprisingly few brands that offer them and almost none can be found. The Lemaire coat we picked up this time has a French chic look as mentioned above, and although it is not a spring outerwear that goes with any outfit, we think it will be a hit with those who like this kind of style. The material is 55% polyester and 45% wool, with a texture that stands out for its luster and drape, and it will look great when fluttered in the spring breeze under the soft spring sunlight.

Rains raincoat

In Tokyo, the average precipitation in spring is about double that of winter. With the rainy season just around the corner, why not get a “Rains” raincoat that will make you look forward to the rain? Rains is a brand that originated in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012, and is known for sublimating raincoats into a fashion item, and the one we picked up this time is one of the brand’s representative pieces. The coat picked up here is one of the brand’s flagship items. It is attractive for its specifications not usually seen in raincoats, such as the winged tailoring and the fishtail. Although it is basically designed for rain, it can also be used as a regular spring coat, and adults in their 40s who wear a common raincoat will inevitably look like a “teddy-boy,” but there is no need to worry about that with this coat. Since it is a raincoat brand item, there is basically no need to worry about the brand category to match.

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Editor Mitsui
Despite its relatively short history, the Raines raincoat has the image of an item that has gained standard support among people in the fashion industry. And while they are worn on rainy and windy days, many people use them on a daily basis as light outerwear, simply because they look so cool. There are models with exposed snap buttons, but what I would recommend to men in their 40s is the above model with the winged tailoring.

Drôle de Monsieur's Hooded Coat

Pick up the “Drôle de Monsieur” hooded coat, which has been an important part of the French street scene since its launch in 2014. This is the shortest item among the spring coats introduced here, about knee-length. The outer fabric is 100% polyester, and it could be placed in the coach jacket category, but the exquisite length and dropped shoulders give it a fashionable finish that sets it apart from the ordinary jackets. How about wearing it over a T-shirt or a knit to become a good-looking guy with a fashionable but not pretentious atmosphere? Since it has a text print, we recommend wearing a simple plain or border cut-and-sewn, a knit, or a simple shirt as an inner layer. Pants can be worn with everything from jeans to slacks. If you value the design of this coat and the brand’s world view, try to match it with slightly oversized items.

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Editor Mitsui
Although it is a French brand, it dares to be based not in Paris but in Dijon, a city about 300 km away from Paris, keeping a physical and psychological distance from the fast-changing fashion scene and making its own unique proposals, which is interesting. Among men in their 40s who have experienced the emptiness of pursuing trends too much in the past, there are probably many who would agree with such a stance. By the way, “NOT FROM PARIS MADAME” printed on the left chest and back of the coat introduced here means “I’m not from Paris (but I’m hot, right?). It is an iconic message that represents the brand’s aforementioned stance. This is the perfect choice for those who want to keep their distance from trends but still have a sensitive antenna, or for those who are embarrassed by their age and want to incorporate street style but still have a taste for it.

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