Pea Coat Recommended outfits & brands for men in their 40s


Pea Coat Recommended outfits & brands for men in their 40s

The pea coat has its origins in the military uniforms of the Royal Navy and as work clothes for fishermen in Brittany, France. In addition to being a timeless classic outerwear, short-length outerwear has been attracting attention in recent years, so we hope you will consider the pea coat for your fall/winter wardrobe. In this issue, I will review the roots of the P-coat for men in their 40s, as well as introduce the author’s recommended dressing techniques and brands.

What is the origin of the pea coat?

The P coat was worn by the Royal Navy and fishermen from the end of the 19th century as winter clothing on board ships. The “P” is derived from the Dutch word “pij jekker” = “rascha (wool) jacket. The word “P” is derived from the Dutch “pij jekker” = “rascha (wool) jacket,” and the word “Pea Jaket” was born, leading to the current name “P-coat. Incidentally, it is called ” Caba ” in German.

What are the characteristics of the basic type of pea coat?

The pea coat is a masterpiece of outerwear, and in addition to classic items that retain strong original designs and details, there are many items that incorporate the essence of the pea coat but have been arranged by designers. Regardless of the item you choose, men in their 40s should select a pea coat based on their understanding of the original and basic type of pea coat. There are five points that define the classic pea coat: ” material,” “placket,” “collar,” “pockets,” and “buttons. Each of these details is a device that navy sailors and fishermen used to endure under severe climatic conditions, such as on ship bridges and decks. Incidentally, although the short length has a strong image and a lot of balls, there is also a long length model with flap pockets as shown in the image below, which is also a full-fledged P-coat.

The basic type of pea coat (1) “Heavy wool melton fabric

One of the hallmarks of the classic pea coat is the use of a wool fabric that has been woven once, shrunk, and felted to prevent cold wind from entering and to retain heat. Many of them are wool-based with nylon blends.

Basic type of pea coat (2) “Double front placket that can be buttoned up on either side of the top front.

In order to cope with strong winds blowing from all directions, the double-breasted front that can be closed on either the left or right side up is a hallmark of the classic pea coat.

Basic type of pea coat (3) “Collar designed with sound-collecting effect in mind

The P coat originated in the sailors of the European navy, and remnants of sailor details exist. The sailor collar is designed to collect sound when it is difficult to hear voices on deck due to wind, waves, and ship noise. The shape of the collar is similar to that of the Ulster collar or reefer collar, but the official name is not clear. P coats that can be worn with the large collar up can be said to employ classic specifications.

Basic type of pea coat (4) “Highly functional muff pockets

Also called hand warmer pockets, these pockets are designed primarily to keep the hands warm. A warming device for the hands made of cylindrical fur is called a muff, and the similarity in shape is what gives rise to the term “muff pockets. The classic design is a vertical cutout for comfortable hand insertion and removal.

Basic type of pea coat (5) “Anchor button

Buttons decorated with the anchor mark, which is a symbol of the Navy, is one of the features of the P Coat. This mark, known as the foul anchor on the button, has been used for 400 years. It was originally known as the mark of Lord Hard Effingham, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy at the time of the English defeat of the invincible Spanish Armada at the Battle of the Armada in 1588. In the early days, wooden materials were used, but nowadays a variety of plastic and metal buttons are used. Some of the P coats put out by the brand have original designs that reference the anchor mark.

The following is the author’s recommendation on how to wear peacoats.

Pea coat recommended for men in their 40s (1) “Marine coordinate with white pants

First of all, the pea coat is associated with navy sailors, so there is no reason why it should not go well with a marine style coordinate with a hint of salt. For your information, the marine style is described in detail in this article, so please read it if you like. The symbolic color combination is “navy and white. The pairing of a navy pea coat and white pants is a great match and has the advantage of giving a youthful and active impression. If you choose a pea coat from a brand with a meek sense of style for this kind of outfit, it tends to give the impression of being frivolous and flirtatious at an old age.

Editor Mitsui
If you are looking for authentic design peacoats other than military vintage, FIDELITY, Schott, and BUZZ RICKSON’S have a lot to offer. Incidentally, as for FIDELITY, it has been planned and manufactured by San Marino since 2021, and the items under 30,000 yen are made in China, while the special order items in the 60,000 and 70,000 yen range seem to be manufactured in the U.S.A. [/speaker bubble

Pea coat recommended for men in their 40s (2) “Choose gold metal buttons if you want to create a slightly rich and glamorous atmosphere.

Men in their 40s, who are starting to gradually wither away in terms of age, are more likely to dress well if they have some richness, a moderately glitzy feel, or a slightly elevated look, even if the overall coordination is simple. In such cases, we recommend the gold-buttoned P coats.

Editor Mitsui
If you don’t find a metal button type peacoat that you like, you can buy buttons to replace them. It is a good idea to measure the diameter of the buttons originally attached to the pea coat and look for buttons of a size close to that. You can buy many buttons on the Internet by searching for ” metal button ◯◯mm. If you are not comfortable with gold metal buttons, we recommend you to choose less flashy ones such as gunmetal or silver.

Pea coat for men in their 40s: “Use similar colors such as blue and navy to create an energetic and stylish impression.

I would like to suggest an outfit with blue or navy tops and bottoms to match the navy pea coat. Navy and blue are among the standard colors in men’s fashion that make men look young and energetic. By incorporating these colors throughout the body, you can not only create a sense of solidity and uniformity, but also reduce the “tired” look that comes with age and improve your impression.

Editor Mitsui
Many men in their late thirties or so may feel that their faces start to show signs of fatigue when they have had a series of dinners and are a little sleep-deprived. This tendency increases with age, so we should gradually consider clothes with bright colors and cheerful tones that counteract this trend. That said, the psychological hurdle to adopting orange, yellow, red, etc. is also great. For such people, we recommend navy and blue as a good place to start. Since they are the standard colors for men’s wear, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Pea coat for men in their 40s (3) “Match it with green work pants, and take on the stylish “navy and green” look that fashionable men are known for.

The “navy and green” color combination is often used by fashion industry people attending Pitti Womo. While bright greens that are close to the primary colors are good, olive green, moss green, and other slightly duller colors are just right for men in their 40s to wear. This color combination stands out even more when a navy knit or cut and sewn top is worn inside the pea coat.

Editor Mitsui
The man in the snap above is wearing navy sneakers, but if you don’t have navy sneakers, you can wear white sneakers and a white T-shirt under the top sweater to show a glimpse of white from the hem or neck. This is a small trick to make sure that only the color of the sneakers does not stand out in a strange way.

Pea coat for men in their 40s: “A clean and fresh look with a large amount of white.

I would like to recommend styling with a navy pea coat, white T-shirt, and white cotton pants with plenty of white. Men’s outfits in fall and winter tend to be dominated by dark colors. By boldly incorporating white, a fresh and clean impression will stand out, and you are sure to stand out in a good way on the street. Another key to this outfit is the inclusion of a navy cardigan. By adding a navy cardigan, the white T and white pants, a combination that might seem a bit overdone, are successfully linked together to create a good-looking style.

Editor Mitsui
This is truly a clean, good-looking man, a clever outfit that is very helpful for us 40-something men. One point I would mention is the brown suede shoes on the feet, but this appears to be the only place where brown is used. I would coordinate the shoes by hanging a brown mesh belt so that it is visible, or by incorporating brown-framed sunglasses and a brown bag so that the shoes do not stand out. I personally think that with brown hair, using a single brown item may not look so strange, but with dark hair, you should be careful with a single brown item because it tends to float.

Peacoat: Recommended Outfit for Men in Their 40s (5) “Incorporate a navy knit hat to prevent your hair color from getting in the way of your coordination.”

As mentioned above, paying attention to one’s hair color can pave the way to a sophisticated outfit. From this perspective, a knit cap that can completely cover one’s hair is worth considering incorporating. In the case of the man below, we can imagine from his beard that he has dark brown hair mixed with gray, so it would be a good idea to choose a black knit cap to match his shoes.

Editor Mitsui
Hair color is an often overlooked element in fashion coordination. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that by being conscious of this area, you can achieve a sense of fashion that is one step above your surroundings. Unfortunately for me personally, I have a square-shaped face and knit caps don’t suit me well (tears). I always include black items in my coordination to match my natural black hair.

Peacoat: Recommended for men in their 40s (6) “Basically, in business situations, it is safe to choose dresswear brand items that are longer in length if you are considering using them on and off the job.”

Most pea coats are short in length and give a strong casual impression, so it is basically out of theory to match them with business attire, but if you do, it is better to choose a design with a longer length. If you tend to dress in a dressier or more classic style on your days off, or if you are planning to commute to work, it would be even better to choose a dresswear brand that incorporates only a part of the pea coat’s design. If you are looking for a double coat that can be used in any business style, you can choose a so-called polo coat, an Ulster coat, etc.

Editor Mitsui
The peacoat has a strong image of school uniform in Japan, and I personally do not recommend matching a peacoat with a business suit. If a businessman is going to wear it with a suit and look good, I think it is a prerequisite to ensure that the suit, shoes, shirt, tie, etc., are all well and truly fashionable. Be careful not to be a tchotchke-boy.

The author recommends five pea coats for men in their 40s!

(1) For authentic-minded men in their 40s, I recommend the ” FIDELITY pea coat.

If you are looking for an authentic P coat with classic design and details, “FIDELITY (Fidelity)” should always be a candidate for comparison. It is a long-established outerwear manufacturer established in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., and is a brand known for having delivered pea coats made of wool melton fabric to the U.S. Navy. The special-order items in the 60,000- and 70,000-yen range seem to be made in the U.S.

Try to find a FIDELITY coat

Editor Mitsui
The original classic design of peacoat is good, but personally, I am quite interested in this peacoat designed in oversize by Fidelity, which looks modern and wearable. Plus, I like that it is made in the USA. I am looking for another coat to compare, but if I can’t find one, I will buy it. The image below is an image of what I will be wearing.

Take a look at the author’s first coat.

(2) “GLOVERALL’s Churchill Peacoat for men in their 40s

Men in their 40s may have admired GLOVERALL’s duffle coats at least once in their youth. The story of GLOVERALL, which was founded in 1951 in the U.K. on behalf of the British Ministry of Defense to sell Royal Navy duffle coats and gloves that were no longer needed after the end of World War II, should be kept in mind as the brand later began producing its own duffle coats and rose to its current position. Although GLOVERALL’s duffle coats are too famous to be well known, the brand actually offers pea coats as well. Its name is “Churchill Peacoat. The material used is 100% English melton wool, which is also good.

Try to find a GLOVERALL coat

(3) “Mackintosh’s ‘Dalton'” for gentlemen in their 40s who seek a design that can be worn both on and off the job and a premium feel.

Most pea coats are not suitable for business use, but “Dalton” by Mackintosh, a long-established brand born in England in 1823, perfectly meets the needs of men who want a pea coat that can be used both on and off duty. Most of the pea coats on the market are “Dalton”. Most pea coats on the market are blended with synthetic fibers, but this one is made of premium natural fibers ( 90% wool , 10% cashmere), making it perfect for men in their 40s who are looking for a sense of class. The classic Ulster collar and slightly longer length make it look great with a suit.

Look for Mackintosh’s Dalton

(4) For men in their 40s who are excited by the “design twist” that only those who know what they are talking about, we recommend the “MM6 Maison Margiela Pea Coat.

MM6″ is a brand that was born in 1997 when Maison Margiela’s “Line 6 (women’s wear)” became independent. Originally, the brand only offered women’s wear, but in 2022, it began offering long-awaited men’s items as well, and is gaining popularity. At first glance, this coat appears to be a basic pea coat, but the notched lapel is clearly adopted to give it a unique finish. To those who do not have the basic knowledge of pea coats that we reviewed at the beginning of this article, it looks like an ordinary pea coat, but to those who know what they are talking about, it is an item that will make you say, “What the heck is this? It is an item that makes those who know what they are talking about say, “What the heck is this?

Check out the MM6 Maison Margiela pea coat

(5) The Golden Goose pea coat is recommended for the good-looking men in their 40s who look good with gold buttons.

I looked for a pea coat with gold buttons in stores and online sites, but could find few that I thought were good-looking. Golden Goose is famous for its sneakers, but in fact, it is also active in the apparel business. The stylish sensibility of the Italian brand makes this coat perfect for the highly sensitive, good-looking man.

See the details of Golden Goose’s pea coat.

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