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4 Obligations that must be fulfilled to become a good-looking man


4 Obligations that must be fulfilled to become a good-looking man

It is not bad to become an ordinary old man as you get older, but you want to become a good-looking old man anyway. The following is an introduction to the points that must be cleared up before getting the right clothes and accessories, including the author’s personal experiences.

Obligations of a good-looking man (1) “Be particular about hair care, hair sets, and measures to prevent thinning hair.

As we age, problems that must be solved in order to maintain a good-looking hairstyle appear, such as reduced hair volume, noticeable gray hair, and dry hair. It is recommended that you review the shampoos, treatments, and hair styling products that you have been using out of sheer inertia. If you are concerned about sparse gray hairs and find it troublesome to regularly use so-called gray hair dye, you can use a gray hair dye shampoo during daily hair washing to cover gray hairs easily and naturally. If your job allows it, you can even use a white mesh to make the gray hairs less noticeable. Incidentally, dry hair can be caused by a lack of protein. This can be solved by taking measures from the inside by actively consuming meat, fish, and legumes. If you are unable to consume sufficient protein in your diet due to a thinning appetite as you age, it is also effective to consume protein drinks as a supplement. Also, as thinning hair progresses, the range of hairstyles that can be created may become limited, so I personally recommend early AGA treatment before the hair follicles completely die off.

Editor Mitsui
I have been concerned about hair loss when washing my hair since I turned 40, and Success foam shampoo is the solution to this problem from the beginning. I used to foam my hair, which added extra friction and caused more hair loss, but since I started using this shampoo, I have noticed less hair loss when washing my hair. The advantage of this product is that it has a high cleaning power since it is developed for men who use a large amount of styling products when setting their hair. As for the dryness, a small amount (1.5 pushes) of LIPPS hair oil on the ends of my hair at the beginning of styling eliminates a lot of the dryness.

Obligation of a good-looking man (2) “Get beautiful white teeth and a clean set of teeth.”

It is often said that “a celebrity’s teeth are his life,” and having a good set of teeth and white teeth is very effective in imparting a sense of cleanliness and status. On the other hand, no matter how well dressed you are, if your teeth are misaligned or yellowed, it will ruin your look. In the West, ” obesity” and ” dirty teeth” are often seen as evidence of a lack of self-control, and it is common to receive a negative evaluation at company interviews and on dates. Orthodontic treatment has become quite popular in Japan due in part to the spread of easy and unobtrusive mouthpiece orthodontic techniques such as Invisalign. In addition, whitening salons and home whitening services that can be done at home are on the rise, making it easier to obtain whiter teeth. It would not be an exaggeration to say that orthodontic treatment and regular whitening are essential if one wants to become a good-looking older man. Don’t give up and say, “I’m too old to get teeth whitening now…” I hope that you will take action as soon as possible.

Editor Mitsui
I myself did mouthpiece orthodontics two years ago, and every day I get more and more compliments on my teeth, and I am glad I made the investment. One of the best things about mouthpiece braces is that you can do home whitening while wearing braces by placing a whitening liquid inside the mouthpiece. While it may take more frequent whitening sessions than in-office whitening, the advantage is that the whitening effect lasts longer.

Obligation of a good-looking man (3) “Daily muscle training and a healthy diet for a body of steel.

For a long time in Japan and other Asian countries, there has been a trend toward the popularity of thin, neutral-looking men like Japanese idols. The Corona disaster triggered an unprecedented muscle training boom, and the picture has changed drastically. The number of 24-hour gyms and personal gyms has also increased, and the barriers to muscle training have dropped dramatically. In addition, most of the male actors who play the leading roles in Korean dramas, which are currently causing a boom, have macho bodies and look great in suits and T-shirts, and women’s attitudes have changed considerably to ” muscle = cool. Of course, there are still a certain percentage of women who prefer men who look like idols with lanky physiques, but it would be a bad idea for older men to aim for that. Muscle training increases basal metabolism and prevents obesity, and it also promotes the secretion of testosterone, which leads to a fearless appearance.

Editor Mitsui
I feel that the joy of gradually changing my body through training is something that is hard to replace. Furthermore, the desire to “maximize the effects of my strength training” has led me to eat well, get enough sleep, and refrain from eating out and drinking alcohol unnecessarily. As a result, they are now able to spend their days in a healthy and active manner. By the way, many of the male models who appear in our medium OTOKOMAE seem to go to the gym at least three times a week or more.

Obligation of a good-looking man (4) “Obsession with beautiful skin and a healthy glow.”

The time has come for men to have beautiful skin as a matter of course. As we age, we are more prone to open pores, blemishes, wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, and lines, which is a hard mode for older men. In addition to putting effort into daily skin care, we should also prevent photoaging of the skin by applying sunscreen on a daily basis. For beginners, we recommend BB cream, which serves both as a sunscreen and a cosmetic cover-up, and can be easily removed with a cleanser. Protein is also effective here if you want to achieve beautiful skin. Dr. Motoharu Hojo, a plastic surgeon and specialist in skin renewal medicine, says, “Protein is more cost-effective than expensive collagen supplements and drinks, which are known to be good for the skin, and equally effective. Dr. Motoji Hojo provides a detailed explanation of the benefits of protein. For a detailed explanation by Dr. Motoharu Hojo, please watch the video here.

Editor Mitsui
I am of the generation where gal dudes were popular when I was a teenager, so when I was younger I went to tanning salons with guns. now that I am over 40, I am starting to see spots and a sense that my pores are opening up more easily. To prevent them from getting worse, I upgrade my daily skincare routine with IPSA’s The Time R Aqua andIPSA’s ME, and I use UNO’s BB cream on a daily basis for both sun protection and skin coverage. I also feel that my pores have improved since going to the sauna at least twice a week and soaking my face in a water bath. I also tried a cosmetic dermapen treatment about 6 times, but the sauna gave me a better experience than the dermapen in terms of making my pore openings less noticeable.

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