Rider’s jacket for men in their 40s: tips on how to dress and personal views to convey.


Rider's jacket for men in their 40s: tips on how to dress and personal views to convey.

The rider’s jacket is a permanent staple of men’s clothing. What kind of riders’ jackets should men over 40 choose and how should they coordinate them if they want to look good for their age? In this issue, I will introduce my personal opinion and fashion snaps taken by the editorial department for reference as an example of how to dress for men over 40.

Personal Opinion on Selecting a Rider’s Jacket] Men in their 40s and older should pick up a “real rider’s jacket” and hone their eye for selection!

Riders’ jackets are a staple item of clothing, and are available in a wide range of styles, from luxury items from hardcore and luxury brands such as Lewis Leather to low-priced items from fast-fashion brands. In addition, there are also brands that tend to be dismissed by fashion lovers of the monosyllabic type, such as brands that are completely unknown overseas even though they are foreign brands, but are recognized as popular foreign brands in Japan, and sell well despite their fairly high prices.
It is only my opinion, but as for the riders’ jackets, I think that it is a category that should be strongly conscious of (and if possible, should obtain) genuine goods. For example, ” Lightning ” and ” Cyclone ” by Lewis Leathers, ” New Manila ” by James Groce, “Model B” by Vanson Leathers, and “Model B” by Vanson Leathers. The classic models such as Lewis Leathers’ “Lightning” and “Cyclone,” James Growth’s “New Manila,” Vanson Leathers’ ” Model B,” and Schott’sOne Star” are expensive, but they are absolute classics, and should be strong candidates. If you are on a tight budget, I personally recommend that you wait until you have enough money to save up, or look for a second-hand model of a classic in good condition.

Lewis Leathers Lightning


The author purchased a Lewis Leathers Lightning about 10 years ago and still feels that it will definitely last a lifetime. Lewis Leathers Tokyo, located on Ton-chan Street in Uraharajuku, boasts one of the best selection of leathers in the world, so if you have a chance, please visit the store. <Click here for a Google map of Lewis Leathers Tokyo>.



Editor Mitsui
Of course, there are high-end brands with an established reputation for riders’ jackets, such as Saint Laurent, and some of the most popular leather jacket manufacturers in Japan, but it can be said that many of the models that have gained a certain level of popularity are strongly influenced by the real thing. Whatever kind of riders’ jacket you purchase, we recommend that you take a look at a classic model of Lewis Leathers or James Groth’s riders’ jacket at least once and use it as a standard to develop your eye for riders’ jackets, including the basic type of design, the quality of leather, the quality of sewing, and the acceptability of the price!



Editor Mitsui
It’s one thing to accumulate knowledge about how leather is tanned, but I think the best thing to do is to get in touch with the real thing. I would like to say, “Shut up and go to the main Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant before you go to all the sushi restaurants that you have researched so hard on the Tokyo Calendar or the food logs! Then we’ll talk about it! I remember being instructed passionately by a gourmet friend of mine. I sincerely hope that each of you will be able to find a rider’s jacket that you will be satisfied with, as it is often a very expensive purchase.



The three key points of wearing leather jackets for men in their 40s are “maturity,” “cleanliness” and “sophistication!

Of course, the hard-core biker style and the American casual style are well-established styles, so if you like those styles, by all means, go that way. If men in their 40s want to wear riders’ jackets in a stylish way in a different direction, the key points are ” combining with beautiful wear that leads to a ‘mature look’ ” and “incorporating white items that lead to a ‘clean & youthful’ look. and ” amodest number of colors” that leads to “sophistication. The following are examples of outfits that meet these requirements.

The model of how to wear leather jackets for men in their 40s: 1) “If you have a slim figure, you look good wearing single riders in a slim silhouette.”

After all, the advantage of a single rider’s jacket is its minimalist and sleek look. They look great on tall, slim men, like the man in the snapshot below. The way the double zipper is opened, which gives the jacket a cozy look, is also helpful. On the feet, a pair of white sneakers in a very minimal coat style completes the classy style.

Model of how to wear a leather jacket for men in their 40s (2) “Double-zip is recommended for a stout figure. Add a clean-cut item to alleviate the crazy look.”

A man with a stout body type wears a double rider’s jacket in a coquettish way. While this is a very acceptable style, when you are in your 40s, it is important to keep in mind the art of controlling the impression by moderating the awkwardness of the jacket. The man in the snapshot below is over 190 cm tall, with a full barber haircut and beard, but the combination of a blue stole, slacks, and leather shoes reduces the sense of coquettishness.

Leather jacket for men in their 40s: “Drawcord pants and sneakers for a youthful sports-mix style

The combination of a rider’s jacket and a white T-shirt is a royal roadmap and definitely a good match. The man in the snapshot below matched there with gray pants with a drawcord and leather sneakers. This completes an active and youthful sports mix style, and for men in their 40s and older, a “sports taste awareness” is an effective way to create a fresh look.

Leather jacket for men in their 40s: “A dress-like style that changes a tailored jacket to a rider’s jacket to create a good-looking older man’s look.

If you want to create a European-style good-looking man look, how about wearing a riders’ jacket with dress-like items such as slacks, tassel loafers, and high-gauge knitwear? This is just like wearing a tailored jacket with a rider’s jacket instead of a tailored jacket. By choosing blue-colored items, the coolness is slightly reduced and the impression of elegance is enhanced.

Leather jacket for men in their 40s: “Match it with a thick turtleneck sweater for midwinter!

When you purchase an expensive rider’s jacket, you want to use it for as long a season as possible. In such a case, we would like you to refer to the combination of thick turtleneck knitwear. When purchasing a riders jacket, it is recommended to make sure that there is enough room to put on a thick knit if possible.

Leather jackets for men in their 40s (6): “If you want to pursue an austere look, you can go for an all-black coordinate. If you want to add a touch of sophistication, show off a little white.

If you want to create an austere look that only an adult can achieve, go all out with an all-black look. For an even sexier look, use pomade or grease to give the hair a wet texture. If you feel that all-black is too heavy, try adding a bright accent color, such as a white inner T-shirt worn at the hem or around the neck.

Model 7: “If you want to create a classy and gentle look, dress shirts ✖️ knitwear and the incorporation of glasses are effective.

If you are a man whose atmosphere is a little scary and intimidating, you may sometimes want to create an image of gentleness. In such cases, the technique of layering a crew-neck knit over a dress shirt, which is sometimes used by the famous actor Daniel Craig, is effective. In addition, by adding a pair of glasses, the impression of gentleness and refinement is enhanced.

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