These are the “active slacks”! Stretchable 360°, washable, and stylish.


These are the "active slacks"! Stretchable 360°, washable, and stylish.

A new line of slacks with active wearable elements that will overturn the image of conventional slacks! These slacks, which can be used for everything from street wear to golf, may be a necessity for the modern gentleman!

Slacks with multiple functions GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ ” LIBRA ACTIVE!”

Slacks are synonymous with pants that can be worn with elegance. They are attractive in that they can make any outfit look beautiful, whether you are wearing them with a neat jacket or with a casual top to give it a classy appeal. LIBRA ACTIVE!” was created by tuning such slacks so that they can be worn more actively. The beautiful silhouette of the slacks is maintained, and the high-density SOLOTEX®︎ calzé fabric provides multifunctional properties such as “360° stretch,” “washability,” “wrinkle resistance,” and “form stability.

Knit blouson 148,500 yen, knitwear 24,200 yen GRAND SASSO (S.D.I.), other personal effects of stylist

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The “SOLOTEX®︎ fabric of high-density karze” is both multifunctional and luxurious!

The SOLOTEX®︎ yarn is woven into a high-density karuse weave, which not only realizes the multi-functions described above, but also has a luxurious look with clear ridges and a glossy sheen. It can create a moderately sporty mood in an adult’s dressing.

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Sewing is done by a factory specializing in slacks! That’s why they look so smart with leather shoes!

This work is manufactured by a factory specializing in slacks. While the material is sporty, the dressy look of the slacks is maintained, so they can be worn with sneakers or even with elegant leather shoes. As you can see, the sport-mix look, which has been attracting attention as a trend, is also highly finished.

Effector sunglasses JPY 30,800 (Optical Tailor Cradle Aoyama 03-6418-0577 ) Bell & Ross watch JPY 478,500 (Bell & Ross Ginza Boutique 03-6264-3989) Paraboot shoes JPY 84,700 (Paraboot Aoyama 03-5766-6688 )

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The waist belt has a subtle “easy on” design!

The waist belt is inconspicuously located with a shirring design that enhances elasticity. This reduces the sense of pressure when worn, allowing the wearer to continue wearing the garment in comfort. The belt comes with loops, so if you want to hide the shirring, simply wrap the belt around it.

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LIBRA ACTIVE” is available in three colors! Check the official store for details!

Libra Active is available in three colors: ” black,” “navy,” and “olive. All colors are chic and easy to use, and can be easily matched with any top. The hems are finished, so they can be worn immediately after purchase and delivery. If you are interested, please check out the product page on the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store for details!

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