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The 7 Basic Attitudes Required for Men’s Fashion in Alafova


The 7 Basic Attitudes Required for Men's Fashion in Alafova

This article introduces the stance that men in their alapahs need to understand in order to achieve a stylish style. For specific recommended items, etc., please read the article ” Men’s Spring Codes for Men in Their 40s [ What spring clothes do good-looking men need and how to dress for them? Please read this article as well.

Basic Attitude toward Men's Fashion by Alafor Men (1)

If you are a man of the Alafor generation, you should have a value standard (based on your many past shopping mistakes!?) to help you decide what clothes and accessories to buy. In judging what clothes and accessories to buy, men of the age of around 40 are required to have a value standard that only experienced adults can have. Consider, for example, the purchase of a navy blazer. A navy blazer is a timeless item that can be used regardless of trends and can be the star of a coordinated outfit. It can be worn for work or worn over a T-shirt for a quick meal in private. And compared to T-shirts, shirts, slacks, etc., they are less prone to damage through wear. For items such as navy blazers, even if you have to spend a little more, the return on investment is high. It is also a good idea to invest in a luxury watch or high-end accessories, as they are durable and will last forever.

When spending money on clothing, consider such questions as “Is it a transient trend item or not? I want you to take a stance of investing in what you should invest in and not spending a single yen on what you should not invest in. However, if you judge every item by its cost, you will lose the sense of class appropriate for your age and become “just an old man in cheap clothes. It is important to take the stance of making bold investments in things that should be invested in, within the limits of your budget.

Editor Mitsui
This may sound a bit off topic, but when it comes to outlets and sales, the discount rate from the regular price is attractive. However, have you ever had the experience of buying something but not wearing it much and ending up in the fodder of your closet? If you meet the aforementioned investment criteria, I think you can make a good purchase as a result by making a habit of buying generously even regular-priced items with zero discount. As for outlets, there are outlet-only products that are designed and manufactured at a lower cost and of lower quality than regular products, and high-brand items are often out of model or in unusual colors and sizes, so you need to be very discerning in selecting the best items. If you focus your attention on the scrutiny of performance in terms of cosmetics, I think you will be able to make a purchase with little regret.

Basic Attitude Toward Men's Fashion for the Aara-For Men (2)Incorporate at least one dress item!

For the Aara-For men of the middle generation, elements such as ” maturity ” and ” class ” appropriate for their age are essential in order to be considered a good-looking older man. So-called dress items are effective in producing these qualities. By adding at least one item such as a chester coat, tailored jacket, slacks, and leather shoes, one can create a “mature” and “calm and elegant” look. Take, for example, the outfit below. The sweatshirt hoodie is a very casual item, but the Chester coat gives it a childlike look. Although it depends on how often they are used and how well they are cared for, coats, jackets, and leather shoes are in a category that does not require much wear and tear, and if you choose a basic design, you can wear them over and over again for years to come, so it is a good idea to allocate a larger budget for their purchase.

Editor Mitsui
Although it is largely a matter of personal preference, I believe that using too many dress items in your off-duty dressing can also add to your uncle-like appearance. Furthermore, as an old man, you can wear dress clothes all over your body as much as you want, so if you are an old man who still has some of your youth(?!) left, you should definitely wear dress clothes. If you are an old man and still have a little bit of youth left in you, I would like you to try a “dressage” style that incorporates some casual wear, rather than full-body dress wear. On the other hand, if you are in your 40’s, you may want to avoid wearing street style such as jerseys and sweatshirts, as they tend to make you look like an old man who does not care about fashion unless you have a suitable lifestyle (such as being a hip-hop DJ), hairstyle, and atmosphere. It may be best to avoid it.

Basic Attitude toward Men's Fashion for A-la-For Men (3)Keep the colors of the items you coordinate to

Many A-la-For men may have experienced mistakes in their work and personal relationships, where the phrase ” too much of a good thing ” comes to mind. In fashion, in particular, excessive use of colors and patterns is a no-no. In particular, it is a good rule of thumb to limit the number of colors to “three or less. It is easy to follow the theory of dressing in basic men’s colors such as black, navy, and gray if you choose clothes based on these colors and add them to your wardrobe. White” is the most popular color for T-shirts, innerwear, and sneakers. If you want to use a pattern, keep it to “3 colors + 1 pattern or less ” to avoid mistakes.

Editor Mitsui
When adding color, I personally recommend that you also consider the color of your watch and accessories. I usually prefer to use a watch with a green dial, so my sunglasses are green in color, and when adding color to my clothing, I basically use green as a basic color scheme. When I use other colors such as blue or red, I do not wear a green watch.

Basic Attitude toward Men's Fashion by Alafor (4)Keep up with the latest fashion trends!

Alafor is the generation that read fashion magazines in their youth. Street magazines such as “Boon,” “Street Jack,” and “COOL TRANS,” “MEN’S NON-NO,” which was strong in the fashion field at the time, “Tokyo Street News,” which featured super high school students, gyaru-men, and surfers as reader models, “BOYS RUSH,” and “COOL TRANS. I also miss the clear categorization of fashion styles into B-BOY, Urahara, Gyaru-o/Brother, Surf/Skater, etc. “Fashion was really interesting in those days. Many people in the fashion industry in their 40s say, “Those were the days when fashion was really interesting.

Because we spent our youth in an era when fashion was interesting, we are aware that the imprint of those days tends to remain strong, and it is good to keep abreast of current trends. It is a good idea to try to keep up with current trends. It is also important to understand that although phrases such as “vintage clothing style” and “skater style” are the same, the groove is completely different between then and now. To get a concrete grasp of current trends, follow official Instagram accounts where you can see the latest fashion snaps taken by OTOKOMAE editors in Italy and around the world, follow the personal accounts of men in their 40s whom you would like to emulate, and visit Omotesando and Isetan Men’s Building. or visit spots where fashion-conscious men gather, such as Omotesando and Isetan Men’s Building, to observe fashionable men. In addition to men in your own age group, you should also include young men in their teens and twenties, so that you can keep track of trends in the city. There is no such thing as an instant grasp of fashion trends; it is necessary to cultivate a steady eye on a regular basis.

Editor Mitsui
By the way, I don’t recommend that you search for ” arafah men’s fashion” or similar terms to gather information. It is my personal opinion that most of the information is far from the trend, and even before that, you will find articles that introduce unattractive styles as if they are the right answer. For example, they can go as far as they want to, such as “40-somethings can look sophisticated by choosing slimmer items,” and then they recommend skinny pants and tight-fitting tailored jackets that are, to be honest, out of date. I hope that people will not be swayed by information that preys on those who are ambitious about their own clothes.

Basic Attitude toward Men's Fashion for Alafor (5)Middle Generation should train their bodies to become good-looking older men who are on the right track!

A good looking body is important in dressing well. No matter how expensive and good-looking the clothes are, they will be ruined if worn by an old man with a sloppy body and a protruding lower belly. It is no exaggeration to say that a good diet and muscle training are essential for men in their 40s, who are prone to obesity and loss of muscle mass. Recently, there have been a great number of cases, especially among men who were originally good-looking and jovial, who have started muscle training as they enter middle age. Muscle training is one of the most effective ways for middle-aged men to combat the deterioration of their appearance due to aging. For middle-aged men, whose appearance tends to decline steadily, the fact that they can improve their physical appearance through hard work makes it worth their while. Muscle training has many advantages for middle-aged men, such as “a body that looks good in clothes” and “beautiful skin,” as well as “improved non-verbal communication” and “increased vitality through the secretion of testosterone. For more information on the specific benefits of muscle training, please refer to ” What are the 5 specific changes that muscle training brings to men? [ The truth as experienced by practitioners ],” so if you have not read this article, please do so.

Also, I would like to add that “muscle training is maniacal and rootless,” and “macho is unattractive, right?” I would like to urge men who have an image of “muscle training is maniacal and dark,” or “macho is unattractive,” to change their perceptions. With the emergence of handsome fizikas such as Edward Kato and the Summer Style Awards hosted by Ken Kaneko, the shadowy and cliched image of muscle training has been overturned and replaced with an easy-to-understand, fashionable, and good-looking image. The fact that handsome actors who play the leading roles in trendy Korean dramas are almost without exception thin and macho has also increased women’s appreciation of muscles. It is no exaggeration to say that macho, which in the past was sometimes the subject of ridicule on TV, has now become an object of admiration for men and women of all ages. In addition to Nakayakimakin, bodybuilders at the forefront of the muscle industry such as Jurassic Onizawa have joined Youtube, making it easy to learn authentic know-how about muscles, so please check it out.

Basic Attitude toward Men's Fashion for Alafor (6)Properly understand the modern beauty standards and resist skin deterioration!

There is no doubt that when it comes to fashion, clothes, accessories, and hair are important, but let’s not forget that skin is even more important. Many men in Alafor experience significant changes in their bodies and skin. As they age, the skin turnover cycle lengthens and they begin to notice wrinkles, spots, and sagging skin. Incidentally, while the average turnover cycle in one’s 20s is about 28 days, it is said to be a 45-day cycle in one’s 40s. In particular, if you are a man who subscribed to “BOYS RUSH,” “men’s egg,” or “Fine” as mentioned in the aforementioned section, there are many cases in which the damage caused by frequenting tanning salons in your youth is now showing itself. We should be aware of the fact that ” if arafrican men make no effort, a steep downhill slope awaits them.”

It is also necessary to understand the changes in the sense of beauty required of men. For example, when we were young, there was only a common understanding that “clean male skin = no pimples” and that “tanned skin = manly and good looking” was a relatively common perception. Men are also willing to wear sunscreen, men’s makeup, and even parasols. Men’s make-up and beard removal are now considered etiquette, and even cosmetic treatments are commonplace. As described above, the level of beauty consciousness required of men has risen to another dimension. Let’s make an effort to keep our skin as beautiful as possible.

Basic Stance on Men's Fashion for Alafor Men (7)

So far, we have discussed the importance of understanding dressing theories, grasping fashion trends, body building and skin care, etc. But what about worrying only about your appearance when you are in Alafor?” What’s important is what’s on the inside.” “Men who only care about how they look are frivolous,” many of you may be thinking. As the author of this article, who is in the age of 40, if I am asked whether I myself do not have similar thoughts, it is true that I do. The phrase I keep in a corner of my mind is ” appearance is the outermost part of the inner self. This is a line from the book ” The Conclusion of Life ” written by the late Kazuo Koike, a writer of original manga, novels, screenplays, and lyrics. Actually, the original author’s intention was to focus on facial expressions and behavior rather than beauty or ugliness, but I believe that the clothes we choose, the watches we wear, the shoes we wear, the way we dress, our hair, and the condition of our skin also reflect the inner self we have cultivated over the past 40 years. A person who has disciplined himself or herself without laziness should have no unnecessary flab on his or her body, a thoughtful person should be able to explain why he or she chose that watch, a person who is considerate of others and has an objective viewpoint should dress cleanly, and a person who has refined his or her sense of style should have a sophisticated coordination. The coordination of people who have refined their sense of style should be sophisticated. On the other hand, it could be said that if one aims for such an appearance and choice, one’s inner self will naturally catch up with one’s outer self. In this light, I hope that you will greedily search for your own style, reflecting the experience and tastes you have cultivated over the past 40 years.

Kazuo Koike Conclusion of life Outward appearance is the outermost part of the inner life

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