Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion for Men in their 40s [ Basic Attitudes, Trends, and Dressing Cases & Tips Explained in Essentials ].


Men's Fall/Winter Fashion for Men in their 40s [ Basic Attitudes, Trends, and Dressing Cases & Tips Explained in Essentials ].

This section introduces the basic stance necessary for men in their 40s to dress well, trends and trendy items for fall/winter 2023/24, and specific examples that can serve as a model of how to dress. “What should I do about fashion this fall/winter? We hope this article will be of help to men in their 40s who read this article with that in mind.

The key to fall/winter fashion for men in their 40s lies in ” pursuit of age-appropriate good looks ” and ” consciously breaking away from the fashions of your youth “?

I, as a person in charge of this issue, place importance on the following two points when considering fall/winter fashion and outfits for men in their 40s: “Aim to dress in a way that is appropriate for your age” and “Break free from unconscious attachment to youthful trends, understand the current trends, and incorporate them skillfully.
What does it mean to be age-appropriate? It does not mean, of course, that “old men should dress like old men. I think it is important to be an adult, and to select and wear things that suit you based on an objective understanding of your own body shape and character, and to scrutinize clothing manufacturers and brands.

For men, interest in clothes often peaks in their late teens to mid-twenties and then slowly declines. (OTOKOMAE readers may be an exception.) Whether it is clothing or hairstyles, there is always a danger of unconsciously following the trends of one’s youth and forming a style with an outdated sensibility. The older you get, the more you should regularly go out to Fashion City to observe people on the streets, look at the latest street snaps from overseas that we have taken on OTOKOMAE’s Instagram, and read this article, other articles in OTOKOMAE, and articles in other fashion magazines. We hope that you will increase your awareness of catching up with fashion on a regular basis.

Autumn and Winter fashion for men in their 40s should also place importance on ” body building” and “skin care

This is slightly off-topic since the theme of this article is fall/winter fashion for men in their 40s, but body-building is just as important as clothing choice and how to dress in order to stay looking good in your 40s. In particular, working out your muscles at the gym or through your favorite sport will not only get you in shape, but will also reduce the decline in testosterone levels due to aging and make you look fearless, which makes it easier to look good in your coats. Don’t let your guard down just because it is fall/winter when your body is not exposed, but make sure to eat healthy, sleep well, and work out regularly.

Editor Mitsui
Skin care is also important. Learn the right knowledge and continue to take care of your skin in a way that suits you. Also, many men in their 40s may not be comfortable with wearing a lot of makeup, but why not try using BB cream just when you meet people outside? Not only can it cover pores, blemishes, and blue beards to a natural extent, but it can also protect you from sunburn, so it will be effective in keeping you young in the future. Uno’s Face Color Creator series, available at most convenience stores, drugstores, and even mail order sites such as Amazon, is cosmetically pleasing and a first choice. No makeup remover is needed and can be easily removed with a facial cleanser. We do not recommend the use of this product for people with sensitive or unfavorable skin.

Autumn and winter fashion for men in their 40s: 1) “Incorporate short-length outerwear and blousons, which are becoming mainstream.

The momentum of long coats and other long-length outerwear has subsided considerably, and short-length outerwear is the current trend. In addition to short down jackets, look out for single-collared riders’ jackets, Babur spay and derby jackets, MA-1s, and denim jackets. Rather than the tight-fitting Moncler down jackets that were popular a decade ago, the current mood is to wear them with a slightly looser or looser fit, as if you were throwing them on.

Editor Mitsui
This is not to say that long coats are a no-no, so please don’t misunderstand me there. Long coats are timeless outerwear, so if you have one, please continue to wear it with gusto. As for so-called “down coats,” I feel that they are on the decline and that if you are going to buy a down jacket, you should choose a short length one. By the way, as for how to wear a rider’s jacket or a denim jacket, please refer to ” Tips on how to wear a rider’s jacket for men in their 40s and my personal opinion ” and ” 4 suggestions for a successful G-jacket coordinate for men in their 40s “!

Take a look at C.P. Company’s short length down jackets

Autumn/Winter Fashion for Men in Their 40s (2) “Understand the evolved version of neo-normcore and incorporate it into your outfits!

Gnome-core” has regained popularity in the age of 2025! As mentioned in the article, the extremely simple style that was popular in New York City around 2013-2014 and spread to Japan has been in the limelight again in recent years. It is important to note that the style has been revived in a slightly different form than it was back then. The man in the snapshot below wears exactly what you see in the image below, with a looser silhouette for the tops, bottoms, outerwear, and other items in the coordinate.

Editor Mitsui
If you are a man in your 40s, you have already witnessed the phenomenon of trends circling back around. This is precisely the time for mature men who know the source of the trend to show the difference in the way they dress. In particular, normcore dressing is a showcase of taste, as it is based on subtraction. I personally recommend the 990 series from New Balance and theAsics Gel-Kayano 14 as sneakers to match the footwear for this kind of style. Also, as for color matching for the overall normcore style, I especially recommend monotone colors such as black, white, and gray, like the man in the snap above.

Find the Asics Gel Cayano 14

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Autumn/Winter fashion for men in their 40s (3) “Thick pants are trendy, but a moderately slightly loose silhouette is easy to adopt.

UNIQLO : C’s wide corduroy pants, which are attracting attention with their launch in 2023, have been the talk of the town on social networking sites, with both men and women asking for them. More than the corduroy material, which is typical of fall and winter, the wide silhouette drew attention. The trend is for full-length pants, not ankle-length. However, for men in their 40s, it is true that it is a bit difficult to wear these pants, so we recommend wearing loose pants with a tapered silhouette that tapers slightly toward the hem at just the right length, like the man in the snapshot below, without being overly conscious of the fashion trend.

Editor Mitsui
In terms of the overall trend trend of bottoms, I feel that straight and flared silhouettes are gaining momentum. Traditionally, the mainstream trend was for pants that were roomy only around the waist and narrow at the hem, but now pants that do not have a narrow hem width and are worn full-length or over-length are rapidly gaining popularity.

Autumn/Winter Fashion for Men in Their 40s (4) “If you want to incorporate the seasonal city boy flair into your uncle’s style…”

The city boy style is gaining attention among young people. Not only in clothing, but also in music, city pop music is attracting renewed attention. For men in their 40s, the key to success in this type of style is to incorporate clean items of solid quality and design. Among the garments adopted by the men in the snapshot below, the long coat with a loose silhouette is particularly noteworthy. The low gauze lines and other details that are popular today are also noteworthy. As for the caps that give the city boy look, feel free to choose your favorite brand or baseball team.

Editor Mitsui
I think the city boy style is a style that only a handful of people can match. I think that the style of the clothes is not suitable for everyone. I would like people to enjoy the adult style by choosing clothes made of the best possible materials and combining them with luxurious accessories within their budget range.

Find ACNE coats that would suit city boy fashion.

Autumn/Winter Fashion for Men in Their 40s (5) “Primary colors have momentum. They can be easily incorporated as innerwear!”

Primary colors such as red and green are gradually regaining momentum in the men’s scene. They can be seen on Instagram and at fashion events. While some men are going all out with red knits and blue jeans or red coats, the easiest way to incorporate these colors is to wear dark-colored outerwear and add color to the innerwear. Even a hint of color is enough to create an impact and a trendy look.

Editor Mitsui
This is a bit off topic, but I have a vivid impression in my mind of Al Pacino playing Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II, released in 1975, styled in a red knit polo with a beige chester coat, looking cool and cool. I still have a vivid impression of his cool and cool look. I think it is cool not only to be conscious of trends, but also to try outfits inspired by your favorite movies or famous actors. I’m sure you’re as good as most young people in terms of the number of movies you watch, so think back to the movies you’ve seen and see if any of them had good role models!

Check out Jacquemus’ Red Knit

Autumn and winter fashion for men in their 40s (6) “Look out for crew-neck or mock-neck sweatshirts that are a little loose.

Among young people and sensitive fashionistas, it is fashionable to wear thick armholes and slightly faded and tasteful sweatshirts like those found in thrift stores with a slouchy fitting. For men in their 40s, it is easy to wear a sweatshirt with a slightly loose fit like the man in the snapshot below, but if you prefer a looser fit, that is also acceptable. If you prefer a looser fit, of course, that’s OK, too.

Editor Mitsui
It depends on the balance of your body shape, such as height, sitting height, and leg length, as well as the design of the sweatshirt, but do you ever feel that the length of the sweatshirt is too long when wearing an oversized sweatshirt? In such cases, I personally recommend the technique of adjusting the length by folding the hem inward. Please give it a try.

Look for AMI PARIS sweatshirts

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