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What are the specific 5 changes that muscle training can bring to a man? [“The truth as experienced by practitioners.”]


What are the specific 5 changes that muscle training can bring to a man? ["The truth as experienced by practitioners."]

In the articles I write, I strongly recommend muscle training to my generation, and in this issue, I would like to convey the benefits of muscle training from a concrete and multifaceted perspective. Although experts in various fields, such as bodybuilders, popular content distributors, and doctors, have talked about the benefits of muscle training in bits and pieces, I had surprisingly not seen any content that conveyed the benefits from a bird’s eye view, which led me to this project to reorganize and recommend muscle training. We especially encourage men who are feeling the decline in appearance that comes with age and are trying to reinvent themselves but cannot seem to grasp the opportunity to do so to read this article.

(1) He has a more even-keeled figure and dresses more stylishly!

I think there are a lot of men in their 40s and beyond who say, “When I was younger, I used to dress reasonably well in a white T-shirt and jeans, but now…” There are many reasons for this. There are many reasons for this, but in many cases, it is due to the loss of body shape and muscle mass caused by aging. Even if it is just a casual T-shirt, it will look good if the muscles around the chest, arms, and shoulders are well defined. If the clothes are made of good materials and designed well, they will look even better. Incidentally, men who are active in the modeling business, which requires them to make their clothes look attractive, are without exception devoted to muscle training. (They try not to overdo it, though, because they lose their jobs if they become too macho.) Incidentally, Bruno, a model who often appears in our magazine, says that going to the gym five times a week has become a routine for him, and even asks our editorial staff, “Today is chest training day for me, how about you? How many times have you been to the gym this week? He is a nice guy born in Brazil who jovially jabs at us with his “I’m doing chest training today, how many times have you been to the gym this week? It is undeniable that models are blessed with good looks from birth, but it is also important to recognize that their excellent appearance is due in large part to the efforts they make on a daily basis. Nick Wooster, who often appears in our OTOKOMAE Snapshots, is another one of our regular muscle trainers, and although he is quite short for a Westerner at 168cm and was born in 1960, his imposing style in person shows no sign of his short stature or age-related decline. He always fascinates me. Muscle training is definitely one of the most effective ways to achieve a good-looking style.

Change (2) He has earned respect by radiating a style that cannot be nudged in a face-to-face situation!

In nonverbal communication, a person’s physical appearance says a lot. A well-trained body is generally more or less intimidating, and the likelihood of being slighted by the other person is greatly reduced. Also, from the perspective of someone with training experience who has experienced the hardships of physical training, the person is recognized as someone with continuity and self-discipline, which leads to a certain level of respect. Needless to say, this is also true for women with training experience. Also, as those who are familiar with foreign countries may understand, “people who go to the gym to work out are people who have a certain amount of time and money to spare,” which is why it is sometimes said that “areas where gyms are located tend to be relatively less dangerous. It is no exaggeration to say that “muscle = status.” It is not cool to tell someone that you are a one of a kind person, so please train your body and convey it silently.

(3) Testosterone secretion makes you more energetic at work!

It is known that muscle training promotes testosterone secretion. Testosterone secretion improves concentration and vitality, and at the same time brings mental stability. In middle age and beyond, there are more things to protect, such as family and social status, and heavy pressure is placed on us, but it is at times like these that we need to be proactive in our work and private lives, not timid. Many luxury hotels have gymnasiums attached to them in order to meet the demands of executives who know the aforementioned benefits of training and have adopted a workout routine into their daily lives. Let’s boost our adult work performance with the secretion of testosterone, utilizing the wealth of knowledge, experience, and personal connections we have accumulated through hard work.

(4) Beautiful skin by promoting blood circulation!

“Beautiful skin through muscle training!” Some may not believe their ears, but there is a positive correlation between muscle training and beautiful skin. Muscle training promotes blood circulation throughout the body, allowing blood flow, including nutrients and oxygen, to reach the skin surface. This activates the production of new skin cells and the elimination of old skin cells, thereby improving the skin’s moisture retention and elasticity. It is also important to note that muscle training promotes the secretion of growth hormone and the aforementioned testosterone, which in turn facilitates smooth skin turnover. This is well known among women who are highly conscious of beauty and anti-aging, and in addition to dieting and toning their bodies, many of them go to the gym for beautiful skin. In an age when men are also expected to have beautiful skin, we cannot afford to lose. Incidentally, one of my benchmark good-looking males, Mr. Chuan Do Tan, who was born in 1966 and lives in Singapore, is a practitioner of muscle training and is known for his miraculous appearance, both beautiful and muscular, as shown below. This is not the time to be waning at around Ala.

Change (5) Self-discipline and moderation is no longer a pain, but a pleasure

Starting strength training has made you think, “Since I’ve worked so hard on my workouts, I’ll cut back on drinking today and make sure I get enough protein and carbs so that it doesn’t interfere with muscle production.” Or, “I want to go to the gym before work tomorrow, so I’ll go to bed early.” We often hear stories of people who have been inspired to change their bad habits such as drinking, binge eating, and staying up late at night. Also, in terms of their daily eating habits, they have started to pay attention to their PFC balance (balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and they have become able to cook, which they used to have a hard time doing. By the way, in my case, everything is true except for going to bed early and getting up early. In order to have a good-looking appearance, it is necessary to break off various temptations, and muscle training is very useful in terms of motivating people to break off these temptations without difficulty and naturally. Continuity is power. Let’s use strength training as an opportunity to take control of ourselves, not out of reluctance, but out of joy.

Editor Mitsui
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