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How to choose sneakers unique to men in their 40s and 9 recommended models


How to choose sneakers unique to men in their 40s and 9 recommended models

They say, “Forty years old and you’re not confused,” but many of you may be confused when it comes to choosing the right sneakers. They may be thinking, “I’ll buy them because they’re trendy!” or “They’re a classic, so I can’t go wrong with them. We will introduce the basic stance and philosophy of sneaker selection, as well as specific recommended models that fit with this stance and philosophy.

Perspectives on choosing sneakers for men in their 40s (1)Understanding the basic sneaker colors and using them as the axis of your choice

Among the many sneaker colorings, the basic colors are ” all white (white upper and sole)” and ” all black ( (both upper and sole are black)” and ” black and white (upper is black and sole is white)”. The theme color for me is red!” or “I bought a pair of silver and green sneakers, so I buy a green and gray boater cut to match them. It’s normal to buy more clothes to match your sneakers.” Except for those who take the stance that “I bought a pair of sneakers in silver and green, so I bought a pair of green and gray sweater-cutters to go with them,” it is a standard practice to choose sneakers in the three color schemes mentioned above. If you really want to play with colors in your sneakers or enjoy a variety of colors in your sneakers, you can easily coordinate your outfit and keep your budget low by basically using a monotone color scheme for your clothes.

Perspectives on choosing sneakers for men in their 40s (2)Clarify what you want from sneakers

In your own fashion style, “What role do you want sneakers to play?” It is important to clarify what role you want sneakers to play in your fashion style. For example, “I want to choose a classic model without being influenced by trends,” “I usually choose simple designs for my clothes, so I want to add a trendy touch with sneakers on my feet,” “I want to differentiate myself from younger men, so I want to choose a luxurious pair of sneakers,” and so on. If you firmly decide the direction you want your sneakers to go, you will have less hesitation and will be less likely to make a mistake or regret it.

Perspectives on how to choose sneakers for men in their 40s (3)Don't jump unconditionally to simple standard models

Don’t buy unconditionally, assuming “It’s a standard model, so it’s safe. This is because there are cases in which models that were standard when we were young are now a little bit under the radar. For example, the Adidas “Stan Smiths” are definitely a permanent classic, but even in fashion cities in Japan such as Harajuku and Omotesando, and even in fashion cities overseas during fashion events, you hardly see anyone wearing them. They are wearing ” Samba ” sneakers by far. Of course, you are free to take in such sneakers, but unless you are wearing them in a very fashionable way, if a man in his 40s wears them, he may look too ordinary (in a bad way) and not interested in fashion, or if he is not very good at it, he may be perceived as an old man.

Perspectives on choosing sneakers for men in their 40s (4)Serious consideration of compatibility with clothing categories

It is no exaggeration to say that sneaker brands and models always have compatibility with clothing. Converse’s “All-Stars” go with jeans and chinos, but not with slacks or jogger pants, and even Nike’s “Air Force 1,” which is said to go with just about anything, “only goes perfectly with street clothes. Even the Nike “Air Force 1”, which is said to be easy to match with anything, often goes well with street clothes. It is important to choose the sneakers that fit your needs based on your understanding of the style categories that the sneakers are appropriate for and the range of style categories that the sneakers can cover.

Sneakers for men in their 40s must be clean!Get sneaker-specific maintenance products that don't require a lot of care

As mentioned above, the choice of sneakers is important, but it is also important for grown men to wear their sneakers in the cleanest condition possible. The first thing I would like to suggest is to use waterproofing spray. Simply spraying them regularly will repel rain and oil and keep them from getting dirty. Even so, sneakers still get dirty when worn, so be sure to use a sneaker cleaner. Washing your sneakers with a used toothbrush and mild detergent is fine, but it’s not as exciting as it sounds. If you have a favorite sneaker cleaner and brush, you will enjoy taking care of your sneakers, and it will be easier to continue maintenance. If you can wear them for a longer period of time through maintenance, you can also raise your budget per pair.

Sneakers for Men in Their 40s (1)Simple and high quality. Alexander McQueen Oversize Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers: “I like sneakers with a simple design, but I want them to look classy for their age and trendy without being overdone. I also don’t want to make mistakes. For such greedy and stable men in their 40s, we recommend Alexander McQueen’s ” Oversized Sneakers “. This model was introduced in the 2015 spring/summer collection as a model that beautifully combines a classic court shoe design with a thick sole, and is currently being continuously developed as a standard item. Numerous variations are available each season, from orthodox to bizarre colorways, but the all-white model below is the one to get first. It will of course go well with blazers and slacks, but it will also elevate a casual outfit with a T-shirt and jeans.

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Editor Mitsui
In addition to all-white, there are also all-black andblack-and-white offerings, so be sure to check those out as well.

Adult sneakers for men in their 40s (2)Top of the line sneakers that are exploding in popularity! ADIDAS ORIGINALS SAMBA DECON

If you are an adult man who is exceptionally particular about fashion items, such as “I take pleasure in choosing a top-of-the-line model among trendy sneakers,” you may be having a hard time finding the ideal sneakers for you. As mentioned in this article, the ADIDAS “SAMBA” has become popular both domestically and internationally, and while just wearing the “SAMBA” is cool enough, we would like to recommend the “SAMBA DECON” to adult men who want to push the envelope even further. The leather upper, of a higher quality and softer leather than the regular SAMBA, is so soft that stepping on the heel will not ruin it, and the look of this pair is one of a higher grade of luxury. The blue-colored shoe tongue on the regular model has been changed to a gold-colored one, which is also a difference unique to the top-of-the-line model and stirs a desire for ownership.

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The ” SAMBA ” was developed as a football shoe for indoor training and, naturally, has the appearance of a sports shoe. On the other hand, “SAMBA DECON” is made of high quality leather, so its texture is like that of sneakers from a dress shoe brand. Even though the wooden pattern is the same, the “SAMBA DECON” looks completely different from the regular “SAMBA.

Adult sneakers recommended for men in their 40s (3)A glimpse of casual attention to detail! CONVERSE CANVAS ALL STAR J HI

Converse has a great selection of shoes for men in their 40’s. “I don’t want to choose a shoe with an eccentric design to set myself apart from others. I want a sneaker with a royal design that has a lot of attention to detail.” For the adult men who are interested in standard-issue sneakers but can’t give up their particular tastes, I picked up the “Canvas All Star J HI” from Converse. It is no exaggeration to say that the “ALL STAR HI” is the world’s most classic sneaker, but this time we picked up a made-in-Japan model. It features raw-edged tape, laces, and a heel patch with “MADE IN JAPAN” printed on it. The red logo name on the insole is inspired by the Japanese flag. The box in which the product is packaged is also original and unique to this series, increasing the sense of satisfaction.

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Editor Mitsui
We also recommend ” CONVERSE ADDICT,” Converse ‘s premier line of Japanese-planned shoes, and ” U.S. ORIGINATOR,” which recreates American vintage taste. The “CT70” line is unfortunately not available in Japan due to trademark and design rights, but the quality and design of the special Japanese sneakers are excellent, and I highly recommend trying them out.

Sneakers for Men in Their 40s (4)Onitsuka Tiger MEXICO 66

“I like retro designs, but I don’t like the fussy ones. If possible, I want sneakers with a sleek and sharp silhouette.” Based on the design of Onitsuka Tiger’s 1962 training shoes, the MEXICO 66 is the first model to feature the Onitsuka Tiger stripe. The sneaker has a retro 60’s vibe, yet still exudes sophistication, which is one of its main attractions. The soft, cross-reinforced heel and heel flap also add a subtle touch of individuality. The coloring below is monotone and calm, and is highly recommended for men in their 40s.

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Incidentally, the current trend in styling these types of sneakers is to match them with relatively thick pants. If you wear them with pants that are too thin, which is not a trend, the design of these sneakers tends to work in the wrong direction, making you look like an old man.

Adult sneakers for men in their 40s (5)

“I want sneakers of the highest quality and robustness. I want the best sneakers, preferably from a classic shoe brand.” For such men, I would like to recommend the latest model of New Balance’s made-in-USA “990” sneakers. The New Balance “990” series is the flagship model that was created in 1982. It is a masterpiece that became the talk of the town with its very expensive price of $100 at the time of its release and the advertisement “990 out of 1000 points. The “990 v6” was not a “1000 point” model, but rather left room for evolution, and the constant improvements made through subsequent version upgrades have been a brilliant foreshadowing of the future. The latest model we picked up this time, the “990 v6,” has a silhouette with just the right amount of volume that is surely easy to match with seasonal coordinates, but more than that, it has a sense of security as a masterpiece that is not bound by trends, and despite its high list price of 36,300 yen (including tax) *, it is an exquisite pair of shoes that fashion-loving 40-something The exquisite price, 36,300 yen (including tax)*, is also a good factor that makes fashion-loving men in their 40s want to get their hands on it. As of March 4, 2024

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Editor Mitsui
The author really wanted a pair of these in black, and was lucky enough to run around to multiple stores on the day of release to purchase a pair. Although the list price is quite expensive for this type of sneaker, the design and comfort are extremely good, and I feel that it is well worth it and I love using them. The first shipment was sold out immediately, but they have been restocked, so please check the official website before buying them on Mercari, etc. for more than the regular price. Currently, there are size shortages, but they are available* on the official site. Incidentally, gray is also a royal choice when it comes to New Balance, as gray is the standard color. Gray currently appears to be in relatively good stock on the officialsite* due to the most recent restocking. As of March 5, 2024.

[NIKE AIR FORCE 1 ’07” subtitle=”Adult sneakers for men in their 40s (6)”]

The Nike “Air Force 1,” one of Nike’s most famous models, is a must-have for men in their 40s. The Nike “Air Force 1” is one of Nike’s most iconic and classic sneakers. Many of you may be thinking, “Why bother to introduce this model?” I know many of you may be thinking, “Why bother to introduce this model?” But if you are a man in your 40s, including myself, haven’t you ever thought, “I want to be an adult who looks good even when wearing sneakers that don’t look special? With their perfect design that blends in with a wide range of outfits and their affordable price, these sneakers have always been the choice of men and women of all ages, and as far back as I can remember since I first became aware of fashion, they have never once been positioned as “wacky”. For better or worse, it is difficult to “wear sneakers that are available to everyone at a different level from those around you,” but when you can do it, it is the best looking thing you can do. The condition is to know your own body shape, hair style, and character, and to choose and wear the most appropriate clothes at a level that sets you apart from the people around you.

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If you’re a fashion lover, you’ve probably worn the ” Air Force 1 ” at least once. You may have worn the “Air Force 1” at least once, and you may have asked yourself, “Now that I’m in my 40s, how much have I evolved into a fashionable adult compared to my younger self? I can use this as a check to see how much I have evolved into a fashionable adult compared to my younger self. They are a true touchstone sneaker.

[VAULT BY VANS OLD SKOOL OG” subtitle=”Adult sneakers for men in their 40s (7)”]

“I like surfing, skating, and other styles with a bit of a bad boy look. I like surf, skate, and bad-guy styles, and I want to be differentiated in a mature way while pursuing casual coolness. For men in their 40s who were into fashion when they were in their 20s, these sneakers were featured in many fashion magazines at the time, and many of you may know them. Many men in their 40s who were into fashion in their 20s may have heard of the brand as it appeared in many fashion magazines back then. In addition to the well-known models such as AUTHENTIC ,” “OLD SKOOL,” and “HALF CAB,” the brand also offers the “STYLE 36,” which was the prototype of the “OLD SKOOL,” a lineup that will make Vans freaks swoon. First, get the “OLD SKOOL” and “AUTHENTIC” OG series and enjoy the coolness of these shoes.

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Editor Mitsui
Bolt by Vans is a special label that upgraded the regular line started in 2003, with a focus on the OG series, which faithfully reproduces made-in-USA details from the 70s and early 80s, as well asmany collaborative models with music, art, and high brands. The models, which are not so much a showpiece, but are packed with attention to detail, are sure to tug at the heartstrings of 40-somethings.

Adult sneakers for men in their 40s (8)Highly sensitive image, looks great with slacks or jeans! Autry Medalist

“I want to wear the hottest sneakers that are being talked about on social media and at international fashion events! I want to wear the hottest sneakers that are being talked about on social networking sites and at international fashion events! The Medalist sneakers are still in fashion, and are still a must-have for the adult man who still wants to be active in fashion. While the brand’s sneakers are based on the product design of the 80s, they have a subtle sense of luxury thanks to upgraded materials, etc., which is attractive. The design of the products is attractive, and many men in their 40s are interested in fashion. While many men in their 40s tend to lose interest in fashion, these sneakers are good for subtly appealing their fashion sensitivity and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from street-like outfits and American casual styles centered on denim to dressier styles centered on slacks. The “M” is a very popular item in the “M” category.

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It was also talked about being worn by popular members of BTS and BLACKPINK, so it might be a good conversation starter with women who like Korean artists! I decided to buy these sneakers after I saw a group of three hot foreign men shopping in a supermarket in Minato-ku, Tokyo, wearing these sneakers. They are now my most frequently worn sneakers.

Adult sneakers for men in their 40s ⑨Luxury sports by the hottest brand of all time! Prada Bike Fabric x Suede Brushed Leather Sneakers

“I like high-brand shoes, but I don’t buy them for the brand name, but for the design. For rich adult men with such anti-mechanical sensibilities, I picked up Prada’s ” Bike Fabric x Suede Brushed Leather Sneakers. This model features a design that looks like a fusion of Tyrolean shoes and sneakers. The brand’s sneaker-like sportiness and leather-like sophistication are in perfect harmony, and we strongly recommend this model. The sole is voluminous at 6cm thick, but the lightweight parts make it not as heavy as it looks. Incidentally, this model appeared on the runway at the Prada show.

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Editor Mitsui
If you are a Prada-loving man in his 40s, you probably already own a Prada Monolith series . They may say , “Monoliths are great, but I wonder if I should buy another pair…” I think this model can be recommended as the next pair for such people. I personally recommend wearing them with sporty pants such as nylon pants or jogger pants with a narrow hem.

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