What is the charm of “cargo pants-type slacks” that make spring coordination look stylish?


What is the charm of "cargo pants-type slacks" that make spring coordination look stylish?

Among Japan’s fashionable people, coordinating different styles is becoming more commonplace than trendy. Men who prefer a more mature style may enjoy all kinds of mixed coordination with a ” dress ” taste at the core. This time, we would like to introduce a new type of mix-and-match pants that incorporate the essence of “cargo pants” into “slacks,” which are indispensable for dress style, for such men.

Cargo pants type slacksLIBRA CARGO No.4

Cargo pants with a presence that makes even a simple, rugged T-shirt look good, and slacks that tighten and elevate your outfits to give a neat, mature impression. Slacks. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS has released pants that combine the best of both worlds. The design is based on the theme of “infusing military taste into slacks,” so there is none of the blandness that is common in real military cargo pants. The balance of “authentic details that don’t make them look like just a pair of cargo pants” is remarkable.

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GP Designer
To create a beautiful slacks silhouette, the sewing is done by a trusted Japanese factory specializing in dress pants. Since the overall balance changes just by adding cargo pockets, we went through a number of meetings and sample examinations to maintain the neat impression of slacks. Cargo slacks are available from all brands, but we are confident that there is no other pants that are this close to slacks but also have the look of cargo pants.


When designing the “LIBRA CARGO No.4,” we used the cargo pants of the Royal Navy as a reference. The Royal Navy is known for having appointed Daniel Craig, the well-known 007 Bond character, as an honorary Commander. Various countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, and the Netherlands also offer cargo pants, but the Royal Navy’s cargo pants are the only ones with diagonal cargo pockets. Focusing on such cargo pants, this model has diagonal cargo pockets that have been redesigned to fit slacks.

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Also of note is the “gusseted back pockets” that give a neat impression at the front and a rugged cargo pants look from the back. The cargo pockets are positioned high, creating a style enhancing effect. The design has been completed with an eye to adding a stylish accent to your outfit, not to mention storing things.

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The waist of the Royal Navy (Royal Navy) Cargo Pants has an elastic adjuster to adjust the fit of the waist. In order to have such functionality of elastic waist, side shirring specification is adopted for these slacks. In order to keep the look of sophisticated slacks, we dared not to reproduce the specifications of real military pants, but kept them simple. The waist is not constricted, so you will not get tired even after wearing them for a long time. The waist can be stretched by more than 10 cm, so you can size up or down.

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LIBRA CARGO No.4Wool Ripstop Fabric for a classy and tough mood

In order to achieve a texture that is dressy and classy, while also encouraging a rugged military taste, the selection of fabric is an important The fabric selection is an important factor. If you want to create the look of elegant slacks, the use of wool fabric is an absolute requirement. However, we also wanted a toughness with a military feel. With this in mind, we produced a number of samples and arrived at the ripstop fabric made of wool. By mixing wool, polyester, and Cordura nylon, which is also used by the military, the fabric has the delicacy of dress pants, yet boasts outstanding strength and abrasion resistance. The pleat retention process, which can only be applied to polyester materials, makes it difficult for the pleat lines to fade.

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This piece seems to have a 7:3 ratio of dressy:casual. It boasts a wide range of styles to fit a wide range of outfits, such as enjoying a classy military mix style with a tailored jacket, or giving a casual T-shirt style a dressy look.

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Size L(48) has a 22cm hem width, and the hemming is a single finish on the slacks. They are tailored with a balance that allows them to be worn with leather shoes such as loafers and U-tips, as well as with high-quality leather sneakers for an elegant casual style.

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