What is the perfect leather belt for today’s “casual” look?


What is the perfect leather belt for today's "casual" look?

These days, people are in the mood for vintage-like wear with loose sizing and a tasteful texture to create a sophisticated impression. Since pants with a roomy silhouette are also popular, many of you may be wearing a size larger than usual. The best belt to secure the waist of such loose pants is a design that looks like it blends in with your casual styling, yet has a classy look.

Elevate your seasonal coordinate with the “new color” of the extremely popular and cost-effective leather mesh belt!

The craftsmen at the belt workshop carefully weave each belt by hand, taking advantage of the original texture of fine leather without surface treatment, to achieve a high-quality look while maintaining a good cost performance. The “TRENZADO” of GENTLEMAN PROJECTS has been extremely popular since its debut, and a new color, brown, has been released at the timing of the 2021AW season. The atmosphere of the metal fittings, which are particular about their shape and texture, as well as the quality of the high-quality leather, is still there. The brown color gives a cozy impression and fits a wide range of styles, from elegant and beautiful styles to the slightly nerdy styles of today.

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The combination of “brown” and “leather mesh” reminiscent of the “pachira” tree is irresistible!

The combination of brown and leather mesh is reminiscent of the trunk of a pachira tree. The exquisite shade of brown, which is neither too dark nor too light and blends in naturally, goes well with a variety of pants. The ability to enjoy the changes over time that make the leather more supple with repeated use is another attraction of “TRENZADO,” which uses high-quality noume leather finished by WYNY, the largest tannery in Mexico.

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No more fussiness at all! Add the right amount of accent to your waist with our special metal fittings!

The buckle and puntare metal fittings are designed with a European taste, taking advantage of the beauty of curves. The moderate glossy texture adds an urban accent to the waist.

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Wrap it any way you like! Enjoy styling this chic leather mesh belt in your favorite style!

The leather mesh belt can be wrapped in different ways, which is one of its charms. In addition to the orthodox length of 115 cm, TRENZADO is also available in a long size of 125 cm. It is also ideal for a sophisticated leather mesh belt style. The belt can be wrapped around the waist in any way you like, creating a knot like the fashionable people participating in the Pitti Uomo. You can add a stylish accent to your waist in any way you like. Model wears size 115cm

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