The real life of oversized knitwear. What are the six hidden charms of “Lifetime quality knitwear from Yamagata”?


The real life of oversized knitwear. What are the six hidden charms of "Lifetime quality knitwear from Yamagata"?

Oversized knitwear can add “presence” and “stylishness” to a knit coordinate. In particular, low-gauge oversized knits knitted with thicker yarns are being adopted by fashionable people all over the world, as a single piece of oversized knitwear can add a stylish look to any outfit. In this issue, we introduce a collection of knitwear that will become the mainstay of such oversized low-gauge knitwear!

Oversize knits in low gauge are the way to go

Oversized” is gaining attention as a seasonal dressing style. When incorporating oversized knitwear, it is recommended to use low gauge knitwear that gives a three-dimensional silhouette. When delicate high-gauge knitwear is worn oversized, the excess fabric may look saggy due to its supple texture, giving the impression of “ill-fitting and sloppy. The expressive knitting, however, will surely give you a distinctive look just by wearing the knit.

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Oversized knitwear also fits in with beautiful adult coordination because of the dusty atmosphere and elegant mood characteristic of knitwear. We also recommend them for those who want to achieve a relaxed look that is different from the more street-style outfits that incorporate oversized sweat tops.

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Oversized low-gauge knits are cool but ” heavy, stretchy, and expensive “…

Editor Tachibana
Low-gauge knits use a large amount of yarn to create a powerful thickness in the knitted fabric. It is not uncommon for some models to use more than twice the weight of yarn as high gauge knits. Therefore, although low-gauge knitwear is good looking, it is an item that inevitably causes concern because “it is heavy and tiring to wear,” “the weight of the knitwear stretches the fabric and changes its shape when stored on hangers,” and “models using high quality wool or cotton raw materials are too expensive.”

Solving those low-gauge knit problems!The 'WOOSTER' series has become the mainstay of oversized low-gauge knitwear!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ popular “WOOSTER” knitwear series was developed to solve the above mentioned problems of low-gauge knitwear by focusing on “comfort with a low-gauge presence but not too heavy” and “high shape retention so that it is no exaggeration to say that the knitwear will not lose its shape for over 10 years. WOOSTER” is a popular knit series by GENTLEMAN PROJECTS. The powerful expression of this low-gauge knit in a simple one-sided knit and the unique presence achieved by the moderate oversizing add a stylish impression to your coordinate.

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The WOOSTER series knitwear is divided into six categories!

Attraction of WOOSTER knitwear (1)

All WOOSTER series knitwear is tuned to a “mod erately oversized silhouette”. The theme is to create a basic yet modern look, and the dimensions and balance are adjusted by taking into account the elasticity of the knit and paying attention to details such as the slope of the shoulders and the height of the sleeve caps. We hope you enjoy the exquisite sense of balance that cannot be achieved by simply wearing an oversized knit.

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WOOSTER Knit Appeal (2)

The WOOSTER series knitwear is knitted by blending two special types of yarn to create a brand original knitted fabric The WOOSTER series knitwear is made of a special blend of two types of yarns to achieve an urban look and comfortable fit. First of all, the main yarn is “C Wave,” which is made by twisting ultra-fine count cotton yarns together and then combining them into a single high-twist yarn to create a unique wave shape. AMOSSA” polyester yarn is blended in to give the fabric a chewy texture and a strong stretch that enhances its ability to hold its shape. This combination gives the knit “a sharp, bouncy look, but with a new sensation of firmness and elasticity. We hope you will experience this slightly maniacal attention to detail, which you cannot experience with other low-gauge knits.

Ivan sunglasses 44,000 yen (Ivan Tokyo Gallery)

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The appeal of WOOSTER knitwear (3)

While low-gauge knitwear made with cotton yarns can create a powerful and heavy look to your coordinate, it can also feel heavy and tiring to wear. To eliminate the weight of low-gauge knits, there is an option to choose knits that mainly use synthetic fiber yarns such as acrylic and polyester, but there are many people who say, “I don’t like the texture of synthetic fibers. The “WOOSTER” series knitwear is made primarily of cotton, but blended with AMOSSA, a functional polyester yarn, to reduce weight. While maintaining the heavy look of a cotton low-gauge knit, it is comfortable to wear without feeling as heavy as it looks.

Burberry vintage trench coat from 41,800 yen (Davids Clothing), Ivan 7285 sunglasses from 64,900 yen (Ivan 7285 Tokyo)

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The charm of WOOSTER knitwear (4)Shape retention that does not sag even after 10 years of wear & can be washed at home!

The “WOOSTER” series knitwear, which has enhanced kickback by using an original blend of yarn The “WOOSTER” series knitwear boasts such high shape retention that it is no exaggeration to say that it will not lose its shape even after being worn for more than 10 years. Furthermore, they can be hand-washed at home, and can be worn over and over again, enjoying the color changes that occur as the unique cotton color fades over time.

Houston black cargo pants: JPY 8,250 (Nakata Shoten), Ivan 7285 sunglasses: JPY 68,200 (Ivan 7285 Tokyo)

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The charm of WOOSTER knitwear (5)

As they say, “Mochi is for rice cakes,” and if you want to get low-gauge knitwear with a genuine presence, you can’t go wrong with knitwear made by a trusted, long-established factory specializing in this field. All knits in the ” WOOSTER ” series are made in Japan, in Yamagata Prefecture, where the production of middle to low gauge knits thrives, by skilled craftsmen from yarn knitting to sewing at a long-established knit manufacturer that has been consistently developing and producing knitted fabrics since its establishment in 1952.

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The Appeal of WOOSTER Knitwear (6)

The ” WOOSTER” series of knitwear is offered in an expanded range of variations each year. This season, in addition to the standard colors, new colors such as seasonal red, refreshing aqua blue, and chic coffee brown have been introduced. In addition to the color variations, the series also offers design variations such as “sweaters,” “cardigans,” “gowns,” and “drivers’ knits,” so you are sure to find the ideal low-gauge knit for you. Some models are already sold out in certain sizes and colors, so those who are interested are encouraged to purchase before they sell out.

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