How to choose the right suit hanger and 10 recommendations


How to choose the right suit hanger and 10 recommendations

Hangers are important to prevent suits from losing their shape and to keep them beautiful. You think you’ve maintained your suit well, but when you try it on, you find that the hangers have left marks in strange positions, and you feel a bit discouraged… I am sure there are many men who have experienced this. In this issue, we will introduce you how to choose suit hangers, which you may not know, as well as recommended items!

How to choose the right suit hanger What are the 3 points?

(1) Select a hanger of the correct size for the jacket’s shoulder width and thickness.

It is important to choose a hanger of a size and shape that fits the jacket you have. If the hanger does not fit the jacket’s shoulder width, hanger marks will be left on the shoulders, and if you are not careful, wrinkles may be left all over the jacket. A rough guide for hanger shoulder width is the length obtained by connecting the base of the left and right sleeves of the jacket with a straight line, minus 2 to 4 cm. When actually measuring with a jacket, use the back body side.

Incidentally, in Japan, many hangers are available with a shoulder width of around 42 cm, in line with the standard Japanese men’s jacket shoulder width size. It is recommended to choose a hanger with a thickness of 4 cm or more at the shoulder end so as not to spoil the three-dimensional shape of the jacket.

Incidentally, the hanger shown in the image below looks like it is for suits and jackets, but it is actually a hanger for shirts. It is suitable for dress shirts, but the lack of roundness and thickness at the shoulder ends may cause them to lose their shape when used for suits and jackets. Be careful not to hang a jacket on it by mistake.


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