What are the best anklets for men? Introducing recommendations from popular brands by category.


What are the best anklets for men? Introducing recommendations from popular brands by category.

The summer season brings more opportunities to wear short-sleeved tops, short-length pants, and roll-ups. This naturally leads to more opportunities to expose skin, so there will be more occasions to incorporate accessories into one’s outfits. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are good ways to add a touch of glamour, but how about anklets for a more casual look? In this issue, we focus on anklets and introduce some recommended items!

Anklets are a classic adornment with a varied history in different countries

Anklets were not only ornaments, but in some countries and periods, they also served as a protection against evil and as a sign of social class. The word “anklet” is said to have originated from the combination of the Japanese word “ankle” and the suffix “let,” which means bracelet. It is one of the classic accessories that have been in existence since Roman times before Ancient Egypt. Originally a women’s accessory, it became a common fashion item for both men and women in the 20th century with the spread of pop culture in the U.S. At that time, both young men and women wore leather bracelets. At that time, both young men and women wore leather anklets.

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The idea of wearing anklets varies from country to country. In China, there is a custom of having newborn babies wear them as a good luck charm to keep evil spirits away. The Hong Kong brand “QEELIN,” which has applied such traditional culture and sublimated it into an accessory for the general public, is one of the most popular fine jewelry brands in the world.

Pick up men’s anklet outfits for reference!

Anklets accentuate the feet of men who tend to look lonely in shorts.

Wearing shorts with a sense of openness and lightness. Because of the openness and lightness of the shorts, the feet may feel a bit lonely, depending on the shoes you wear with them. Anklets are the perfect accent to add to this look. They also match the barefoot style of leather shoes.

Subtly differentiate your sandal coordination with the subtle spice of an anklet

While wearing rolled-up pants and sandals, you can spice up your look by casually adding an anklet with a strong coloring. It creates an exquisite nuance to a simple coordinate and differentiates the summer coordinate.

Roll-up pants and anklets make a stylish men’s coordinate!

Roll up full-length pants to show a glimpse of the anklet. This is a coordination technique that should be practiced in an adult summer style. As you can see, it can also be applied to casual tailored suit styles.

Recommended anklets for men (1) “Cord anklets with a light texture that can be easily incorporated and are cosy and attractive.

Cord anklets have a light texture and can be worn easily, and many of them are cost-effective items due to the characteristics of the material. Also attractive is the wide range of choices, from extremely simple designs to more voluminous designs with two or three strands. It is also possible to have multiple items and use them according to the day’s coordination.

The “WAKAMI 3 anklet” can add a voluminous accent to your feet with its three-strand design.

WAKAMI” is one of the most popular accessory brands among many. The brand was founded by Maria Pacheco as a project to improve the lives of people living in rural villages in the Republic of Guatemala. This time, we picked up WAKAMI’s anklets, which add a voluminous accent to your feet with their three-strand design of different types. The anklets are made of wax cord, which is water-resistant.

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SCOSHA wax-coated cord anklet” with a simple and timeless design

The brand “SCOSHA” was launched in New York by a female designer, Scosha Woolridge. The brand became popular when Ron Herman in the U.S. started carrying it, and it is known to sell out immediately at stores around the world. The anklets are made of carefully woven wax-coated nylon and linen cords, and feature a simple and timeless design. The brand’s commitment to quality is also appealing, as the entire process is done by hand in their atelier in New York.

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Beckham loves it! The design of this puravida cord anklet adds a stylish touch with its ultra-thin cord bundling design.

The brand “puravida” was launched in September 2010 by Griffin Zahl and Paul Goodman, two students in San Diego, Southern California, with a desire to create jobs for Costa Rican artisans. The brand’s popularity was sparked by a boom among LA surfers, and even international celebrities such as David Beckham and Robert Downey Jr. have become loyal customers. The simple design with a small charm is understated in a good sense, so it can be used alone or stacked with other anklets without making too much of a statement.

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The silver concho accentuates the one-pointedness of the “ROSETTA PRAYER x BEAMS special order concho anklet”.

BEAMS has picked up a special order model from “rosetta prayer,” a handmade accessory brand started in 2008. The silver star conchos on the modest cord anklets look great, and are recommended for those who don’t like the messiness of 2 or 3-strand designs, but want to add an accent with a single point.

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