Master the Art of Tucking: Elevate Your Men’s Fashion Game with These Stylish Shirt Coordination Techniques!


Master the Art of Tucking: Elevate Your Men's Fashion Game with These Stylish Shirt Coordination Techniques!

Tucking in shirts is a royal roadmap for dressing up shirts. Especially in summer, shirt coordination can become too simple, so you want to add an arrangement for a stylish look. This time, we will show you three different ways to dress up a shirt by tucking it in, with video and snapshots of the different types of tuck-ins!

Tucking in a shirt is a stylish way to arrange a men’s shirt coordinate!

There are various types of tuck-ins, and the impression varies greatly depending on the method. Furthermore, combining the tuck-in with accessories around the waist will give the outfit a more sophisticated mood. However, tucking in itself is not a difficult technique and should be actively adopted. Here we introduce the different types of tuck-ins with practical videos!

(1) Full tuck-in will make your shirt look more elegant!

Full tuck-in, in which the entire hem of the shirt is tucked into the pants. Since the hem does not flip around and play, it gives a classy look to the outfit. Also, because the waist area is cleared, the details of the pants and accessories around the waist are enhanced.

Full tuck-in is useful for coordinating not only standard white shirts but also denim, plaid, and other casual shirts in an elegant manner. As you can see, the casual style of a denim shirt with chinos also creates a classy mood.

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