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Check out the examples of highly sensitive dress style coordination with suits and vests!


Check out the examples of highly sensitive dress style coordination with suits and vests!

The combination of a suit and an odd vest is more flexible than the classic, formal three-piece suit. Because it is difficult to coordinate a vest in a different fabric or color pattern from the suit, it is a way of dressing that is more easily recognizable than the three-piece suit, and can create a sense of fashion and individuality. In this issue, we focus on the ” suit and vest ” coordinate other than the three-piece suit, and introduce styling points, reference men’s coordinates from overseas, and recommended items!

Match the suit with a vest in a different fabric and color pattern for an advanced dress style!

The three-piece suit, consisting of jacket, slacks, and vest in the same fabric and color, is a standard dress style that is useful for formal occasions, but combining the suit with a vest in a different fabric or color pattern gives you more flexibility and is a great way to give your dress style a stylish and unique look. By incorporating a vest with a different design from the suit, the vest, which tends to play a supporting role in a three-piece suit, has the same presence as the suit, and depending on the choice of color and pattern, you can express more professional styling. Of course, because of the difficulty of coordination, it is important to identify items that match your suit.

Point 1: “Emphasize elegance and masculinity by matching the coat and vest in a double-breasted suit style.

By matching the double-breasted coat as the outer layer and the vest as the mid-layer, it is possible to achieve both elegance and masculinity in the suit style. There are many double-breasted coats, such as double chester coats, double trench coats, Ulster coats, polo coats, and P coats, that emphasize a classic and masculine impression. is completed by adding a double coat to a suit and odd vest styling.

Dressing Point 2: “It is important to maintain a sense of unity in color and material when matching a suit and vest.”

Matching a vest with a suit of a different style and color pattern creates a fresh impression that is difficult to achieve with a three-piece suit. Although the level of formality is lowered, the sense of stylishness is greatly enhanced, and it also looks good. However, don’t forget to maintain a sense of unity by using similar colors and materials that blend well with the suit and vest, so as not to give the impression of being too clumsy.

Dressing point (3): “While blending the suit and odd vest with similar colors, the shading creates a highly fashionable look.

To create a mature and relaxed look by combining a suit and an odd vest, it is a good idea to blend them with similar colors and express a highly fashionable look by using shades. In particular, black and gray monotones ensure sophistication and urban styling, while browns are moist and stylish. However, if the colors are too far apart and the contrast is too strong, the coordination will look uncomfortable, so be careful how you match colors.

Take a look at the international street snapshots of suits and vests! Find the ideal men’s coordination!

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For more men's suit coordination, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snapshot Page"!

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