Introducing “Adult Daypacks” from Popular Brands! Selected 5 types of backpacks for men!


Introducing "Adult Daypacks" from Popular Brands! Selected 5 types of backpacks for men!

The “daypack” was born out of outdoor culture in the 1950s and quickly became popular due to its ease of use, and has now established itself as a standard bag loved not only on holidays but also in the business world. However, because of their origins, some designs are too sporty and may give the impression of lacking calmness and elegance for adults to use. Therefore, in this issue, under the theme of “daypacks best suited for adult use,” we will introduce five types of daypacks from popular brands that are sure to catch your attention!

Type 1: “If versatility is important, a “black” daypack with zero showiness.

Black, the standard color for daypacks, gives off no false impression and can be worn with all kinds of coordinates. Because of its safe impression, it is easy to avoid a TOO MUCH impression even if you choose a casually designed model.

Recommendation of black daypacks: “I like the contrast between different materials that quietly asserts itself. BRIEFING’s DELTA ALPHA PACK M.”

This new series of daypacks offers a new interpretation of the basic style and pursues the durable functional beauty that is typical of Briefing. The contrast of different materials, combining “ballistic nylon,” which is strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant, and “rubber hyperon,” which is abrasion-, water-, and pressure-resistant, creates a look of depth. While the minimalist appearance of the bag is entirely in black, the red line that symbolizes Briefing is placed inside the bag, maintaining a martial atmosphere that does not betray the brand’s image. The unique form and details completed with practicality in mind, such as the diagonal cutouts on the zipped pockets for easy access to small items, are also very appealing.

Briefing bag JPY 50,600 (Hankyu Men’s Tokyo 03-6252-1381 ) Diesel sweatshirt JPY 25,300 (Diesel Japan 0120-55-1978 ) Nigel Kevon shorts JPY 29,700 (Outer Limits 03-5413-6957 ) Oakley sunglasses JPY 20,200 (RUBY) Sunglasses 20,200 yen (Luxottica Japan 0120-009-146 ) G-Shock watch 14,850 yen (Casio Computer Customer Service Center 03-5334-4869 )

For inquiries about daypacks, call 03-6252-1381 ( Hankyu Men’s Tokyo)

Black daypack recommendation #2: “Enjoy a light and sturdy canvas bag with more luxurious specifications. Felisi’s 20/70/NU+A.”

This backpack is made of a lightweight, durable, water- and stain-resistant canvas that is a blend of nylon and cotton. Each detail, such as the shoulder tape that feels soft against the skin and the cushioned mesh lining on the back side, is made of the most suitable material for each, resulting in a highly practical and luxurious finish. The zipper pulls, brand logo patch, and tape ends are made of high-quality bucket leather, which gains a natural sheen as it is used, and the large capacity can easily hold a 13-inch laptop computer. It is a daypack made of high quality canvas, which seems to be a rare and unique product.

Ferris bag 79,200 yen (Ferris Online Shop Customer Center 0120-863-745 ), John Smedley knitwear 30,800 yen (Lee Mills Agency 03-5784-1238 ), Cellar Door pants 47,300 yen (Strasbourgo 0120-383-653 ), Ray Ban sunglasses 653 ) Ray-Ban sunglasses JPY23,980 (Luxottica Japan Customer Service 03-3514-2950 ) Athees bangles JPY29,700 (Charcoal Green Tokyo 03-5410-8186 )

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Black daypack recommendation 3: “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ RAMIEL, a simple face with a luxurious feel in every detail ” (Gentleman Project)

The “RAMIEL” daypack has a simple yet elegant impression, created by studying the world’s standard of modern basic daypacks and focusing on the luxurious feel of the details. The black nickel hardware, shiny main fabric, leather patches with the brand’s logo discreetly engraved, and other details create an appeal that sets it apart from the rest.

Gentleman Projects bag: ¥12,300 ( Gentleman Projects

For more information on daypacks, click here.

Black daypack recommendation 4: “Military-grade specs for high practicality, functionality, and durability! “PORTER’s FLYING ACE DAYPACK”

This series of daypacks is based on the details of the U.S. Air Force’s “FLYING SUIT / TYPE K-2A” nylon flying suit manufactured in the early 1950s, and pursues “high practicality, functionality, and durability. The “FLYING SUIT / TYPE K-2A” is a series of daypacks that pursue “high practicality, functionality and durability. The smooth and shiny high-density nylon ox, which excels in friction and flexibility, is a completely original material newly developed from the thread to the structure. It has been treated with a sille finish to improve its unique luster and firmness. The military-inspired details throughout are designed with reference to real military wear. The original specs tag, based on the motif of a woven label with standards for procuring military supplies, and the original insignia “P.Y. AIR FORCE” print based on insignias with nationalities and units, etc., are all designed to tickle the fancy of men. It is a gem that tickles a man’s heart.

Porter bag 53,900 yen (Yoshida 03-3862-1021 ) East Harbor Surplus shirt 27,500 yen (SDI 03-6721-1070 ) Brillia 1949 shorts 29,700 yen (Toyoda Trading Press Room 03-5350-5567 ) others Stylist’s personal belongings

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Black daypack recommendation 5: “FARO’s Flight Rucksack in original leather with a matte sheen for an urban look.

This simply designed backpack is mainly made of the brand’s original “Flight Leather,” which is water-repellent, stain-resistant, and lightweight. While the exterior is sophisticated, the interior is practical with pockets for storing documents and PCs, making it useful in the business scene as well. The optional ” Fragment Pouch S ” can be attached to expand the storage capacity, making it a fun and customizable bag.

FARO bag: JPY 60,500 (Union Gate Group 03-6427-3901 ), Earl & Bruce shirt: JPY 26,400 (order price) (Y&M Press Room 03-3401-5788 ), Brillia 1949 shorts: JPY 29,700 (TOYODA TRADING CO. Press Room 03-5350-5567 )

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Type 2 “Actually as easy to use as monotone! Beige leather daypacks that exude a sophisticated look.

Although you may be tired of the usual colors, you do not want to give up the ease of use for day-to-day use. For such people, we recommend beige leather daypacks. Although beige is not a popular color in the bag category, it goes well with all kinds of color coordinates, including men’s standard colors such as black, navy, and gray, as well as seasonal green and brown. In fact, it is a joker-like presence that shines with its versatility. With the luxurious feel of leather, there is no need to worry about giving the impression of cheapness. Why not renew your look with a beige leather daypack?

Beige leather daypack recommendation #1: “Thick yet soft. Pelle Morbida’s MB060 is made generously with leather from an original recipe.

This beige leather daypack is generously made of soft shrink leather developed using an original recipe by Pelle Morbida, a Japanese brand that excels in design, quality, and cost performance. This shrink leather is called “Maiden Voyage” and was developed in Matsubara, Himeji, a famous leather production area in Japan. The leather is carefully tanned, dried, and flapped in a special machine, and then lightly ironed after drying to adjust the gloss. The daypack has a minimalist appearance to take advantage of the elegant and tasteful grainy texture. However, a closer look reveals that it is also extremely practical, with a zippered pocket on the back for frequently used items and numerous pockets on the inside for storing small items. It is truly a backpack for adults who know quality, combining a sense of luxury with practicality.

Pelle Morbida bags: 59,400 yen (Pelle Morbida Ginza 03-5524-2808 ), Azabu Tailor suits: 93,500 yen (Y&M Press Room 03-3401-5788 ), Seiko 5 Sport watches: 37,400 yen (Seiko Watch Customer Service Center 0120-061-012 ) Subsol shoes 24,200 yen (ORGY STORE 03-6456-4422 ), other stylist’s personal belongings

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Beige leather daypack recommendation 2: “Cisei’s 1213 LD BACKPACK,” which lets you experience the charm of high-quality natural leather in Made In Itary to the bone.

Sisay’s backpack is a luxurious combination of large-area parts made of high-quality natural leather. Even the shoulder straps are made entirely of leather, giving it an overwhelming sense of luxury that is unbearable. This strong impact shape is said to be a design arrived at in pursuit of functionality. With a large capacity to hold all kinds of items, this bag can be used not only for casual everyday use, but also as a commuter bag. The lining is made of pigskin suede and high quality nylon from LIMONTA. The bag is co-stitched with the outer leather to prevent it from losing its shape.

Cisei’s bag: 169,400 yen (Strasbourgo 0120-383-563 ), Tailorfields’ suit: 71,500 yen (above order price) (Y&M Press Room 03-3401-5788 ), Ray-Ban sunglasses: 28,380 yen (Luxottica Japan Customer Service 03-3514-2950 )

Click here for details on daypacks

Type 3: “If you want to play around with daypacks, a “military taste mix” is more mature.

A daypack that can be used to accentuate outfits or to create a sense of fun. If you are looking for a daypack to accentuate your outfits, this season’s designs with a military flavor are a must-have. Military wear has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years due to the vintage boom, and you can surely show off your high level of sensitivity by incorporating it into your outfit. In particular, earth colors, which are often seen in military items, can be easily incorporated into a variety of color schemes, so be sure to check them out.

Recommended daypacks with a military taste mix: “The mix of different materials creates a tough yet playful look! Diesel’s BACKYO.”

This Diesel daypack is made of highly durable ripstop nylon, with a TPU coating on the front double 3D pocket for improved durability, and a playful mix of different materials. The slider and cord strap accents that give it a military look are also exquisite. Black parts are placed throughout to give it an urban look, making it easy to match with chic styles.

Diesel bag JPY22,000 (Diesel Japan 0120-55-1978 ) Sea Green shirt JPY19,800 (Tatras International 03-5708-5188 ) Nigel Cabon shorts JPY29,700 (Outer Limits 03-5413-6957 )

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Type 4: “Stoic daypacks in dignified “navy” for a summer look

The daypack is also attractive because it has been thoroughly stoic, with as few decorations as possible. If you choose a navy color, it will give you a moderately cool and refreshing mood. It is not as understated as black and can produce a dignified look.

Recommendation for navy daypacks: “Just as elegant and functional. STANDARD SUPPLY’s COMMUTE DAYPACK.”

From Standard Supply, “Simple and functional for everyday necessities. This is the theme of the SIMPLICITY series of daypacks from Standard Supply. It has a handle wrapped in glove leather to reduce the burden on the hand, Velcro side pockets for easy opening and closing, and a front pocket that can be opened and closed from either the left or right side. The fabric is made of 60% cotton and 40% nylon, which is also used for outdoor wear, and EXCELLA, which has a more luxurious luster than ordinary zippers.

STANDARD SUPPLY bag 19,800 yen (STANDARD SUPPLY Futakotamagawa 03-5797-9311 )

Click here for details on daypacks

Type 5: “The “one-shoulder” daypack is an option for the current season, when a sense of comfort is in season.

The “sling style,” which creates a casual look and a sense of slouchiness, has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years, so it is also a good idea to choose a one-shoulder daypack that has a sense of slouchiness. One-shoulder daypacks are relatively small in size. A petite daypack that is usually worn over both shoulders may give a feminine impression, but a one-shoulder pack can be worn without any discomfort. Now that we can pay with a single cell phone, there is less need to carry a wallet, and if you are fine with carrying the bare minimum, a smaller bag may be just what you need. In addition, a one-shoulder bag is perfect for giving your outfits a fresh look.

Recommended one-shoulder daypacks: “HUDSON by MICHAEL KORS MENS with a signature logo and luxurious accents.

Michael Kors’ “HUDSON” bag for men is made of signature logo print canvas and has a strong presence. If your monotone or simple style is lacking, this is the perfect bag to add a little something extra. It has more storage capacity than its small size suggests, and the strap can be adjusted according to the style of the day. The bottom of the bag allows it to be placed upright on the floor, which is another convenient point.

Michael Kors Mens bag ¥49,500 (Michael Kors Customer Service 03-5772-4611) Needles Original Charcoal shirt ¥17,600, shorts ¥15,400 (Charcoal Tokyo 03-6432-5267 ) Fruit of the Loom 2P pack cut and sewn ¥2,090 (FTL Japan 03-6303-4710 ) Ray-Ban sunglasses ¥23,980 (Luxottica Japan Customer Service 03-3514-2950 ) Other personal effects of stylist

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