Leather Shoes – Men’s Coordinate Special by Type! Focusing on 10 types of leather shoes, we introduce examples of how to wear them.


Leather Shoes - Men's Coordinate Special by Type! Focusing on 10 types of leather shoes, we introduce examples of how to wear them.

Leather shoes are diverse, ranging from formal shoes to casual-looking shoes, and even those with a sporty background. Knowing the origin and style of each type of shoe will help you enjoy styling leather shoes even more. In this issue, we focus on 10 types of leather shoes and carefully select examples of how they are worn, taking into account the characteristics of each type.

Codes by Leather Shoe Type (1) ” Straight Tip Shoes ” for Perfectly Suitable for Formal Styles

The leather shoes most suitable for formal wear are ” straight tips. Straight-tip shoes are characterized by the horizontal stitching on the toe. Among these, the black straight tip with an inside sole is said to be “the most formal and prestigious leather shoes” that can be worn with the most formal daytime attire. In addition, brown leather shoes, which are generally classified as casual, can be worn with classic suits if they have an inner-elliptic straight tip.

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Straight-tip shoes with an inner sole can be worn with casual jackets without any discomfort!

Straight-tip leather shoes with inner wings are the most formal type of leather shoes. However, they are not only formal, but also match with casual jackets and other casual outfits. The gentleman here is wearing a pair of black inner-feet straight tips with an off-white striped jacket and brown slacks. He chose a cut-and-sew underwear as the inner layer of the jacket, and the look is comfortable and relaxed.

Matching a beige suit with black inner-elliptic straight tips will make your outfit look more formal, and at the same time, it will make your coordination look much tighter!

If you want to wear leather shoes with the beige suit that is in the spotlight this season, we recommend the black inner-elliptic straight tip. Not only does it give the outfit a formal look, but it also tightens up the nuanced color scheme from the feet up.

The straight tip with an inner root can be worn with tuxedo style as well!

Mr. Daniel Craig wears a formal tuxedo suit with black straight tips. Straight tips go well with the white shirt, bow tie, classic one-cushion pants length, and white linen chief, all of which are in line with the theory of the suit.

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The dark brown inner-feathered straight tip gives a calm impression to a brightly colored suit.

The blue suit style, while glamorous, tends to give the impression of lacking composure. A pair of dark brown straight tip shoes with an inside sole will give a noble look to the entire outfit. Dark-toned straight-tip shoes are recommended when you want to give a stiff look to a light-toned suit that is typical of spring and summer.

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