Which tie to wear with a gray suit? We’ll show you how to choose one from 5 different perspectives with seasonal men’s coordination!


Which tie to wear with a gray suit? We'll show you how to choose one from 5 different perspectives with seasonal men's coordination!

Gray is a versatile monotone color that falls between black and white and matches all colors. Because such a “gray” suit can be worn with any color or pattern, there are probably not many people who have had trouble choosing a necktie. In this issue, we will introduce how to choose a tie to go with a gray suit from five different perspectives, along with some noteworthy coordinating styles!

How to Select a Tie to Match a Gray Suit (1) “If you are not sure about the color combination, consider the impression of the outfit you want to express.

The first thing to consider when choosing a tie for any suit is the color. The gray suit, being a colorless color, can be equally matched with any colored suit, and there is a wide range of colors to choose from. And since the impression given by a gray suit changes drastically depending on the tie, it goes without saying that it is very important when coordinating the suit. Conversely, however, a gray suit has the capacity to accept all kinds of ties, so you should be able to create the gray suit style you have in mind with just one choice of tie.

Gray suits are worn frequently in the business world. If you want to give off a sincere impression, a navy tie will do the trick!

It is no exaggeration to say that ” sincerity ” is the most important aspect of business, in which interpersonal relationships play a major role. To create such an impression of sincerity in a gray suit, which is often worn as a business suit, it is a good idea to match it with a navy tie. Of course, this styling does not change a person’s character or essence, but sometimes it is important to start from the appearance. Why not try this combination on days when you are meeting a superior or have an important meeting or business meeting?

BEAMS F Navy Solid Tie

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A red tie will give your gray suit an aggressive and passionate impression!

It is well known that red is a color that evokes passion and aggressiveness, as it reminds us of the heat of the sun and flames. It is also a color that leaves a clear and strong image, making it the perfect color to choose for a tie on a critical day or in situations where you want to make a strong statement about who you are. While it is possible to choose a slightly dull red or burgundy color, a vivid red tie like the one worn by the gentleman shown here could be a bold choice.

RING JACKET Dot-pattern red tie

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Pairing a gray suit with a gray tie in the same color as the suit will allow you to use playful colors in other items without looking TOO MUCH.

Of course, matching a gray suit with a gray tie in the same tone is also an option. Because the suit and tie are unified with conservative colors and do not make a statement, it does not give an obnoxious impression even if you play around with other items. For example, in the coordination shown here, a gray tie is worn with a refreshing saxophone blue chambray shirt as an inner layer, and purple socks are worn on the feet. The use of items that are out of the norm gives a sense of sophistication. The stylish yellow peplain accent subtly placed on the gray suit is also a nice touch.

STEFANO BIGI cashmere gray tie

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