What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.


What kind of bag goes with a suit? Introducing types of bags that go well together & recommended brands.

What kind of bag should you wear with a suit, which is also called “a gentleman’s uniform”? In this article, we will introduce the types of bags that go with suits and recommended bag brands.

First, check out the types of bags that go with suits and their characteristics!

Briefcases”: Briefcases that go well with suits

A briefcase is the standard bag to match with a suit style. As the name “brief,” which means “document” in English, implies, a briefcase is a bag for carrying documents, so it is generally suited to the business scene, not to the off-duty scene. The basic feature of a briefcase is that it is sized to hold A4-size documents, and many of them can also hold a notebook PC, but be careful not to overstuff it, as it may lose its shape. Nylon and leather are the most common materials.

Briefcases that go with suits (2) “Tote bags

The tote bag has two handles and an opening only on the top of the bag, making it convenient to carry luggage in and out of the bag. The origin of such a tote bag is canvas, but if you want to match it with a suit style, a leather or nylon bag would be preferable. If the bag is to be used for business purposes, one with a handle of about 55 cm that can be slung over the shoulder is convenient. However, if the handle is too long, it may end up on the ground when held with arms outstretched, depending on the person.

Briefcases that go with suits (3) “Shoulder bags

A shoulder bag is a bag that can be worn on the shoulder or diagonally by adjusting its length. As with other bags, nylon or leather shoulder bags match the suit. Many of today’s shoulder bags come with a handle as well as a shoulder belt, so they can also be used as a briefcase. It is best to use them in different ways depending on the situation. If you are concerned about damage to your suit caused by friction from the shoulder belt, we recommend that you choose a product with a cushion.

Bags that go with suits ④ “3-way bags

A 3-way bag is a bag that has three elements: a briefcase, a shoulder bag, and a backpack (rucksack). Since they can be used for various occasions, they are sure to be useful both on and off the job. Even when used mainly in business situations, it is extremely convenient to carry it in your hand when you have a business meeting or visit a client, carry it on your back when walking or biking, or carry it on your shoulder when commuting to work. On the other hand, however, it tends to look cluttered with many parts in terms of design, so it is not suitable for those seeking a stylish look.

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