A quality business bag is a must-have item for men! Introducing everything from specialized bag brands to luxury brands.


A quality business bag is a must-have item for men! Introducing everything from specialized bag brands to luxury brands.

Just as a jacket is an indispensable part of an adult’s wardrobe, a business bag is an indispensable item in the business scene. In addition to briefcases, which are the most common type of business bag, many brands offer backpacks and tote bags designed for businessmen, and there is a wide variety of choices. In this issue, we focus on “business bags,” and introduce the hottest items by category!

The must-have men’s business bag for businesspersons! Introducing “Briefcases” with excellent functionality!

Among business bags, the mainstream bag used by many businessmen is none other than the “briefcase. The hand-held type allows a smart suit style without wrinkling the jacket, and the wide gussets that can easily hold documents and the multifunctional pockets with sorted compartments are attractive features in pursuit of convenience in a design that caters to businesspeople. In recent years, many brands have developed 3-way type bags that can change styles and have excellent functionality with water repellency and durability, so you should be able to find a gem that fits your business style.

Briefcase recommendation 1: “PELLE MORBIDA Capitano CA010

While the spotlight used to be on large-capacity briefcases, thin-gusset designs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s paperless world. Pelle Morbida” responded to this new style of businessman by developing a briefcase that can hold an A4 size but is compact in size overall. The luxurious body is made of calf leather stamped with a water-grained pattern called “prism,” which is scratch resistant and can be used for a long time.

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Briefcase recommendation②”BRIEFING 3WAY Briefcase NEO TRINITY LINER

Briefing” started in 1998 as a luggage label with outstanding functional beauty in pursuit of true militarism that conforms to the U.S. military standard, Mil-Spec. This time, we pick up the NEO TRINITY LINER, a 3-way briefcase from the brand’s standard LINER series. This is an excellent product that can be used as a briefcase, backpack, or shoulder bag depending on the situation. The interior is designed to smartly hold a computer and documents, making it an excellent partner for businessmen.

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Briefcase recommendation 3: “TUMI ALPHA3

The Alpha 3, Tumi’s signature model, is an ambitious work that embodies the brand’s concept of high functionality and modern design. The bag has a total of 18 pockets for different purposes, including a laptop compartment and a waterproof pocket for storing wet items, and one compartment with a thick gusset can easily hold documents, files, or even a lunch box. It also comes with a shoulder strap and can be used in two ways.

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Briefcase recommendation 4: “FELISI Business Bag 1882-DS 0045

Founded in Italy in 1973, ” FERRIGI ” is a bag brand that is gaining popularity in Japan as well. This one is loved by many as the brand’s standard bag, and is made mainly of nylon fabric combined with natural leather. This briefcase has a sense of class with the use of leather in some places. The nylon is densely woven and rain-resistant, so it can be used regardless of the occasion.

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