How to Choose a Necktie [ 5 Perspectives on Choosing the Best Necktie ].


How to Choose a Necktie [ 5 Perspectives on Choosing the Best Necktie ].

Neckties are an indispensable item for business suits and business jackets. As the saying goes, “the necktie is the first thing that comes into the room before the man himself. In this issue, we focus on ” neckties ” and pick up some tips on what to look for and how to choose one when buying one!

How to choose a necktie (1) “Choose a necktie length that matches your body shape.

Just as the size of a suit or jacket is an important factor, neckties also come in different sizes and lengths to suit different body types. Just as a suit or jacket size is an important factor, neckties must be the right size and length for one’s body type, just as a suit or jacket must be the right size and length for one’s body type. Furthermore, there are various ways to tie a necktie, and it is standard practice to choose a long necktie when using length in the knot, such as the Windsor knot.

How to choose a necktie (2) “The optimum length of a necktie is “the large sword should reach your belt with room to spare”.

The large sword should hang longer than the small sword to ensure balance. Furthermore, it is said that the basic orthodox suit style is to adjust the tip of the large sword to a length that is just long enough to hang over the belt. *The belt position has become higher in the past few years as the suit trend has returned to the classics and deep-crotch slacks with pleats have become the trend. When wearing such slacks, the mainstream balance is to cover the belt completely and still have a little extra room left over.

How to choose a necktie (3) “The ideal length difference between the large sword and the small sword when tying a tie is within 3cm”.

If you tie a short tie with a short small sword, you can fulfill the aforementioned requirement of “the large sword reaching the belt with room to spare,” but this is actually very awkward in light of the common sense of orthodox (classic) suit dressing. The standard is to keep the difference between the length of the small and large swords to within about 3 cm, and to use “the length that reaches the belt with room to spare” as a guideline. In particular, the length (shortness) of the small sword is easily noticeable and is an even more important factor, especially since the so-called “small sword shifting” is in vogue these days.

On the other hand, we also see ties with the small sword hanging long in snaps at Pitti Uomo. This is an advanced technique of Franco Minucci, founder of Tie Your Tie, which is famous for its technique of disrupting a necktie. By daring to let the small sword hang down without being conscious of its length, he is able to create a casual, unpretentious look. In order to facilitate the use of such a haphazard technique, most of Tailor Ties’ ties seem to be made 3 to 4 cm longer than usual.

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How to choose a necktie (4) “Choose a tie with an understanding of the difference in formality depending on the pattern.

There is a wide variety of colors and patterns of neckties on the market today. As with suits, the level of formality varies depending on the design and pattern, so it is important to keep these points in mind so that you can choose a tie that suits your TPO. Generally speaking, the “silver” tie is the most formal tie used for formal wear, followed by “plain,” “dot,” “small pattern,” “stripe,” and “check,” in that order, the tie changes to a more casual impression. In the business style, which has become more casual over the years, there are not many tie patterns, but for conservative industries or serious business meetings, a tie with a “small pattern” or “solid color” would be the best choice.

Regimental stripes, which can produce a British taste, are attracting increasing attention

British” is one of the keywords attracting attention this season. We have the impression that southern Italian brands and select stores are offering a variety of items with a British taste added. If you want to add British taste to your V-zone with a tie in a subtle way, a tie with regimental stripes designed based on the British military flag would be a strong choice.

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How to choose a necktie (5) “Choose a tie from a trusted brand/shop

While there are fewer cases of ties that are too short for domestic brands and domestic production these days, foreign brand ties still have the edge. In the U.S., most stores offer ties in the 138 to 150 cm length range, while in the U.K./Italy, the standard length is 144 to 148 cm. Some stores even offer ties in excess of 160 cm in length. In Japan, the average height is lower than in the U.K. and the neck is narrower, but most stores and brands offer ties in a uniform length of 144cm or shorter.

If you are tall or have a thick neck due to sports activities, or if you aspire to a knot other than the plain knot, why not actively consider choosing a tie made overseas? Sette pieghe (seven-fold) ties, which express a soft texture by not using a core, and handmade high-quality ties can be found on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

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Lastly, let us introduce a notable tie brand that is sure to add a touch of color to your V-zone!

Tie brand ” TIE YOUR TIE

The brand ” TIE YOUR TIE ” was opened in Florence in 1984 by Franco Minucci. The “Sette Pieghe” ties, which are all handmade by removing the interlining and folding the fabric seven times, have a unique texture that is coveted by all. Even the edge stitching is done by hand.

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Tie brand “MEROLA

Merola” is a long-established Italian classic necktie brand founded in Naples in 1870. The brand is gaining popularity as a brand that continues to produce ties of the highest quality without allowing any compromise. The brand’s ties are often used in Hollywood movies, including the movie ” Roman Holiday,” and many famous politicians and executives in various countries are patrons of the brand. In Japan, the brand is also famous for being highly praised by the famous clothing critic, Masakatsu Ochiai. With the motto of following the classic style, all the processes are handmade by professional craftsmen in Italy at their own factory. The use of silk is used in abundance, and the dimples are easily produced, which is very attractive.

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Tie brand “DRAKE’S

The brand ” DRAKE’S” was founded in Clerkenwell, London in 1977 by designer Michael Drake and sales representative Isabel Dickson. Their collection of scarves and ties has attracted attention from around the world. Among them, the models made of 50 ounce thick fine silk are very popular as items that are very elegant in terms of gloss, do not wrinkle easily, and can create beautiful dimples without loosening knots.

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