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What are moccasins? Featured Codes & Basic Knowledge, Recommended Items


What are moccasins? Featured Codes & Basic Knowledge, Recommended Items

Moccasin shoes can be worn casually like slip-ons and give your feet a relaxed and carefree look. They are useful in a variety of situations, such as casual style, resort chic coordination, and outfits with a hint of sophistication. In this issue, we focus on the “moccasin” and introduce some of the hottest coordinates and items!

Focus on the moccasin stitching on the toe!

Moccasins are a type of shoe style. It is believed to have originated as a slip-on style shoe made of a single piece of leather, such as deer, in a bag shape, worn by Native Americans. Later, the “moccasin stitch,” which is what we now think of when we think of moccasin shoes, was born, in which the instep is sewn together in a U-shape. It is said that it was around the beginning of the 20th century that the hard sole, which is common in modern shoes, was added.

The definition of moccasin shoes is broad, and today, “loafers,” “deck shoes,” “driving shoes,” etc. are also included. In modern times, “loafers,” “deck shoes,” and “driving shoes” are often collectively referred to as moccasin shoes. In addition, there are brands that develop moccasin shoes with bag-shaped uppers inspired by the original moccasins worn by Native Americans. As described above, there are various types of moccasins today, so it is best to explore all types of moccasin shoes with a free and broad perspective, rather than assuming that “moccasin shoes must be this way.

↑FEAR OF GOD’s Moc High, designed with inspiration from traditional Native American moccasin uppers.

What are the differences between each of the 4 heavenly kings of moccasin-type shoes?

If traditional design is important in moccasin shoes, a handmade, thin-soled design like Minnetonka’s Double Bottom Softsole is a strong candidate The Double Bottom Softsole from Minnetonka is a good candidate. However, the most popular moccasin-stitched shoes for fashion use are around “loafers,” “deck shoes,” “driving shoes,” and “wallabies. By deepening your understanding of the differences between the above four types of moccasin shoes, you will be able to achieve your own ideal coordination.

Popular moccasin-type shoes (1) “Loafer

It is no exaggeration to say that “loafers” are the most popular type of moccasin slip-ons. Loafers mean “slackers,” and they are characterized by their slip-on design that allows them to be slipped on and off without tying shoelaces. They became popular for outside wear due to their convenience and design. Incidentally, G.H. Bass is known as the first shoe brand in the world to produce loafers, which were named after Norwegian slipper-type moccasins used in the fields, and were launched in 1936 under the name of “WEEJUNS. The main difference from moccasin shoes is the decorative belt called “saddle” on the instep.

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Popular moccasin-type shoes (2) “deck shoes

Deck shoes are often confused with moccasin shoes, as the original “spare topsider” shoes have moccasin stitching. It is important to note that deck shoes originally referred to all models with soles designed to work easily on the deck of a yacht or boat, so there are also deck shoes without moccasin stitching. Therefore, there are also sneakers with simple canvas uppers called “deck shoes.

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Popular moccasin-type shoes (3) “Driving shoes

Driving shoes have a sole design that is designed for convenience when driving. The sole shape, in which the sole is rolled up to the heel to enhance stability when accelerating or braking, is one of the unique features of driving shoes. The most popular men’s driving shoes are Tod’s Gommini andGucci’s horsebit driving shoes.

Popular moccasin-type shoes (4) “Wallabee

The “Wallaby” model was introduced by Clarks as “the second desert boot. Originally, it was a moccasin shoe called “Grasshopper” created in 1964 by Sioux in Germany, which was acquired by Clarks, and was initially developed under the same model name in the United Kingdom, but around 1966, it was renamed to “Wallaby” when it was developed globally. The name was changed to “Wallaby” at the time of global development around 1966. The combination of the uniquely square toe and crepe sole is attractive, and has now established itself as a standard moccasin shoe loved by fashionable people on the street.

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The perfect balance of chic and lighthearted!The relaxed moccasin footwear creates a different kind of stylishness from other shoes

More mature than sneakers and more relaxed than dress shoes, moccasin shoes look great on the feet of casual adult outfits. This spring and summer, why not update your look with moccasins, which have the potential to work seamlessly from town to resort? From the next section, we will introduce the key points of wearing moccasin shoes, picking up the noteworthy coordinates of fashionable people overseas.

Moccasin Wearing Points (1)Wearing moccasins with bare feet or foot covers to create a sense of comfort

The key to styling moccasins is to wear them with bare feet or foot covers to create a sense of comfort. By letting your bare feet peek out, an effortless atmosphere will be encouraged and a “sophisticated” look will be given.

Moccasins (2)Create a relaxed, relaxed look for tied-up suits and jackets

Moccasins, which boast an exquisite balance of lightness and a good degree of elegance, look great with casual-down suits and jackets. Moccasins, which boast an exquisite balance of lightness and elegance, look great on the feet of casual down-dated suits and jackets. The moccasins are a good choice if you want to add a touch of sophistication to a dressy outfit.

Moccasins (3)Differentiate your footwear from sneakers and sandals in the summer shorts style

Moccasins are a great way to differentiate your footwear from sneakers and sandals in the summer shorts style. Moccasins, which match not only town wear but also beach, resort, and outdoor wear, will surely raise the fashionable level of your coordinate in a wide range of situations. The moccasins have a relatively low topline, which allows for a larger area of the foot to be exposed, making them ideal for those who want to create a sense of openness in their footwear.

Find the ideal men's coordinate from our editorial snapsA quick look at international street snaps of moccasins!

For more men's coordination

Snaps, including the moccasin outfits picked up this time, are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. The hashtag function allows you to check out all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

Check out the OTOKOMAE snap page to see how to wear " moccasins "!

See how moccasins are worn on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces shoes with the look and feel of moccasin shoes that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained through interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, and from fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering moccasins (1)MINNETONKA's Double Bottom Softsole

Minnetonka’s traditionally designed men’s moccasin, the ” Double Bottom Softsole. In addition to the classic look of leather up to the outsole, which is reminiscent of the baggy moccasins as worn by Native Americans, the padded insole wraps the foot for comfort. The sole is very soft, making them ideal for indoor wear.

Find MINNETONKA moccasins.

Recommended models of brands that offer moccasins (2)UGG's Upshaw TS

The supple goat leather upper gives it a loafer-like look and relaxed, slipper-like comfort. The “Upshaw TS” moccasin shoe. The heel can be folded down and worn as a babouche, and the two types of insoles can be interchanged for a wide range of coordinating looks.

Find UGG Moccasins

Recommended models of brands that offer moccasins (3)Timberland's 3-EYE CLASSIC LUG

Premium leather hand-stitched boat shoe uppers with a strong, yellow boot The “Three Eye Classic Rag” by Teenverland combines a boat shoe upper made of premium leather and a rugged lug sole, which is also used in yellow boots. With more volume than so-called boat shoes, these moccasins are easy to balance with the wide-booted baggy pants of today.

Find Timberland moccasins.

Recommended models of brands offering moccasins (4)CONVERSE's CS MOCCASIN SK OX

The “Converse Skateboarding” Standard, a skate-specific update of the archival moccasin shoe Series item. The one-color unified appearance is a perfect match for the feet of sophisticated adults with street style.

Find CONVERSE moccasins.

Recommended models of brands offering moccasins (5)Clarks' WALLABEE

The well-known Clarks’ classic Wallaby. Named after the wallaby, a small kangaroo marsupial that carefully nurtures its young in a pouch on its stomach, the Wallaby offers a gentle comfort that gently envelops the foot. The sole features the brand’s iconic crepe sole.

Find Clarks moccasins.

Recommended models of moccasins from brands that offer moccasins (6)Camper's Peu Circuit

The moccasins developed by the contemporary shoe brand from Spain have a playful feel with pop coloring parts on the heel The moccasins have a playful finish with pop-colored parts on the heel. The luxurious use of leather and the price tag of only 20,000 yen as of May 2024 is also a plus.

Find Camper moccasins.

Recommended models of brands offering moccasins (7)Paraboot's MALO

The “MALO” is a model with a lug sole based on the “BARTH” known as Paraboot’s standard moccasin shoe. This time, we picked up a pair with a suede upper that has been specially ordered by UNITED ARROWS, creating a gentle mood. The voluminous sole is easy to balance the styling and will fit any casual style.

Find Paraboot moccasins.

Recommended models of brands that offer moccasins (8)EMU Australia's Cairns Fur Slip-On

The popular standard moccasins from Emu Australia, which are also supported by women, cannot be overlooked. The front is made of high quality suede and the inside is lined with carefully selected soft sheepskin, making them comfortable to wear even with bare feet.

Find EMU Australia moccasins

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