What are the six dressing perspectives that lead to a successful business casual coordinate?


What are the six dressing perspectives that lead to a successful business casual coordinate?

The term “business casual” seems to have become common over the past few years due to the casualization of the dress style. Since the dress code for “business casual” differs depending on the workplace, there are many people who are unsure of what items to wear when actually going to work in a “business casual” style… There are probably many people who are wondering what items they should wear when actually going to work in a “bizhaj” style…? In this issue, we focus on the “business casual” look, and introduce the elements to check and points to keep in mind, item by item!

Business casual style” expands the options for combinations

The “Bijikaji-style” is an outfit in which some of the items worn are comfortable and casual without being overbearing, while maintaining the clean and honest impression that is essential for business style. The main style is the jackets, which are a little sportier than suits, and the wide choice of combinations, silhouettes, and materials allows the wearer to enjoy a higher degree of freedom in dressing. Nowadays, the business casual style is becoming more and more diverse with each passing day, with the wearing of polo shirts with suits and “sneakers to work” becoming more and more orthodox.

The “energy-saving look” of short-sleeved jackets and the like advocated by the first Ohira Cabinet in 1979 in the wake of the second oil crisis, and the “Cool Biz” and “Warm Biz” keywords promoted by Yuriko Koike, are also closely related to the business casual style. The Ministry of the Environment has an official list of acceptable and unacceptable attire for Cool Biz, so it may be a good idea to use this list as a reference for your business attire.

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