Half a step ahead of ON/OFF slacks. What is the appeal of the new sense of trousers that mixes six major men’s tastes?


Half a step ahead of ON/OFF slacks. What is the appeal of the new sense of trousers that mixes six major men's tastes?

Slacks have been in the limelight for several years now, and are now commonplace in today’s world. What if we were to further evolve such versatile slacks? For example, slacks with a mix of specifications that match the six major men’s tastes: “dress,” “casual,” “sports,” “vintage,” “street,” and “military. Although these slacks look dressy at a glance, the more one learns about the sewing specifications and fabric specifications, the more one feels a new sense of balance with a wider range.

LIBRA TOKYO” slacks that go hand in hand with the modern style in which mix-and-match coordination has become mainstream

The “LIBRA TOKYO” slacks introduced here are a redesign of the “LIBRA” on/off slacks that have been popular since GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ founding. The theme is slacks seasoned to fit a wide range of modern dressing moods, where mix-and-match coordination is the mainstream. The slacks are finished with a new sense of balance, as if each of the six major men’s tastes of “dress,” “casual,” “sports,” “vintage,” “street,” and “military” were mixed together in full.

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The “forward pleat” pattern, which falls forward, is beautifully expressed in this item!

The front is designed with a two-in-one pleat design, as seen in classic English trousers. As the name “FORWARD pleats” implies, the characteristic pleat shape that rises and falls in the front is the focus of the production process, and samples were created and reviewed many times with a factory specializing in slacks. Combined with the look and feel of the fabric, it gives the appearance of a neat pair of officer’s pants worn by military officers.

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The modern balance of “9.5” length and “4cm width double” is neither too light nor too heavy.

The inseam is slightly longer than the brand’s standard “LIBRA” slacks, making them 9.5” in length. The center of gravity is concentrated at the feet, which enhances the fall of the fabric, and the hems are double-finished with a 4cm width to emphasize the center crease line and beautiful silhouette. The balance of the pants is designed to fit today’s relaxed style, not too light as ankle pants, and not too heavy as oversized loose pants. It is also good to wear them with the waist dropped to create a cushion around the legs.

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Vintage-style high-density karuzeki fabric with good firmness and drape!

This item uses a karze weave fabric with a characteristic twill look. The well-balanced bounciness and drape achieved by high-density beating will raise the attractiveness of your coordinate to a new level. The color and tone of the warp and weft yarns are slightly changed to create a calm and deep look, giving it a vintage feel. The not-too-dressy look makes this a good match for everything from elegant jackets to casual sporty attire with a blouson over it. The wool and polyester material has high shape memory and is thick enough to be used in all seasons, and is smooth to the touch and can be washed at home, so it can be worn beautifully for a long time. The center crease has a “permanent press finish” that lasts semi-permanently.

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Made in Japan at a trusted factory specializing in slacks! Semi-wide silhouette calculated to look smart

The silhouette is semi-wide with a little roominess. The special pattern is adjusted to look smart when viewed from the front, so it has a relaxed feel that fits the trendy street style, but does not give the impression of being too fussy. Sewing is done by a reliable Japanese factory specializing in slacks. A special ironing process is added to accentuate the beauty of the silhouette.

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The waist can be extended by more than 10 cm! Side shirring specification promises a comfortable fit

The side shirring waist, which is used in sporty jersey pants, enhances elasticity for a stress-free fit. 10cm or more of waist elasticity allows you to size up or down according to your desired length, leg width, and hem width.

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