Men’s Fall Clothing Special: 13 Targeted Items to Incorporate into the Most Seasonal Codes for 2021


Men's Fall Clothing Special: 13 Targeted Items to Incorporate into the Most Seasonal Codes for 2021

Autumn is the season when the temperature drops and the choice and combination of items you wear becomes more enjoyable, and it is also the season when items for the AW season begin to be on your mind. In this issue, we focus on 13 item categories that will become must-buy items for the fall 2020 season, taking into account trends!

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Fall Clothing Men’s 2020 Aim 1) “Demand for comfort items will skyrocket due to the encouragement of remote work!

The rapid lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus have changed the way we work today. Remote work from home is being encouraged in Japan, and business styles are changing accordingly. Basically, when working at home, one can wear relaxed clothes, but it is better to be dressed appropriately for video meetings, which have become popular along with remote work. In particular, since it is the upper half of the body that is seen in video meetings, many men wear elegant items such as jackets and shirts for tops.

Demand for items that meet this elegant look while also providing a sense of comfort that is ideal for working from home is rapidly increasing. Take knit jackets, for example. Although it looks like a tailored jacket, it is a knit item, so it attracts attention for its effortless comfort and lack of tightness. Functional items are also becoming more popular than ever, such as collared cardigans and dress shirts that appear to be normal but have stretch. Since the only visible part of a video meeting is the top, it is also possible to make a good impression by boldly purchasing high-quality items.

For example… ” LARDINI knit jacket LIKNIT

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For example… ” CIRCOLO 1901 Jersey Jacket

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For example… ” Drumohr Shawl Collar Cardigan

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