Keep it dressy, but with a touch of “casual”! 5 ways to wear a suit casually


Keep it dressy, but with a touch of "casual"! 5 ways to wear a suit casually

Traditional striped and checkered suits have been updated with sophisticated silhouettes in response to the return of the British, and the sports-chic and effortless trends have brought natural, gentle colonial colors and relaxed outfits into the spotlight for men’s fashion in 2018. Fashion. The mood of the times is further heightened by the casual wear of the suit. In this issue, we focus on casual wear of suits, and introduce how to wear suits casually and smartly while keeping the original dressy atmosphere, and how to coordinate with a casual or casual look!

How to wear a suit casually (1) “Casual down your suit with a loose no-tie style!

The no-tie suit style is becoming more and more common in Japan due to the spread of “business casual” and “cool biz” styles. By leaving the chest open without wearing a tie, the suit style can be made to look casual and casual with a relaxed feel. Since it is an arrangement based on subtraction rather than the incorporation of accessories, it is attractive because it is easy to put into practice.

A casual khaki suit coordinate with white items to keep the dress taste just right.

The khaki suit, gilet, and sneakers are coordinated in a nuanced khaki color. While wearing no tie, the white shirt and white pocket chief maintain the suit’s dressy taste and accentuate the materiality and subtle nuances of the color of the khaki items. The white soles of the khaki sneakers, which link to the white items on the upper body and create a light footwear look, are the key to this sophisticated suit style.

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This suit coordinate in purple, one of the hottest colors of the season, is enhanced with a white shirt and white sneakers!

The glossy pink purple suit with wide peaked lapels should be complemented with a white shirt and white sneakers. Casual dressing of a suit with sufficient impact does not add anything or subtract anything, but simply brings out the potential of the suit. Sneakers on the feet and a shirt worn loose (no tie) will give the suit a casual look. Purple is one of this season’s hottest colors, and even if you use a small area of purple as an accent color, the mood of the season will be enhanced, so you can also use it as a tie or innerwear .

Tie up the elegant beige suit coordinate with a black shirt and black wingtips.

A light and elegant beige suit that looks like a blend of silk, linen, and wool is styled with a crisp black shirt and black wingtips. It is a stylish coordination with a lean silhouette and casual dressing. The open-collared chest and the bare feet peeking out between the tapered silhouette of the cropped suit slacks and shoes are the key to the sophisticated suit style.


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