Fall Codes Men’s Special [ Latest in 2021 ].


Fall Codes Men's Special [ Latest in 2021 ].

Perhaps as a reaction to the summer season, when lightness is the main focus of attire, ” fall ” is the season when strangely chic and stately items become more interesting. It is also the season when collections start up in earnest, and many of you may be considering the purchase of coats, jackets, and other jackets, or beginning to think about how to coordinate them. In this issue, we will introduce selected outfits, trends, and recommended items that may be helpful in ” fall coordination “!

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After a summer spent in lightweight clothing, many of us naturally start thinking about what to wear this fall and wint...

Men’s Fall 2021 Keyword (1): “Green, a Big Trend that Can Spice Up Earth Color Codes!

As you can see from checking fashion influencers’ SNS, collections of various brands, and street snaps, incorporating green is a big trend this season. It is a must-have for earth-colored coordinates, as it can be used as an accent. It is right to incorporate it in every item, from outerwear, innerwear, bottoms, and shoes. Why not try implementing seasonal fall coordinates with green this season?


Blouson “KAUFF (KAUFF)” with a sporty impression that employs mesh fabric for the lining. Tough double weave using 50D full-dull polyester yarn.

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Sea green long T-shirt made of light-ounce original fabric. Accented with an elegant printed design set on the back that is not too casual. The light khaki green hue is irresistible.

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NEEDLES Boot-Cut Jean – Poly Twill

These new pants from Needles incorporate a fresh boot-cut silhouette design. The lightweight polyester twill material makes them easy to use. The papillon embroidery at the pocket opening adds a subtle accent.

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Autumn Codes Men’s 2021 Keyword 2: “Tailoring Details in Everyday Wear!

The casualization of dress styles that never stops. Conversely, brands offering casual wear are beginning to incorporate elements of tailoring into their collections. Although the genres are different, the point of view is the same. How to mix formal wear with everyday wear is likely to be one of the major keywords this season. From Fear of God’s effortless look of a tailored jacket and sweatpants to Lardini’s popular EASY series of packable suits, there are various styles of dressy casual wear from a wide range of genres, so be sure to check out the collection!

CIRCOLO 1901 Single Peaked Lapel Tailored Jacket

Masculine single peaked lapels give this tailored jacket from Chiriccolo a striking look. The glutinous brown jersey fabric provides a comfortable fit.

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FEAR OF GOD The Loafer

The modern design is attractive as if the upper of a leather shoe is docked with the sole of a sneaker. The suede is soft and can be worn effortlessly by stepping on the heel.

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