Introducing the charm of “shirts with breast pockets,” which add a martial accent to your shirt coordinate, and the items you should be looking for!


Introducing the charm of "shirts with breast pockets," which add a martial accent to your shirt coordinate, and the items you should be looking for!

Among the many shirts out there, the “shirt with two breast pockets” is a hot item that all the fashionable people are starting to adopt. It can be worn as a single piece with a rugged appearance, as an outer layer over a T-shirt, or as an inner layer of a jacket for a subtle spice to it. In this issue, we focus on “shirts with breast pockets,” and introduce you to some of the most popular coordinates and items!

Shirts with chest pockets are perfect for wearing over T-shirts as outerwear!

Shirts with decorative accents on the breast pockets are more masculine and voluminous than dress shirts, making them ideal for wearing as outerwear over a T-shirt coordinate. If you choose a shirt with a length that can be worn tucked out, as the gentleman below is wearing, you can be sure that your coordination will be even more precise.

Cool linen shirts with chest pockets give your summer coordinate a cool and rugged look!

A linen shirt with a cool, refreshing atmosphere combined with the masculine look of a chest pocket is a perfect match. The martial accent of the breast pockets skillfully covers up the clunky feel that is often associated with thin summer materials, and elevates the summer coordinate. The thickness of the pockets also eliminates the problem of transparency, which can be a concern when the garment is worn alone, and this is one of the subtly pleasant points.

Casually downplay a suit style with a chest pocket shirt!

To add a fresh accent to today’s increasingly casual dress style, why not try a shirt with a chest pocket as an inner layer of a tailored jacket? When the jacket is worn lightly with the front buttons undone, the chest pocket detail that can be glimpsed adds a fresh accent. The shirt with a breast pocket has a strong safari, work, or military taste, so it goes well with earth-colored suits such as the one worn by the gentleman below.

The addition of a breast pocket shirt to a marine coordinate gives it a masculine look!

Perhaps due to the influence of the sailor uniforms used for school uniforms in Japan, the marine coordinate has a strong feminine impression with a strong ladies’ image. Such a style can be made more masculine by simply adding a shirt with breast pockets. If you choose a shirt with a breast pocket that has crest details on the sleeves, like the gentleman shown here, it will give you a more military look.

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