Business Card Holder Men’s Brand Special! 23 items for gentlemen in 3 categories


Business Card Holder Men's Brand Special! 23 items for gentlemen in 3 categories

A business card case” is an absolutely indispensable item in the business scene. As a gentleman, you want to choose a business card case with special attention to detail. In this issue, we introduce a total of 23 business card cases, divided into three categories of recommended brands for men!

If you are looking for a business card holder with a sense of luxury, how about an item from a high brand representing various countries?

Business card holders always make an appearance at the first meeting in the business scene. If you choose a luxurious item with a high-class feel, you can add subtle dignity to your business card holder with a small accessory. If you are not a fan of using high-brand items such as bags and suits, how about using a business card case?

Luxury business card case brands (1) LOUIS VUITTON

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by a French malletier (suitcase craftsman). His high-quality travel bags were a success, receiving orders from Russian and Spanish royalty and aristocrats from the early days of the company. After the founder’s death, Louis Vuitton invented the monogram design as an anti-copying measure, which led to the brand’s worldwide recognition. As a brand that has made a name for itself in leather goods, the quality of its business card holders is also excellent.

The chic business card case “LOUIS VUITTON Enveloppe Carte de Visite” in “Taiga leather,” which brings out the texture of high-grade leather.

This business card case uses “Taiga” leather. Taiga was introduced in 1993 as Vuitton’s first full-fledged men’s line, and is often used for business items. Unlike Epi leather, which is inspired by the image of ears of wheat, Taiga is characterized by its fine-grained stamping. The simple design emphasizes the texture of the leather, and the Vuitton logo is subtly engraved on the flap. It opens and closes with a button and has four card slots in total.

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Luxury business card holder brand (2) Gucci

Gucci is a brand founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. The brand offers a wide range of leather goods such as bags, shoes, wallets, business card holders, as well as perfumes and jewelry. The brand’s unique designs, such as the double-G ” GG ” logo and the green and red ” web lines ” are attractive.

The silver brand logo on the grained leather gives the business card case a luxurious atmosphere.

The “GG” mark, the symbol of Gucci, is applied in silver on the corner of the flap. The GG mark was designed using the initials of Guccio Gucci, the founder of the company, in the 1960s to maintain the quality of the brand as a measure against the flood of counterfeit goods. It is said to be the world’s first brand logo. The leather is high quality grained leather. The simple design makes it a smart business card case.

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Luxury business card case brand (3) PRADA

Prada is one of Italy’s leading luxury fashion brands. Prada’s roots are in a leather goods import store, and even today its leather items are highly acclaimed around the world. There are various options for business card holders, from those with the familiar triangular logo plate to those with the brand name engraved.

The Prada business card holder Saffiano Tri angle ”

can hold a large number of business cards thanks to its wide gusset. The interior has a main pocket and a sub-pocket, as well as a pocket on the back, making it a reliable item with excellent storage capacity. On the front is Prada’s iconic triangular plate, which can be recognized at a glance. The Prada logo was created in 1919 when Prada was appointed as an official supplier to the Italian royal family, and was authorized to use the crossed emblem of the flag of the Savoie country, which existed at that time, as well as the mark of a rope as its logo.

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Luxury business card case brand (4) Armani

Armani is an Italian brand founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani in partnership with architect Sergio Galetti. Along with Gianfranco Ferrè and Gianni Versace, who are also based in Milan, the brand is known as “Milan’s 3G” and is also known as ” the king of the mode world. In addition to the main line “Giorgio Armani”, the brand has a second line “Emporio Armani” and a young casual line “A/X ARMANI EXCHANGE”, and has a wide range of fans.

A gem unified in black suitable for people in their 30s and 40s, “Giorgio Armani Armani (GIORGIO ARMANI) Business Card Holder YGM744

The new business card holder for 2019 from the main line Giorgio Ar mani. It is made of soft calfskin, which is considered the highest quality of cowhide. It has a simple form that stands out for its rich grain expression, and the Giorgio Armani logo is engraved on the flap. The main pocket with a gusset can hold a large number of business cards, and there are three other pockets.

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