Men’s Codes/Wear with White Jacket Special!


Men's Codes/Wear with White Jacket Special!

The white jacket has a clean color with noble dignity and creates an elegant and rich atmosphere. It is an item that matches a wide range of outfits, from formal to highly dressed-up jackets to light resort styles, and adds a sense of coolness and coolness to coordinates. In this issue, we focus on the ” white jacket ” and introduce the stylish jackets and items for adults!

A white jacket with a white linen shirt insert and sandals express a luxe dress-mix coordinate

White jackets create an elegant and classy atmosphere in the strong summer sun. Tito Allegretto wears a white cotton jacket with a white linen shirt insert, beige pleated pants, and sandals for a dressy mix of styles. Accessories on the chest, arms, and waist add a bohemian chic touch, and the barefoot sandals unify the look.

TAGLIATORE White jacket

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Brush up an all-white jacket coordinate with a cap and sneakers for a light touch

The all-white jacket coordinate, which tends to give off a pretentious or overdone look, is brushed up with a light touch by adding a hint of sophistication and playfulness. The soft and cool atmosphere of the white jacket is not overbearing, and all the items, including the open-collar shirt used as innerwear, flag cap, and sneakers, are in harmony with each other, creating a relaxed and effortless atmosphere.

CARUSO White Jacket

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Pino Lelario adds depth with a checkered white jacket

No matter how clean and rich the white jacket may be, there must be many people who feel it is too difficult to wear it. For this reason, we recommend white-based plaid jackets. A jacket like the one worn by Mr. Pino Lelario in the snapshot below will add depth to the coordinate while retaining the charm of a white jacket, making it easy to incorporate into your everyday coordinate. Why not consider a checkered white jacket with this kind of expression?

TAGLIATORE White jacket

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A white jacket with a modern design updates a fresh adult jacket coordinate.

Double-breasted jackets, which once had a strong masculine image, are now available in updated models with a sleek, modern silhouette that can be worn in a much wider range of styles. The double-breasted white jacket chosen by the gentleman here is also very smart and stylish. The coordinated color scheme of the buttons and tie also brings out the jacket’s full appeal.

MESSAGERIE White jacket

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