Introducing recommended jacket coordinates for men in their 40s! From dressing tips to items to look out for!


Introducing recommended jacket coordinates for men in their 40s! From dressing tips to items to look out for!

Tailored jackets are becoming more comfortable as people age in their 40s. On the other hand, if you don’t correctly identify items appropriate for your age, you may end up wearing a jacket that lacks dignity. In this issue, we focus on “jacket coordination for men in their 40s,” and introduce key points for jacket selection, techniques that lead to successful coordination, and men’s coordination and recommended items that can be used as a reference!

What points should men in their 40s definitely look for when choosing a jacket?

What should men in their 40s look for when choosing a jacket?

As the old saying goes, “A suit (=tailored jacket) is worn on the shoulders,” and if the jacket’s shoulder width does not match your shoulders, the silhouette will collapse at once. Other examples include “a too-shapely waist that prevents the front buttons from being fastened,” and “a length that is too long, covering not only the hips but also the midriff. Although the oversized trend has been attracting attention in recent years, the basic rule is to wear a jacket that is the same size as your own body.

What is the appropriate size for ” shoulder width “?

The basic rule is to select a jacket with the same shoulder width as one’s own body. Since the appearance of the shoulder area varies depending on the house style, the selection is a matter of personal preference. For example, Neapolitan jackets, which are particular about lightness and softness, often have thin shoulder pads and do not incorporate Yukiwata (sleeve sleeved cotton), creating a rounded silhouette by stooping at the shoulder ends.

What is the appropriate ” bust ” size?

If the bust is too tight, the fabric of the jacket will be lifted up and wrinkles will appear around the back neck. Even if you want to look smart with a tight silhouette, remember to keep in mind the minimum amount of room. While the appropriate size may vary depending on one’s preference, it is considered standard to have a bust measurement of the nude plus 12 cm.

What is the appropriate ” length of the garment?

The length of the garment should cover or not cover all of the hips. In the case of jackets that have been purposely tailored to be shorter in length to create a lightness that can be easily matched with casual styles, the allowable range may be extended to the midline of the hips. In any case, it is better to avoid short-length jackets that expose the hips.

What is the appropriate ” sleeve length “?

The standard sleeve length is 10.5 to 11 cm from the tip of the thumb to the cuff of the jacket. When the wrist is bent outward so that the palm of the hand is level with the floor, the cuff should be long enough to lightly touch the back of the hand for a smart impression. If a shirt is worn as an inner layer, it is recommended that the cuff of the jacket be 1 cm longer than the cuff of the shirt.

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