How can men in their 40s successfully coordinate jogger pants? From how to choose items to tips on how to wear them!


How can men in their 40s successfully coordinate jogger pants? From how to choose items to tips on how to wear them!

Along with sweatpants and track pants, jogger pants have been in the limelight due to the popularity of athleisure wear, and have become a standard item as bottoms that can be worn on the street. However, because they can inadvertently make one look like loungewear, adult men in their 40s need to make a difference by wearing them smartly and styling them in a way that makes them look stylish and town wearable. In this issue, we focus on jogger pants coordination and introduce tips and recommended items for men in their 40s!

What are jogger pants?

Jogger pants are athletic wear with a tapered silhouette that is widest at the top and tapers to a hem with ribbing and elastic bands. Developed in 1920 by Emile Camuset, French apparel designer and founder of the Le Coq Sportif sportswear brand, the style and shape have evolved since then, using a variety of materials including cotton, fleece, and polyester. In Europe and the United States, they are generally known as “joggaers,” referring to pants worn by runners, but in recent years they have established a status as street wear. With the recent athleisure boom, they have gained citizenship as fashionable wear along with sweatpants and track pants.

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What jogger pants should men in their 40s choose?

For men in their 40s to coordinate jogger pants with their outfits, they should choose items suitable for street wear that do not make them look dowdy. If you put too much emphasis on comfort and not enough on the “out of the ordinary,” you will end up with a loungewear look, which will detract from your mature look and make you look sloppy. The silhouette should be clean and tapered so as not to pick up too much of the leg line, and the best length is around 8 to 9 minutes, which allows the ankles to be seen clearly. If ribbing or elastic banding is applied to the hem, it will give the impression of being too loose, so it is advisable to use a length that moderately exposes the ankles to create a clean, neat look. In terms of materials and colors, basic materials such as jersey and sweatshirts should be the mainstay, and solid, stylish black, gray, and navy should be chosen, avoiding eccentric colors and patterns that might draw attention.

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What are the key points that men in their 40s should keep in mind to avoid mistakes in jogger pants coordination?

For a successful jogger pants coordinate for men in their 40s, it is important to dispel the loungewear look by incorporating clean items, items that go elsewhere, and items with a chic look. For a sleek and clean styling, match an overcoat or tailored jacket, while for a casual look, coordinate a mountain parka, down jacket, or denim jacket. For a light athleisure style or a sports mix, a sporty look can be expressed by layering with a parka. For a more normcore or American casual look, throw on a flannel shirt or plaid shirt.


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