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Introducing stylish men’s black slacks! From tips on how to wear them to recommended models.


Introducing stylish men's black slacks! From tips on how to wear them to recommended models.

These black slacks add a modern, urban look while adding a touch of sophistication to adult attire. They are versatile enough for a wide range of casual styles from street to mode, not to mention formal and business scenes, and can be expected to play an active role as the axis of your styling without being restricted by trends. In this issue, we focus on black slacks and introduce the key points of dressing, men’s coordination from overseas as a reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

The key to a sophisticated adult lookBlack slacks are a strong choice if you want to create a modern, urban impression

There are several items that can create a modern, urban impression, but black slacks are the most right wing when it comes to bottoms. The black slacks are the best choice when it comes to bottoms. The black slacks are not only suitable for a dressy look, but also have the potential of being a shrinking color, a receding color, and a hard color, which are the characteristics of black.

Tips for wearing black slacks (1)Incorporate into a monotone coordinate to express a stylish look

To express a stylish look while bringing out the best of black slacks, incorporating them into a monotone coordinate is the best solution. In particular, a monotone jacket style with black slacks and a tailored jacket will accentuate the fashionable mode. Although monotone looks monotonous at first glance, in fact, the impression changes greatly depending on how white, black, and gray are combined, so please enjoy all kinds of monotone coordination for adults with black slacks at the core.

Points for wearing black slacks (2)Cushion the full-length straight or wide-leg style and add a sense of the present with a silhouette that moves

Black slacks come in a variety of silhouettes and lengths, but to express the current mood If you want to express your current mood, the silhouette should be loose, straight or wide-leg, and the length should definitely be full-length. Cushioning the hem to create tamaris and an elegant draped look will surely give you a relaxed look that is full of today’s sensibilities.

Tips for wearing black slacks (3)Pairing with sneakers creates a sophisticated look for your styling

Pairing slacks with sneakers in black creates a mix of dress and sports style on the lower half of the body, creating a sophisticated look for your coordination. This will give your outfit a sophisticated look. By combining the lower half of the body in black all the way down to the feet, you can also expect a style-enhancing effect that makes the legs look longer. If the lower half of the body is kept in chic black, even a colorful top like the one shown in the snapshot below can be coordinated to create a tight, mature look.

Find the ideal men's coordinate from our editorial snapshotsA quick look at international street snaps of black slacks!

For more men's coordination

Snaps, including the black slacks outfit we picked up this time, are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. The hashtag function allows you to check out snaps focusing on a single item at a time. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

Check out the "Black Slacks" outfit on the OTOKOMAE snap page!

See how to wear black slacks on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

OTOKOMAE editorial department recommends!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “black slacks” that we recommend to our readers based on the information we have obtained from the exhibitions of hot brands, interviews at leading select stores, and fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended models of brands offering black slacks (1)PT TORINO's TRAVEL

PT Torino’s standard “TRAVEL” is made of techno washable wool, wrinkle resistant, water repellent, and stretchable. comfortable wool slacks with excellent stretchability. This is a “SUPER SLIM FIT” no-pleats model with beautiful legs and a great leg-lengthening effect, and will surely come in handy from on-style to relaxed business trip styles.

Find PT TORINO black slacks.

Recommended models of brands offering black slacks (2)INCOTEX's 1TS084

Incotex’s “1TS084” is made of “washable techno-wool,” a highly functional material for spring and summer that easily maintains a comfortable fit These authentic slacks feature a shirred drawcord design. While following the silhouette of Incotex’s historical masterpiece slacks Type 31 (Type 30), it has both the “comfort of drawcord pants” and the “neat appearance of slacks. It is a gem that can be worn in a wide range of situations, both on and off the job.

Find INCOTEX Black Slacks

Recommended models of brands offering black slacks (3)PROCIDA by BRIGLIA 1949

Easy slacks with a gently tapered silhouette that gives a natural stylish and relaxed impression. While the comfortable nylon jersey material is suitable for office work and active scenes, it has a luxurious and elegant look that can be incorporated into your daily style to complete your urban styling.

Find BRIGLIA 1949 black slacks.

Recommended models of brands offering black slacks (4)LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR by GENTLEMAN PROJECTS

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ ” LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR” are wool slacks based on the elegant standard slacks “LIBRA MILANO” that can be used on/off, and employing 100% Super 110’S wool fabric for the first time in the series, they have both a rich texture and everyday use. The fabric is characterized by ” a lustrous gabardine weave made of densely woven fine No. 80 count yarn,” ” deep color and luster created by highly dyed yarn,” ” wrinkle resistance and draping properties created by calculated beating,” and ” smooth surface texture created by special finishing. It is a gem that can be worn in any way regardless of the season, from a lightweight T-shirt coordinate to a heavy coat style.

Find GENTLEMAN PROJECTS black slacks

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