We pick up examples of coordinating outfits for men in their 40s to refer to when wearing a rider’s jacket, by double or single jacket!


We pick up examples of coordinating outfits for men in their 40s to refer to when wearing a rider's jacket, by double or single jacket!

In this issue, we focus on rider’s jacket coordinates that men in their 40s want to imitate, and carefully select examples from the tips on how to wear them!

Riders’ Jacket Wearing Techniques that Men in Their 40s Should Keep in Mind

The leather texture and biker-inspired design of the riders’ jacket give it a strong hard impression. Since they are often used in rock and mode styles, men in their 40s and over may look young or like a delinquent if they wear them without any hesitation. Of course, it is great to try rock and mode styles, but if you want to avoid such impressions, it is recommended to add a clean element to your outfit. For specific dressing techniques, check out the following!

Match a rider’s jacket with slacks for a jacket-like look

If you want to make the riders’ jacket coordinate look more elegant and easy to understand, we recommend wearing dress pants such as slacks as bottoms. Not only does this create a jacket-like look with a tailored jacket, but it also maintains the rugged image of the jacket, making it possible to achieve an elegant look without losing the appeal of the riders. It is also effective to wear a fine high-gauge knit as an inner layer. This will resonate with the slacks and add a sense of refinement to the coordination.

Some men who wear riders’ jackets in a dressy style also wear a shirt or gilet as an inner layer to tie up the look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with this kind of high-level coordination.

Next, we will pick up examples of how to wear a rider’s jacket by double or single!

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