7 men’s summer outfits using tote bags! Also check out our tips on how to choose the right one!


7 men's summer outfits using tote bags! Also check out our tips on how to choose the right one!

Tote bags are highly compatible with a wide range of outfits, from casual to elegant to dressier styles. It is no exaggeration to say that tote bags play a leading role in coordination, especially in summer when the number of items to dress up is reduced. In this issue, we introduce the charm of the tote bag, the key to choosing the right one, and how to coordinate it with the outfits of fashionable people overseas.

Tote bags are the perfect way to update men’s summer outfits!

In summer, when there are the fewest items to dress up in the year, we tend to always end up wearing similar outfits. To revamp your summer coordinate, we recommend relying on a tote bag. Among all types of bags, tote bags, which are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs, make it easy to add individuality and distinguish yourself from others. Moreover, most of the men’s totes are larger than A4 size, so they can play a leading role in a summer coordinate. If you want to completely change the atmosphere of your summer coordinate, why not consider using a tote bag?

What are the key points to keep in mind when choosing a tote bag for your coordinate?

How to choose a tote bag (1) “The best size is one that can fit your everyday luggage with room to spare!

The most convenient tote bags and popular with both men and women are those that are either A4 size, which can hold copy paper and standard documents, or B4 size, which is a size larger than that. Tote bags that are larger than this size are difficult to incorporate into a coordinated look, as they are not suitable for all occasions and styles, while smaller bags with no gussets have a very limited capacity. In particular, if a small tote bag is stuffed with luggage and bulging, it will not add to a smart and cool impression. There are also vertical and horizontal tote bags, so if you are aiming for a stylish look, a vertical tote bag is the best choice, while a horizontal bag is the best choice if you are aiming for a casual look that is easy to hold by your side.

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How to choose a tote bag (2) “Choose a material that matches your outfit!

Cotton canvas bags, called canvas, are the most suitable for everyday use as eco-friendly bags that fit easily into casual outfits. And a tote bag made of luxurious leather is the best choice for a suit or a beautiful style. If you want to use a tote bag for any occasion, a basic design tote bag made of nylon material would be good.

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How to Choose a Tote Bag (3) “Color selection is also important if you want to update your summer coordinate!

Neutral colors such as white, raw silk, and ivory are best for a clean and natural look, while black, brown, and navy are standard for a chic atmosphere. Generally speaking, neutral colors such as cotton and jute are the mainstay of casual tote bags, while dark colors are standard for luxury leather bags. Of course, even in the casual cotton canvas material, there are many black and colored models of tote bags from sensitive brands, and these should not be excluded from your choices if you are aiming to break away from mass production and differentiate yourself from others.

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How to use a tote bag in a men’s coordination? Check out the examples of how to wear them!

Matching the colors of a navy tote bag and a patterned scarf to accentuate a summer men’s coordinate

The casual coordinate of a thick ivory knit T-shirt and beige chinos is accented with a color-matched cotton canvas navy tote bag and a patterned scarf. Goggle-style sunglasses that are desperate for character and Valentino crochet sneakers set on the feet add a mode mood to the outfit, making it a break from the mass-produced look. The combination of conservative and mode items is interesting.

CAMPER tote bag

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Add a clean look to a men’s outfit with a natural, raw-colored tote bag

To add a clean look to a casual summer outfit, a natural, raw-colored tote bag, which blends more easily with the skin than white, is the best choice. The gentleman in the photo above wears a blue T-shirt, wide khaki chinos, and black Nike sneakers, and adds a clean look to his summer coordinate with a green tote bag. The combination of a dull-colored top and bottoms with a tote bag gives a youthful look while eliminating a somber impression.

Discord Yohji Yamamoto tote bag

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This stylish black and white tote bag gives an urban look to your coordination

The stylish tote bag with its black and white coloring and graphics is slung over the shoulder, giving the men’s white t-shirt and navy easy pants an urban look. While the top and bottoms alone look simple, the addition of the monotone tote bag creates an urban mood. A tote bag with a color scheme and graphic design like this is the perfect way to enhance the style of a simple summer outfit.


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If you want to create a nerdy vibe in your summer men’s coordination, a canvas tote bag is a strong choice

For a nerdier summer look for men, a canvas tote bag is a strong choice, as is a pairing of ankle pants and white socks. In the snap picked up here, a men’s coordinate of a white short-sleeved open-collar shirt and blue wide-leg pants is paired with a mocha grayish canvas tote bag for a nerdy look. Oversized eyewear and a baseball cap accentuate the nerdy mood.

ButlerVernerSails tote bag

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A men’s coordinate in light colors accented with a vivid yellow tote bag

Summer outfits tend to be dressed in bubbly colors such as white and neutrals. The gentleman here accentuates this light-colored men’s coordination with a vivid yellow tote bag, creating an outfit with outstanding impact so that the outline of the coordination does not blur even in the strong summer sunlight. The tote bag is a great way to add a hook with a vivid color that is hard to find in other bags.

Palm Angels tote bag

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A tote bag in the classic color of green is perfect for a casual summer men’s coordinate.

Leather bags are too hot and nylon bags lack naturalness, so cotton or jute totes are the best choice if you want to match your outfit. Ivory or light beige types in particular are perfect for adding a youthful and clean image.


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The contrast of ivory and navy in this fresh tote bag brings youthfulness to adult men’s summer outfits.

The contrast between ivory and navy gives a fresh look, and a hand-carried tote bag adds a youthful touch. The olive green shirt jacket, which exudes masculinity and military bearing, adds a military feel to the look, creating a styling that is both rugged and clean at the same time. The contrast between the ivory and navy of the bag and the white and navy of the innerwear and bottoms is also a good choice.


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