Clutch Bag Codes for Men! Featured outfits & recommended items by fashionable people!


Clutch Bag Codes for Men! Featured outfits & recommended items by fashionable people!

A ” clutch bag ” can add a smart look as a styling accent. While other bags have the advantage when it comes to functionality, such as storage capacity and hands-free carrying, the clutch bag is effective when aiming for a sophisticated look by holding it under one’s arm or with a smartphone or magazine. In this issue, we focus on the “clutch bag,” and introduce cool coordinates and recommended items by fashionable people!

Clutches are a great way to enhance your look without sacrificing style

Although a small clutch bag is not expected to have much storage capacity, it can add a sophisticated and elegant mood without losing its charm when styled in a high dressy manner. It is churlish to expect storage space in the pockets of a dressy item, so a bag is necessary to store small items, but a small clutch bag will suffice for the minimum necessary storage. Seeing is believing, so let’s take a look at Domenico Gianfurrate, director of PT Torino, who wears a mini clutch for a dressy look with a sophisticated feel.

Saint Laurent Clutch bag

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A black clutch bag tucked under the arm for a summery urban resort look

This linen-blend raw-edge set-up features a white T-shirt with a wide-open neckline as an inner layer. This urban resort style outfit has a summery feel, and a large black clutch bag is carried under the arm to give it a more polished look. Whether one considers the combination of the linen-blend set-up and leather clutch to be sophisticated or tacky depends on one’s taste, but if the mismatch of materials is put aside, the set-up and clutch bag go well together.

Discord Yohji Yamamoto clutch bag

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